Manaslu Trek Without a Guide

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the off-the-beaten-trail trek in Nepal. Nepal Government opened this trail only in 1991 for the foreign to explore the Manaslu region. Since it is a newly opened trekking trail, the area is still remote and unexplored.

This Manaslu trekking takes you to the heart of the Manaslu region and offers a picturesque view of the world’s eighth highest mountain, Mt. Manaslu (8,163 meters). Manaslu, also known as the “Mountain of Spirit”, is situated in Mansiri Himal in the west-central part of Nepal. Besides that, you can also get magnificent views of other mountains such as Mt. Himalchuli, Mt. Ganesh Himal.

manalsu trek difficulty | Manaslu Circuit Trek FAQs

The Manaslu trekking trail takes you through some of the remote paths in Nepal where you can experience rich wildlife, diverse flora and fauna, and local settlements with diverse cultures and ethnicity along the off-the-beaten-trail. Thus, trekking in Manaslu Circuit gives you a lifetime trekking experience in total isolation.

The trek is definitely a challenging one! Since the trail is less populated, there is a high chance that you will get lost if you fail to navigate correctly. In addition to that, you won’t find any tea-houses or settlement every 15-20 minutes as in other popular trek such as Annapurna Base Camp Trek and Everest Base Camp Trek.

Although there are many challenges and difficulties, the trek is equally rewarding.

Can You Take The Manaslu Trek Without Guide?

The excitement of trekking solo along the mountainous trails with mesmerizing views of the pristine mountain peaks is an adventure of its own. Thus, you might be wonder if you can go solo on this Manaslu Trek without a guide. So, can you?

Sadly, you cannot trek solo in the Manaslu region.

Since, Manaslu region falls under the a restricted area of Nepal as declared by the government, trekking solo in the Manaslu Circuit without a guide is not possible. As per the rules and regulation of the Nepal Government, every foreigner require a special permit and a governmentlicensed trekking guide and at least a group of two trekkers to trek in the Manaslu circuit.

So, it is almost impossible to do Manaslu Trek without a guide. Thus, the best alternative is to hire the trekking guide for the the trek, Having a guide with is you makes the trek much safer and dependable. Besides that, you may also hire a porter instead of a guide to accompany you.

Manaslu Trek without a guide

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An alternatives to Manaslu Trek without a Guide

Being an Free Individual Traveler (FIT), you cannot get the special restricted area permit all by yourself. So, to get this special permit, you will required a government registered trekking agency to get it for you.

An alternative solution to Manaslu Trek without a guide is that you can either hire a government-licensed guide or a porter.

Porter or a Licensed Guide?


Since you require either a licensed guide or a porter to do the Manaslu Trek, hiring a porter is a more affordable choice between the two.

Having a porters can be a great help in this trek as they will carry upto 25 kgs of your luggage and walk with you through the offbeat trails. Thus, you will have a easy walk in the trek since you don’t have to carry the burden of your backpack. Also, you can help you communicate with the local as a translator.

Hiring a porter will cost you around 25-30 USD per day including their food, lodging and insurance expenses.

Perks of hiring a porter

  • They will carry you luggage upto 20-25 kg.
  • Much cheaper than hiring a licensed guide.
  • They will help you communicate with the locals.


If you are a budget-trekker then porter-guide is your best option. Hiring a porter cum guide is much cheaper then hiring a guide and a porter individually.

They will guide you through the trail as well as carry your heavy luggage for you.

It will cost you around 30-35 USD to hire a porter-guide with their food, accommodation and insurance charges included in that price.

Perks of hiring a porter-guide

  • They can lead you on the trail.
  • Also help to carry your luggage.
  • Help you communicate fluently with the local people.

Note: Porter-guides and Porters are less experinced than a guide in many parts such as during the times of emergency evacuation, emergency first aid, altitude sickness.

Licensed Guide

Guide are the safest and more reliable person to have during the Manaslu Trek. They will guide you in the way and help navigate the trails. In addition to that, they will also recommend you the best place for your accommodation and food. With the goverment registered trekking guide, they will have enough knowledge about even the remotest places in Nepal.

Along with that, communication is much fluent with a guide as they can fluently answer all your questions. Your guide will take care of all your necessary trekking permits also observe your body for altitude sickness and take actions if anything happens.

A licensed guide can charge you up to 35 USD per day including their food, lodging and insurance expenses.

Perks of Hiring a Guide

  • As the Manaslu Trail is not well marked, a guide will help you to navigate through the trail.
  • They are more reliable person during the time of emergencies or medical issues.
  • They will moniter you for the altitude sickness and take appropriate action if your body starts showing any symptoms.
  • A guide will take care of all your trekking permits. Thus, you don’t have to worry about standing in the queue to get the permit.
  • Since all guides are fluent in the local language, they will help you get more insights on the local lifestyle and the culture.
  • As a licensed guide, they will know about just everything such as surrounding landscape, the flora and fauna, wildlife.
  • They recommend the best place for accommodations and can pre-book the accommodation for you.
  • A professional guide will make sure you don’t enter any restricted areas of the region.
  • A guide can act as a motivator and encourage you when you need the mental and physical strength.

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Difficulties of Manaslu Circuit trek Without a Guide

A Probability of Getting Lost

Manaslu Circuit trek is a isolated trek in the remotest part of Nepal due to which less trekkers visits this region. Additional, since the Manaslu Circuit Trek lies in the Manaslu Conservation Area, locals living in the area is very low.

Thus, you can easily get lost in the Manaslu region. Plus, you won’t get any communication signal in your mobile phones. Thus, getting lost becomes one of the most dangerous problems.


Manaslu Trek takes you along very rugged trail, thus, there is a high probability of getting injured. So, Manaslu trek without a guide in this regards can be a dangerous choice. Even small injuries can be a huge problem without a well-informed guide with you.

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Permits for Manaslu Circuit Trek

To do the Manaslu Circuit Trek, you will required three Manaslu trek permits in total:

Restricted Area Permit:

  • September- November: USD 70 for first 10 days and USD 10 per additional days
  • December- August: USD 50 for first 7 days and USD 7 per additional days.

Note: You do not require TIMS card for this trek as Restricted area permit works on its behalf.

Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP):

  • SAARC Nationals: USD 2 per person
  • Other Nationals: USD 30 per person

Annapurna Conservation Area Project:

  • SAARC Nationals: USD 2 per person
  • Other nationals: USD 30 per person

Tips for Hiring a Ideal Trekking Staff

  • Check all the credentials of the person before hiring them.
  • Check if they can speak english fluently. If you hire them without checking their english, then communication can be very hard.
  • Hire the trekking staff before the trek. By doing this, if you are not comfortable with the staff then you can hire a new one.
  • Since local trekking staffs do not require any permits, you don’t have to get them the permits.
  • In the trekking field, ever trekking staffs expects the tip. Thus, feel free to tip them.


If you are planning to do this Manaslu Circuit Trek, then you should do a good preparation as this trek is not a easy one. Also, Manaslu Trek without a guide is impossible as the trail for Jagat to Bhimthang is declared as a restricted region. This means that you cannot trek solo and you need a government licensed guide with you to do the Manaslu Trek.

As most of the trekker are not aware that Manaslu Trek without a guide is not possible, they want to trek the Manaslu region alone. But, it is compulsory to have a guide or porter.

Since trekking route has been damaged due to the massive earthquake back in April of 2015, most of the tea houses are under construction and many trails have been altered. So, you should better hire a guide for your own safety.

Furthremore, if you have any further questions or queries regarding this trek or any other treks in Nepal, then feel free to contact us.