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A best and beautiful way of spending modern days holiday in the purest form will be at Bhutan Tour. Bhutan is a land of secretive kingdom steeped in ancient traditions, mystic mountain scenery, and vibrant religious and cultural festivals. The area of Buddhist people might be a developing country, but it has pioneered the concept of Gross National Happiness. It is believed that Guru Rinpoche may have flown to Bhutan on a tigress’ back and settled at Taktsang monastery; which is considered as the sacred place of Bhutan and named as The Tiger’s Nest. It was built in 1692 at an altitude of 3000 meters above mean sea level, it is a place of pure tranquillity.


Most of the visitors go to Bhutan to encounter Bhutan’s landscape ranges from subtropical plains in the south to the sub-alpine Himalayas in the north housing peaks of above 7,000 meters. The highest peak in Bhutan, GangkharPuensum is the highest unclimbed mountain in the world. Bhutan is well known for trekking and hiking.


Mark your calendar for Bhutanese festivals and plan your trip accordingly. You probably don’t miss your Bhutan Tour without taking part in one of the many exotic celebrations that flare out into life throughout the year, concluding with the mixture of various forms of dance, music, elaborate costumes and rituals. Paro festival in March and Thimphu festival in October are perhaps the most well-known.

In focus: Festivals during Bhutan Tour

Every once a month, there is at least festival occurring in Bhutan which provides you an opportunity to encounter one on your trip to Bhutan. Among all other festivals celebrated in Bhutan, the most famous and magical festivals are Paro and Thimpu.


ParoTsechu is the most popular and colorful religious dance festivals held annually every spring on April 4-8, 2020, for five days. It is taken as a yearly social gathering; where people travel from neighboring districts to rejoice togetherness and participate in dance by dressing to their most elegant. On the last day Tsechu festival, monks display a gigantic embroidered artwork ( Thangka), the Guru Throngdel inside the temple. It is believed to be sacred enough to clean people’s sin just by seeing it.


ThimpuTsechu is the largest festival of Bhutan celebrated for three days in October and taking place at TendralThang. The mask dance and folk dance are performed to bless its viewers, educate them about Buddha dharma, and protect them from evil and bad fortune. On the last day of this festival, the sacred Thongdrol of Guru Rinpoche is unrolled early in the morning; to honor his excellent task of bringing Buddhism to Bhutan. You will not miss Thimpu in your Bhutan Tour.

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