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Nepal Travel Info

Access to Nepal

Nepal travel info is the most important point when you traveled in over the Nepal. In order to access to Nepal, the air route and road transportation are the viable options. By road, Nepal can be accessed from East, West and South borders with India as well as the northern border of Nepal and China. However, the air route is the most popular route to get into Nepal. Tribhuvan International Airport is the only international airport in Nepal to which various international flights take off and land. Two international airports are under construction at Pokhara and Bhairahawa.

Visa info

Nepal requires Visa for all other nationals except Indian nationals. Travel Visa can be acquired from the consulate or embassies of Nepal in various countries. Visa on arrival option is also open for most of the foreigners willing to come to Nepal for traveling. The Visa fee to get access to Nepal is approximately 40$ for one month.


Nepal is the land of extreme diversification in terms of people and their culture. They have their own rituals and traditions leading to the varied festivals being celebrated in the country. It is often considered that every month in the Nepalese Calendar at least 2 festivals are celebrated. The festive moods of Nepalese people prove their mettle towards serving the visitors with the impeccable hospitality. The majority of people of Nepal are Hindu subsequently the festivals of Hinduism are celebrated elaborately in Nepal. Dashain, Tihar, Janaipurnima, Holi, Shakela, Teej, Jatras and many more small festivals are being celebrated by the Hindus while Tiji, Buddha Purnima and Lhosar are popular among Buddhists followers. These days Eid and Christmas are also celebrated in huge fashion in Nepal. For the visitors, it would be amazing to observe the splendid harmony among the different religious background of people. You can play with the colors with locals in Holi or can participate in Deusi Bhailo musical program in Tihar and could dance in the rhythmically synchronized pattern with the locals in Shakela or Jatra. Whichever festivals are celebrated in Nepal tourists are open to participating in it. Feel the unique traditions of Nepalese people by acclimatizing with the locals. This is another major highlight of the holiday in Nepal after the adventure trekking or tour in Nepal.


Nepal history is highly influenced by the two neighboring countries China and India. Nepal now is the multiethnic, multilingual, multireligious and multiracial country. The scattered kingdoms of Nepal earlier in 15th to 18th Century were united by Shah Dynasty. The civil war and struggle for democracy during the 1990s to 2008 paved Nepal from the Kingdom towards The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.


Nepal is mountainous country, however, three geographical settings can be found in Nepal in the space of 15 minutes of flying. Nepal experiences four different seasons Monsoon, autumn, Spring, summer, and winter. The average temperature ranges from 0 degree Celsius to 20 degree Celsius throughout the year. The best season for the holidaying in Nepal or for trekking in Nepal is considered as the period between March, April and May as well as September, October, and November. It should be noted that in another period of the year touristic activities can be organized and it’s open throughout the year.  In Monsoon off the beaten trip activities are considered as best and you would find the rates of the travel packages to be competitively priced.


Nepal is the home of multiethnic and multicultural people. The bravery tales and the impeccable hospitality of the people of Nepal are renowned throughout the world. There is nowhere in the world other than Nepal who regards tourists as their deity. The population of Nepal is estimated to be 26,494,504 people based on the 2011 census with a population growth rate of 1.35% and a median age of 21.6 years. Female median age is estimated to be 22.5 years, and male median age to be 20.7 years. Only 4.4% of the population is estimated to be more than 65 years old, comprising 681,252 females and 597,628 males. 61% of the population is between 15 and 64 years old, and 34.6% is younger than 14 years.


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