Mount Everest Base Camp Trekking – An Expedition in Khumbu Region

Mount Everest base camp trekking initiates half an hour of the globally renowned spectacular mountain flight to Lukla from Kathmandu airport. On the opening of the trek, the foot trail runs with the Dudh Kosi River, thereupon it crosses the heart-rendering the blooming forest of Rhododendron, beautiful Buddhist villages and monasteries which leads to Namche Bazaar, a fluttering bazaar, a trekker’s inn.

The Namche bazaar is the perfectly designated place to rest and stretch your tired legs. From here the trek continues along the enchanting path ultimately leading to the intimidating “Thyangboche”, an old Buddhist monastery. Then the trek follows the route of Dingboche, Lobuche and Gorakshep. From Gorak Shep, the trekking continues towards Everest Base Camp and lure towards the black rocks called Kala Patthar. After visiting Mount Everest base camp, the trek will re-route back to the Lukla airport via the previous route.

On the way to Everest Base Camp
On the way to Everest Base Camp

For all the adventure seekers, you don’t need to wander here and there in search of all the outrageously awesome destinations. Standing on the foot of the world’s tallest peak itself is worth the thrilling reward any other adventures can present you with. As it is knowledge to everyone; the tales of the legends for conquering even the greatest creation of mother nature, Mt. Everest, has taught us a lesson to never give up any of our wills because who knows when they might come true.

Trekkers during Everest Base Camp Trek
Trekkers during Everest Base Camp Trek

It is only a matter of time before you witness Mother Nature’s greatest gift of all time to us. For those who want to brawl with nature’s strongest creation and on the other hand, enjoy the most exotic breathtaking scenery with a sweet mixture of the local loving hospitality, Mount Everest Base Camp Trekking is one and the only of its kind with such diversified thrilling as well as heart rendering nature’s handicraft. Mount Everest Base Camp Trekking offers you the best possible getaways for letting go of all the strains off of your busy schedule.


An Everest Base Camp Expedition

Mount Everest Base Camp is one of the world-famous trekking trails. With the fact that you trek in the shadow of the world’s tallest mountain, it is a special trek for every person willing to trek and the destination not to miss. Mount Everest base camp trekking starts with the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, which is a great adventure in itself. Once you arrive in Lukla, the feeling is very much special; the excitement to start is something joyous.

Trekkers near Everest Base Camp
Trekkers near Everest Base Camp

Trekking to the Mount Everest base camp offers you to explore the natural beauty, along with you exploring your inner self. You explore within you, you explore tiredness, fatigue, altitude sickness, fitness, stamina and then once you complete the trek, you explore the belief and determination in you to go through the challenges and achieve success. It gives you the life lesson.

Mount Everest base camp trekking is basically for the advanced trekkers and with a high fitness level, still, it can be trekked by the normal person and explore the inner person within you. The journey comes with various checkpoints, once you start from Lukla, Phakding is the nearest checkpoint.

A Trekker in Everest Base Camp
A Trekker in Everest Base Camp

Before you start the journey you can relax a bit and prepare for the long walk around Lukla, where you can find many restaurants. It has also got shops with trekking equipment if necessary during the last hour. Mineral water is expensive and it is recommended to boil the water and carry it. Trekkers generally avoid eating meat before the trek as there is a risk of food poisoning. Apart from this, the guide will guide you for a safe and sound trek.


Trek Route

The journey from Lukla to Phakding follows along the river trail. It is the one that gives much of the spectaculars during the trek. From Phakding you start your journey towards Namche. The journey is filled with downhill and uphill. You can smell the mountain and feel its air. You can observe the mountain range.

Everest Base Camp Trek Map
Everest Base Camp Trek Map

Various peaks can be seen and it provides the sense of adrenaline rush inside you. It drives you along and keeps you determined to complete the trail. You can also see the various varieties of Rhododendron blooming in the hills. You can observe some of the rare high altitude birds like Danphe. It all adds to the beauty of the trek. then you enter the Sagarmatha National Park at Monjo. You need to show some paper works at Monjo.

Then you reach one small village where you can have food as it is the only place before you reach Namche. Then the journey gets the uphill task only with so level and downhill, it tests the fitness a lot. Prayer flags can be observed in various places and it adds the belief in you to trek on.


Capital of Sherpa – Namche Bazar

Once you reach Namche Bazar, a very important place in the Khumbu region, you need to acclimatize. Namche Bazar is the home of Sherpas. You need some time to recover and get used to the climate so walking around the Namche is very important.

It has places for shopping and the cyber café too. It is one of the rare places where you can access the internet. A day off in Namche is very important for the journey ahead. You get to know the lifestyle of the Sherpas and get their story.

Nearby Namche

Hotel Everest view provides you with the service. Apart from this, there are some restaurants serving international foods. Particularly one German restaurant is quite famous. Then the journey of the village kicks off with the challenging uphills towards Tengboche.

The journey is filled with sounds of yak bells, a view of the Tengboche monastery and the peak of Mt.Everest. It is challenging and you feel the oxygen level is decreasing, only Sherpas can walk at a reasonable pace. Tengboche is the centre of traffic for trekkers so you can observe the activities of yaks, guides and trekkers going through their work. It provides the view of Ama Dablam and Mt.everest. Then the journey towards the Dingboche starts the next day.


On the way to EBC
Group of three trekkers passing signpost

The trail is along the river valley, once you reach Dingboche, trekkers prefer to stay for two days for acclimatization. The journey takes to Lobuche, Gorakshep where the path does not have a definite trail, and the challenge is to walk on loose rocks leading finally to the base camp. The moment when you reach the base camp relief and the sense of satisfaction would astonish you with the beauty at the foothill of the world’s tallest mountain Mt. Everest.

Best Treks in Nepal – An ultimate guide to travel in Nepal

Nepal is popular for the spectacular trekking in the world. You can do a classic trek like Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, Annapurna circuit trek to off the beaten path trek like Api Himal Trek. As per our previous client’s recommendation, we have chosen these 7 best treks in Nepal.

This Nepal’s best trek has been updated on June 2021 and we recommend you to do any trek in 2021 and 2022. All of the trekking includes a stunning view of the Himalayas, local culture, and lifestyle of ethnic groups. This is just an overview of the trek and for detailed information, you can click on the hyperlink.

1. Everest Base Camp Trek

Adventure travelers don’t need to wander here and there in search of all the outrageously awesome destinations. Standing on the foot of the world’s tallest peak itself is worth the thrilling reward any other adventures can present.

As it is knowledge to everyone, the tales of the legends for conquering even the greatest creation of mother nature, Mt.Everest, have taught us a lesson to never give up any of our wills because who knows when they might come true.

Best Treks of Nepal
A trekker on the way to Lobuche during EBC Trek

It is only a matter of time before you witness Mother Nature’s greatest gift of all time to us. If you want to brawl with nature’s strongest creation and enjoy the most exotic breathtaking scenery with a sweet mixture of the local loving hospitality.

Everest Base Camp Trek is one and the only of its kind with such diversified thrilling as well as heart rendering nature’s handicraft. This trek offers you the best possible getaways for letting go of all the strains off of your busy schedule.

Kala Patthar -- Everest Base Camp Trek
A trekker at Kala Patthar and Mount Everest

This EBC Trek initiates half an hour of the globally renowned spectacular mountain flight to Lukla from Kathmandu airport. The foot trail runs with the Dudh Kosi River; thereupon, it crosses the heart-rendering blooming forest of Rhododendron, beautiful Buddhist villages, and monasteries Namche Bazaar, a fluttering bazaar, a trekker’s inn. The Namche bazaar is the perfectly designated place to rest and stretch your tired legs. From here, the trek continues along the enchanting path, ultimately leading to the intimidating “Thyangboche,” an old Buddhist monastery. Then the hike follows the route of Dingboche, Lobuche, and Gorakshep. From Gorak Shep, the trek continues towards Base Camp and lure towards the black rocks called Kala Patthar. After visiting Mount Everest base camp, the tour will re-route back to the Lukla airport via the previous route.


2. Annapurna Base Camp

If you search for a memory of diversified trekking in Nepal with nature and culture together, this is the best choice.

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek in Nepal is the most vibrant and diversified trekking trail ever-present in Nepal. The trek takes you to the magnificent views of the Annapurna range Mountains and Fishtail, locally named Machhapuchhre. From the beautiful lake city, Pokhara, to the lap of majestic Himalayas, this trek would be an amazing journey to the mountain madness.

On the way to Annapurna Base Camp
On the way to Annapurna Base Camp

The trekking trail in this part of Nepal gives you a different perspective on the life of people mostly of Thakali, Tibetan, and Mongolian origin, who are famous Gurkha Soldiers, too as well as. The trail takes you to breathtaking and jaw-dropping geographical artistic landscapes, including snow bulk to lush green forests. The trekking itself is a holy adventure once it is associated with Mount Annapurna.

In the local community, Annapurna refers to the goddess of food. The essence and the thread of life remain in the food. The spiritual bond between the ever-flowing glacial rivers originated from the Annapurna Mountain has a century-old relationship with the locals residing in this part of Nepal.

The unique hospitality and culture of these tribes would be another fascinating activity to conduct while trekking through steep uphill and downhill. The duet combination between you and the nature in the trail lets you forget all the hardship and tiredness gathered along the trip. The scenic beauty of Mother Nature and the enthralling local culture, traditions & hospitality would quench your hunger for a wilderness holiday in Nepal. The ABC trek has unlimited trekking options within the circuit as Ghorepani Poon Hill Trekking, Circuit Trekking, Muktinath Jomsom Trekking, and short hiking in Dhampus-Australian Camp.

Panoramic View of Annapurna Base Camp
Panoramic View of Annapurna Base Camp — Best Treks in Nepal

Join the experienced team of Peregrine Treks to experience the beauty of nature in Nepal and get close to the amazing culture, traditions, and hospitality of Nepalese people in a single trip via the Annapurna Trekking programs offered by Peregrine Treks.


3. Annapurna Circuit Trek

If you seek to get away from the hectic life and monotonous working hours, a holiday in Nepal would be an ideal solution. Come and be part of the Peregrine Treks team for trekking in Nepal, exploring the Annapurna Circuit.

The usual trekking in the Annapurna region of Nepal starts from the Nayapul or Birethanti in the Kaski district near Pokhara. Still, this particular trekking begins from the ancient district Lamjung and ends at Kaski, the lake city Pokhara. The unique bus drive to the Jagate of Lamjung district along the Prithvi Highway would give you the hints of rural Nepal coming on the way of your trekking.

Trekkers during Annapurna Circuit Trek
Trekkers during Annapurna Circuit Trek

The actual walking in the trail starts from the Jagate of Lamjung. The ever-present Madi Khola (River) would accompany you for most of your trekking uphill and downhill up the beautiful terrain. The amazing rural scent mixed with the folklore of the local community residing in this part of the region would give you an idea that the world is a unique village of different cultural and traditional backgrounds. The single trek in The Annapurna circuit would take you to the most remote land of Nepal and make you witness the amazing villages of Gurung, Thakali, Tibetan as well as Brahmin Chhetri. The visual delights of the Mount Lamjung, Annapurna Series, Fishtail, Ghorepani Poon Hill, and the glacial rivers like Kaligandaki and Madi could be witnessed. The deepest gorge in the world, too, is present in this trekking as Kaligandaki gorge.

This diversified trail leading up to the lap of glorious Mount Annapurna presents unique paths ranging from the lowland to the highland. The difference in the culture of people according to the geographical locations and the changing nature in every step of your glorious trekking in Annapurna Circuit trek would hypnotize you and make you feel that heaven is on earth. The amazing attractions like the bulk of snow in mountain foothills, waterfalls, rivers, lush green forests, and sunrise sunset views upon the casement of Himalaya would rekindle the romanticism inside you. Peregrine Treks would like to assure all the trekkers that the circuit trekking in Annapurna would be your special memory which you will share with your upcoming generations with pride.

Join the team of Peregrine Treks; witness the majestic Pokhara with beautiful lakes and caves, cherish the unique hospitality and culture of Nepalese People, relish the spectacular mountains and feel the adventure via Trekking in Nepal.


4. Upper Mustang Trek

Nepal is the land of extreme mystery and Upper Mustang is one of the best treks in Nepal. The land of varied attractions consists of plain, hills, and Himalayan. In an hour of the journey, the three geographical landscapes will be experienced. If you are willing to participate in the well-kept secret of Himalayan culture and want to get near to the lofty Himalayas, then Upper Mustang Trek is the best activity to conduct. Peregrine Treks has organized more than 100 expeditions in the upper mustang region. Utilize your holiday in Nepal.

The land situated higher than Kagbeni adjacent to the Tibet border of China lies the majestic and mystic Upper Mustang. The Nepal Government had restricted the permit to the visitors earlier. However, the special pass and a limited number of visitors can get access to this mysterious land. The holes on the hills and the clustered village of Tibetan-origin Nepalese people would give you the bone-chilling tickling sensation.

Tiji Festival in Lo Mangthang
Tiji Festival in Lo Mangthang

The famous National Geographic Channel too featured the documentary related to the mystic attractions of the Upper Mustang. The village lies behind the mountains, and it would be a fascinating sight for travelers to see the snow-capped mountains on the southern part rather than the usual northern side. The ever-flowing Kaligandaki River has become a witness to the lifestyle of the people of this part of Nepal.

The deepest gorge to the driest and windiest places makes your trip to Upper Mustang the adventurous and memorable one. The Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri Mountains glacial are the source of the Kaligandaki River. The final trekking point of this trek is Lo Manthang Pass. It is the exit point of Nepal towards China. The journey could be a double whammy, and the treats at Jomsom, Kagbeni, Muktinath, Lo Manthang Pass and the Clustered Tibetan villages, Thakali community along with the magnificent views of mountains would give you worth of every penny spent on the tour.

5. Three Passes Trekking – Challenging best treks in Nepal

The Everest 3 high passes comprise Renjo-la 5,446m, Cho-la 5,420m, and Kongma La 5,535m, which are very strenuous yet full of exhilarating experiences of adventure, perseverance, and excitement. The scenic beauties seen from the apex of these passes are spectacular and panoramic as Everest, Lhotse, Cho yu, and Makalu.

It would be better to do this trek with experienced personnel who can take you to cross these three passes safely yet full of adventure. The three high passes trekking goes hand to hand with the ascending of Gokyo Lake and Kalapathar, from where the majestic view of Mount Everest can be savored in the best possible way.

View of Mount Everest from Renjo La Pass
View of Mount Everest from Renjo La Pass

The three passes trekking is the best trekking adventure if you are seeking the peak climbing kind of experience and want to have a fear of the unknown dipping into the backpacking wilderness. This trekking is very rich in terms of activities that the trekkers carry out as it is spread to the Chhukung Valley, Ama Dablam Base Camp, EBC, and short early morning hikes to the Kalapatthar. The crossing of the Renjo La would be the gateway to the serene Thame Valley, Gokyo Lakes, and electrifying views of panoramic Mountain ranges.

The route of this high pass trekking is very demanding and challenging. It is reported that lots of tourists and trekkers were missing in the passes that went there without the expert guidance of the local guides and trek leaders. It is highly recommended to use the highly skillful personnel to organize your trekking in this Everest 3 high passes trekking.


6. Dhaulagiri Trek

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is one of the best treks in Nepal. For the views of gorges, mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, rural communities, forests, hills, and beauty of nature, then trekking in Nepal is the best choice to make. Dhaulagiri Trek, which is also called the trek to the Hidden Valley, falls under the mystic trail of the Nepal Trekking.

The Dhaulagiri Trek offers all the traits of the adventurous trekking experience. If you are willing to savor the magnificent nature and majestic culture of Nepal, then Dhaulagiri trekking provides you all these moments with the help of an experienced team of Peregrine Treks.

On and around Dhaulagiri

The trails in some parts of the trekking should be explored with the expert guidance of the Trekking guide as trekking is highly regarded as trekking into the wild. The major highlight of this trekking route is its peaceful nature and fantastic, raw traits. If you wish to avoid the limelight and want to explore the world less explored and hike the path less trekked, then the Dhaulagiri Trek would provide you all these. The two decades of experience in the field of trekking in Nepal, Peregrine Treks would love to take you to experience this enchanted land up in the lap of the Himalayan in northern Nepal.

Join and become part of the wild seeker and organizer Peregrine Treks Pvt. Ltd. We assure our valued trekkers to have the amazing memory tale of your journey in Nepal. Two-decade-long service in the field of hospitality and tourism industry of Nepal has made the company know about your interest and serve you to fulfill the interest at ease.


7. Api Himal Trekking

Are you seeking alternative trekking in Nepal? Api Himal Trekking in the Far Western Region of Nepal is the perfect solution for searching for unusual trekking other than commercial trekking routes of Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, and Manaslu.

Api Himal Trekking is the off-the-beaten-path trekking in the Dolpo region of trekking in Nepal. The trekking in Api Himal base camp offers the forgotten trail in Western Nepal. The remoteness and the serene beauty of virgin nature can be witnessed in this region of Nepal.

Api Himal

The diversity in culture, white water rapids, lakes, and mountain ranges residing adjacent to the green pastures are the major highlights of the region. The lush green forests and the new holy temples on the banks of rivers and lakes make this place a mystical journey destination. The beautiful Kaladhungi lake, which is very blessed in the local area, could enthrall you with its picturesque location. The stunning 360-degree panoramic view of the mountains Api Himal, Thado Dhunga Tuppa, Rajamba, and Kapchuli.

Api Himal is the most popular mountain in Western Nepal; however, it remains hidden in the remoteness of the Dolpo region. The natural wonders and mystical landscapes are there to savor, while the unique culture of the Western region people of Nepal also worth noting down in your tour diary. The major religion of the locals is Buddhism and Hinduism. The actual origin of the Nepali language and culture is supposed to have originated from the area.

We have chosen these 7 best treks in Nepal with the amalgamation of people and nature. The perfect blend of culture and wildlife makes this trekking a memorable one for you, and we highly recommend conducting this trek in Nepal. The usual routes can be explored by many, so be part of the unique trekkers and enjoy the pristine, mysterious hidden land of Western Nepal.

Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Itinerary

Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Itinerary is just an outline of this tour. You can amend this tour as per your requirements. Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Itinerary covers Kathmandu and Pokhara in Nepal. Similarly, Lhasa City in Tibet and Thimpu and Paro, including Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan.

Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Daily Itinerary

Day 01 – Arrive in Kathmandu

When we arrive at Tribhuvan International airport, we will be welcomed by Peregrine Treks and Tours representatives and transferred to the hotel. After a short rest, we will visit Thamel Market and its surroundings. After Dinner, we will return to the hotel overnight.

Day 02 – Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour- Nagarkot

Today, our sightseeing tour starts from the holy temple of Hindu followers, Pashupatinath temple. Then we go to Boudhanath, 8 km east of Kathmandu. Within the afternoon, we drove to Bhaktapur and explored architectural temples, shrines similar to Lion gate, Golden Gate, and, therefore, the Palace of 55 windows. We then head towards Nagarkot to discover the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset along with a spectacular side view of Himalayan ranges.

Sunset view from Nagarkot
Sunset view from Nagarkot

Day 03 – Nagarkot to Kathmandu

Our morning begins with the enthralling sunrise alongside the comfortable hill views. After breakfast, we checked into Kathmandu. On arrival, we proceed with the excursion of Patan Durbar Square. We will visit Krishna Temple, Patan Durbar with Royal bath, Hiranya Varna Mahavir – a Buddhist Monastery. Then we will go to Kathmandu durbar square – a historical palace of Nepal. We see Kumari Temple, Kasthamandap, etc. Ultimately, we all moved towards Swayambhunath. After completion of these places, we will return to the hotel overnight.

Patan Durbar Square - City of Temples
Patan Durbar Square – City of Temples

Day 04 – Kathmandu to Pokhara

Today, we’ll have a pleasant drive to Pokhara, touching Kathmandu on the outskirts as we move to the famed city. On the way, we’ll also visit the Manakamana Temple- a temple dedicated to the “Goddess of Fulfilling Wishes,” where you’re taking a car ride of 9 minutes. The car ride is thrilling because it goes over the laden area of Manakamana hill, and we will see incredible scenes of the sprawling pastures below.

Day 05 – Tours in Pokhara

This morning, we will choose an excursion trip to Sarangkot. The foremost popular tourist destination from where you’ll experience the pleasant views of the Pokhara Valley. Therefore, the magnificent view of the mountains, Sarangkot, is that the highest viewpoint for sunrise. Paragliding also can be done from Sarangkot. From Sarangkot, in the northern direction- we will see Dhaulagiri Himal, and therefore the Annapurna range is additionally visible when the weather is evident on an equivalent side. In that southern area, the village faces Pokhara and its lake on the city’s north-western outskirts.

Kathmandu Pokhara 6 Days Tour

In the afternoon, we will visit the Bindabasini Temple. This is often among the oldest temples in Pokhara; the most deity of the temple- Goddess Durga, was brought from India. Aside from the peace and tranquillity. The temple premises offers an honest view of the Himalayas on a clear day. The temple is within the area of the bazaar; hence, a journey of the old bazaar is often connected with a visit to the temple. The sightseeing then proceeded to Devi’s Fall and applied to Patale Chango- an awe-inspiring waterfall lying 2 km southwest of Pokhara. Throughout the summer and therefore the season, the waterfall takes its original form, with gushing water splashing and enforcing its way through the rocks. On the opposite surface of the road, there’s the Gupteshwor Cave, the just reverse of Devi’s fall. This cave is accessible for various natural sorts of limestone deposits.

Day 06 – Drive back to Kathmandu

After breakfast, we will drive back to Kathmandu. After a short rest, we will pack our stuff for the Tibet Tour. Evening time free to explore around the hotel.

Day 07 – Fly to Lhasa

The flight from Nepal to Lhasa (3660meters) in Tibet is taken into account, one among the best beautiful air routes within the world, because it provides extensive views of Mount Everest (8848meters), Mt. Kanchenjunga (8536meters), plus other Himalayan peaks. If traveling via China, there is the right sort of flight and the world’s highest train route to succeed in Lhasa. Upon arrival, you’ll be received by our Tibetan guide at the airport/train station. After approximately 1.45 hours of driving, we will reach Lhasa. It’s prudent to rest and take it easy for the remainder of the day.

Day 08 – Excursion Tour in Lhasa

We will spend this day visiting several monasteries in Lhasa with our Tibetan Guide. We will visit the Sera Monastery, a best-preserved monastery in Tibet, inside its whitewashed walls and golden roofs. After lunch, we hit Norbulingka, a summer palace of the Dalai Lama and, therefore, the Jokhang Temple, a typical divine shrine in Tibet.

Day 09 – Full day Lhasa sightseeing

We visit Potala Palace in the morning. It’s a palace that dominates the town of Lhasa. It’s a magnificent building, including private quarters of the Dalai Lama and many grand staterooms, and lots of famous chapels. There has existed a Palace in this place for the 5th or 6th century, although this Palace was assembled within the 17th century. After lunch, we tour the Drepung Monastery, which was established within the 14th century. It won’t be the usual famous monastery within the world, with a population of around 10,000 monks. Lately, the amount has fallen right down to a hundred.

Sunrise at Potala Palace
Sunrise at Potala Palace

Day 10: Fly back to Kathmandu.

Our tours end today! An agent from the company will take us to the airport for your flight to Kathmandu. Our airport representative will pick you up from the airport and drop you at the hotel.

Day 11 – Kathmandu to Paro Flight

The flight to Paro divides the Himalayan Mountains, affording magnificent views of the impressive peaks, including the holy Jumolhari and Jichu Drake peaks in Bhutan. On approaching, we are welcomed by the design and transport to the hotel. After lunch, we visit the Ta Dzong, once a fortified lookout tower that’s now the National Museum. The museum has a wide assortment of ancient paintings, armors, philatelic displays, and “field of Buddhas,” which helps one see while meditating. Next, visit Kichu Lhakhang, the oldest temple in the country.

Day 12 – Paro-Thimphu

Today, you’ll hike to Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery, which is Bhutan’s most famous monastery. It’s breathtaking, situated at 10,400 feet, and perched on the sting of a cliff about 3,000 feet beyond the Paro Valley. Guru Rinpoche (great spiritual master) is challenged to possess flown on the rear of a tigress to consider during a cave where Taktsang Monastery now stands. Lunch is served within the Cafeteria Restaurant, located about halfway up the mountain. Explore the monastery and hike backtracks to the valley floor. Tonight you transfer to Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan.

Day 13 – Thimphu

After breakfast, we will visit Memorial Chorten (the built-in idea of the third King of Bhutan who governed from 1952-1972), Changangkha Monastery, Nunnery temple, School of Arts and Crafts, and Folk Heritage Museum. After relaxing lunch, you’ll visit a conventional paper factory, majestic Tashichhodzong, and a giant Buddha statue on a hill commanding Thimphu, which is reputed to be the most influential Buddha Shakyamuni within the world. Within the evening, you’ll stroll freely in Thimphu city and absorb the lifestyle of the people.

Day 14 – Thimphu-Paro

Morning is going to be spent hiking to Wangditse Monastery. We will walk one hour from the Radio Tower on a leveled trail amidst pine forests with a great view of north Thimphu Valley. On the way, we will even have a chance to see Takins — the unique national animal found only within the Himalayas. After having explored the monastery, you’ll hike back to Thimphu town. After lunch, we will repel to Paro. Within the evening, you’ll tour the village in Paro to find out about lifestyle – perhaps attending a farmhouse or two for a cup of butter tea or an “ara” local wine provided by a factory of wheat or rice.

Day 15 – Departure

After breakfast, ride to the airport for departure. Our agent will bid you farewell. It would be best if you catch your international flight from Paro. If you are happy with us, please tell your friend, and if you are unhappy with this Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour, please notify us. We will improve our service as per your requirement.

Bhutan Tour – 4 Days

Peregrine offers the easiest, cheapest and most popular 4 Days Bhutan Tour. On Day 1, we will pick you to form your hotel in Kathmandu and fly to Bhutan from Tribhuwan International Airport.

General itinerary of 4 Days Bhutan Tour

Day 1: Nepal to Bhutan to Thimphu – International Flight from Nepal to Bhutan using Druk Air!

07.00 am: Check out form the hotel and transfer to the airport and flight to Bhutan.

Note: You will travel via Druk Airways from Nepal to Bhutan experiencing spectacular views of Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Jomolhari and other Himalayan peaks.

08.00 am Check-in airport.

08.45 am: Catch your flight to Bhutan.

10.20 am: Arrive at Bhutan Airport.

11.00 am: Drop at Thimpu Hotel

12.30 pm: Check into your hotel and after lunch and refreshment, we will start our Thimphu sightseeing of 4 Days Bhutan Tour as following.

Kuenselphodrang (commonly known as Buddha Point) where the largest Buddha statue is situated on the hillock overlooking the Thimphu Valley. You can enjoy short hiking through Kuensel Phodrang Nature Park with the magnificent view of Thimphu Valley and some mountains peaks as well.

The second visit destination will be the National Textile Museum, which is known to see the art of traditional weaving being kept alive and preserved. The fine collection of old textiles and designs are the main attraction of the museum.


Then, you will visit Tashichho Dzong, a tower built by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel in 1641 and it is reconstructed by the late King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck in 1962-1969.

Lastly, Craft Bazaar where you will be a witness Bhutanese culture and crafts. You can find 80 stalls that cover all aspects of the traditional Bhutanese arts and craft.

06.30 pm: Back at the hotel. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 2: Sightseeing at Thimpu and drive to Paro

After your early morning breakfast, you will start your day personalizing Bhutanese postage stamps with your photo on them from Bhutan Post Office Headquarters. You can use such stamps on your postcard to give a gift to your family and relatives. Your next destination will be Jungshi Paper Factory which was established in 1990 and is undertaken by the Royal Government of Bhutan. The handmade paper has its own significance in Bhutan that carries the age-old tradition of Bhutanese cultural identity.

You will then visit the School of Traditional Painting of Arts and Crafts. Students undertake a six-year course on the 13 traditional arts and crafts of Bhutan form that school.

Your day will get more excited when you see Archery Match at Changlimithang National Stadium, Archery is the National Game of Bhutan.

After lunch, you will move to Paro, where you will visit Paro Rinpung Dzong that was built in 1645 to defend the valley from Tibetan invaders. The Dzong is now used as an administration centre to Rimpung Bridge and a school for monks. Rimpung Bridge (Traditional Cantilever Bridge) is the oldest bridge in Bhutan. In addition, you will visit farmhouses in Paro valley and the Paro town market where you can visit local shops.

Dinner at hotel and overnight stay.

Tigher's Nest Bhutan
Tiger’s Nest Bhutan
Day 3: Paro – Tiger’s Nest (Important part of 4 Days Bhutan Tour)

After breakfast, you will hike up to Taktsang Monastery which is popular as Tiger’s Nest. You will have to climb up about 3 hours to the monastery. En route, you can take a rest at the View Point Cafeteria for a spectacular view of the monastery from there. It is believed that in the 8th century, Guru Rinpoche flew on the back of a tigress from eastern Bhutan to this place and took meditation for 3 months. You will gently start to get down from Monastery to have lunch and then continue down the road.

While returning to the hotel, you can visit Kyichu temple which is one of the temples among 108 temples built in the 7th century by the Tibetan King Songsten Gampo. A story goes like this; a gaint demon used to lay across the area of Tibet and the Himalayas and preventing the spread of Buddhism. So, King Songtsen Gampo decided to build 108 temples to overcome the gaint demon’s problem.

In the evening, you can enjoy a relaxing traditional hot stone bath at your own expense. Then, you will have dinner with a cultural show and an overnight stay.

Monks in Bhutan
Monks in Bhutan
Day 4: Bhutan to Nepal – Flight from Bhutan to Nepal

Check out from your hotel to fly to Nepal. Peregrine Treks and Tours will transfer to your hotel from TIA Kathmandu and you can enjoy your further plan as per your schedules. You can extend this 4 Days Bhutan Tour as per your available time. Also, you can travel Tibet Tour. If you have more than 2 weeks you can do Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour.

Kathmandu Pokhara 6 days Tour – Nepal Tour and vacation Package

You must have been on a lot of trips or maybe this could be your first one. One of the finest trips in Nepal for the people with limited time to enjoy their vacation is Kathmandu to Pokhara 6 days tour. This trip is one of the most scenic and popular trips in Nepal. Both the valley lies in the hilly region of the country. Kathmandu valley is full of world heritage sites. And Pokhara valley is full of scenic and natural beauty covered in between mountain views.

Kathmandu valley consists of three different cities i.e. Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur. All these three cities are full of historical monuments and museums. You can also try varieties of local food of Nepalese cultural society, among which Newari food is quite popular in the valley. Since there is a full of diversity of culture in the country, many people are residing in the valley, you can also find different kinds of traditional and cultural foods accordingly.

Fewa Lake Pokhara

Pokhara is another beautiful tourist destination that has a high number of tourists. This valley is full of natural beauty, lakes, mountain views, adventurous activities like Paragliding, Hot air balloons, Bungee Jump, rafting, Annapurna base camp, and many more. Kathmandu to Pokhara trip can be experienced either in airways or roadways. Through the roadways, you can capture scenic beauty even closely. There are several rivers and destinations on the way to Pokhara. You can either book a private car or get a bus ticket for a road trip. It takes around 6-7 hours to travel through roadways while it takes less than an hour to travel through airways.

Suggested itinerary for Kathmandu Pokhara 6 days tour

Day- one

This is the first day of your trip, we receive you through Tribhuvan International Airport. Our staff takes you directly to the hotel. After taking some rest and lunch, you go out to visit the valley. The beautiful valley of Kathmandu has several greatest UNESCO heritage sites such as the historical temple ‘Pashupatinath’, the stupa of ‘Boudhanath’, and the monkey temple ‘Swayambhunath’. A short and historical trip to Bhaktapur Durbar square, Patan Durbar Square, and Basantapur Durbar square is full of an architectural glimpse of the ancient culture of the Nepalese people. On the very first day of the trip, you are visiting these popular sites.


Day- two

Meanwhile, on the second day, you go to visit another beautiful valley of Pokhara by road or air means. The eye-catching valley is full of glorious mountain views such as Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and many other beautiful peaks. After you reach the destination, there are hotels and lodges pre-booked for our guests.

You can go for a short walk in the lakeside to see the amazing handcrafts of Nepalese people. You can visit back to the hotel where the dinner is ready for you.


Day – three

On the third day of the Kathmandu Pokhara 6 days tour, you are going on an early morning visit to Sarangkot which is known as the point to see the beautiful sunrise that strikes on the top of the Himalayas. The beautiful sight-seeing from the top of the tower is the breathtaking moment of this trip. The sun strikes on the peak and it gradually starts to enlighten the valley.

Kathmandu Pokhara 6 Days Tour

Everybody looks busy capturing the sight with a sip of coffee or tea. After taking you back to the hotel for breakfast you can take some rest. In the day, you will go to visit Phewa lake to visit the famous Barahi temple through boating as it lies in the middle of the lake. You can also do boating for the sake of adventure and enjoy nature as well. Later that day, you visit Mahendra Cave, Davis fall, Begnas Lake, and Seti River. After visiting places on this beautiful day, the staff takes you back to the hotel.


Day – four

The fourth day is your day to experiencing Paragliding, Bungee jump, rafting, etc. If you are interested to experience this lifetime adventure, you can get book your tickets accordingly. You can also visit the Annapurna base camp for a short trek. If not, you can roam and look around the valley anywhere you would like to visit or also take a rest back in the hotel. At night, as always there will be a special musical event in the hotel. You can utilize your day by sketching a beautiful live scene of Pokhara valley or by shopping the cultural handcrafts of the Nepalese society. Therefore, this can be the rest day of your trip if you have nothing much to do.


Day – five

On the fifth day, after having your breakfast you must return to the Kathmandu valley. You can again visit the remaining places if you like to or if there are any on your lists. There is Narayanhiti Palace in Singha Durbar. It is the palace of our King before democracy arrived in the country. Now, it has been turned into a beautiful museum. There are also beautiful pagoda-style temples that were built in ancient times which can also be visited in a short period. You can also go visit around Thamel which is full of crowds even at night as it is the most popular tourist destination due to large numbers of pubs, clubs, and handcraft selling products.


Day – six

Not so far, the last day has arrived. The sixth day is the last day of your Kathmandu to Pokhara 6 days trip. This day you will be safely taken back to the airport so that you can fly back to your departure after taking breakfast from the hotel where you have been staying on.
This trip can be made as memorable as you want. The peaceful country is full of diversities and scenic beauty. Kathmandu to Pokhara 6 days trip can bound between the Himalayas and hills with adventurous steps. A person should at least experience this trip once in their life. Nepal is small yet a beautiful country with amazing people around here. We always welcome our guests with our open arms and love them as our people.

Tour Cost

Kathmandu Pokhara 6 Days Tour cost totally depends on the group size, used services, accommodation level, etc. Normally this tour cost starts from USD 450 and this cost includes land transportation, guide, hotel accommodation in a three-star hotel, entrance fees, etc and you need to pay for meals, bar and beverage bills, personal expenses, and tips for guide and driver.

Please feel free to contact us via email ( or you can directly call or text message on Viber/WhatsApp/Cell-Phone +9779851052413. For more details, please click this link.

Chisapani Nagarkot Trek

Nepal to be known as the best hiking destination in the world with many hiking trails and routes. Among them, we Peregrine Tour offers you the Chisapani Nagarkot Hiking route in 6 days which includes your arrival and departure days. This Chisapani Nagarkot Trek is very popular for domestic and international hikers as well. At first, we will do Sundarijal to Chisapani Hiking and second-day Chisapani to Nagarkot Hike.

Sunset in Nagarkot
That was sunset time in Nagarkot of Nepal, but the clouds were that thick that we could not see the sun. Fortunately, there were still some colors in the distant sky.

The Chisapani-Nagarkot hike starts from Sundarijal entering Nepal’s youngest National park that is Shivapuri National Park. It will be about 5-6 hours hiking from Sundarijal up to Chisapani. You can view many majestic Himalayas peaks, hills, valleys, and natural beauty. Next morning, you will move to Nagarkot.

The Nagarkot is located at an altitude of 2211 m. above the sea level is the most popular viewpoint to view sunrise and sunset over the Himalayas.

Chisapani (2140m) is the famous place for the shortest trekker and the place to get away from the chaos of the rushing city. The place form where you and rejoice in the serenity of the natural environment. If the weather supports, the great views of the Himalayas including Annapurna, Lantang, Dorje Lakpa, Gauri Shankar, Ganesh Himal, and many more will not allow you to move from there. The next day, a short hike down leads to Changunarayan temple (a UNESCO-listed heritage site), then drives back to Kathmandu.


Detailed Itinerary of Chisapani Nagarkot Trek

Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu airport and transfer to hotel:

After arrival at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport, our representative will receive you and escort you to your hotel. A leader or guide will provide you a brief orientation of the Chisapani Nagarkot Trek at the hotel, Kathmandu city, trek, and other related information that you should do and ought not to do during your stay in Nepal.


Day 02: Kathmandu Valley Sightseeing

The day starts with a warm breakfast at the hotel and you will be taken out for a full day sightseeing program in Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu is pretty much beautiful because of its own historical and religious significance. Visiting UNESCO declared world heritage sites like Kathmandu Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Monkey Temple, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa and Changunarayan Temple will make your great day of the tour.


Day 03: Kathmandu – Sundarijal – Chisapani Hike:

After breakfast at the hotel, you will drive towards Sundarijal, then start the Sundarijal Chisapani Hiking. Walking through the shadow, you will play hide and seek with the golden sun rays in the pine and oak forest of Shivapuri National Park. The park is a famous spot for bird watching and some wild animals can be seen during your walk. The unique trail in the sense while walking will allow you to view the Kathmandu valley along the Himalayas on its horizon. Overnight at lodge surrounded by residents of Sherpa ethnic group.


Day 04: Chisapani Nagarkot Trek

Start your Chisapani Nagarkot hiking after breakfast at the lodge. It takes about 3 hours of hike to reach Chauki Bhanjyang for lunch. Then you will continue your walk through charming trails for another 3 hours. The Himalaya ranges from Dhaulagiri in the west all the way past Mr. Everest to Kanchanjunga in the east will be your most memorable moments in this hiking. As you reach Nagarkot, you will have a great sunset view inspiring its majesty and beauty.

Early morning view from Nagarkot

Day 05: Nagarkot – Chagunarayan – Kathmandu

Early wake up for a sunrise view from the top of the hill. At the same time, the glory of the Himalayan panorama through a Himalayan river valley will give you great morning wishes. After breakfast, you will hike for a couple of hours to Changunarayan Temple. This is a UNESCO world heritage site and the old and ancient temple of Nepal. Having lunch at Changunarayan will lead us to Kathmandu drive and check into the hotel for an overnight stay.


Day 06: Departure

After your last breakfast in Kathmandu, you will drop you at to Airport for departure to your home country. By the time, you will be carrying Nepal’s natural beauty, amazing experiences of incredible Himalayas ranges, and memory of your combo vacation spent during Chisapani Nagarkot Trek or Hike. Good Bye !!!

If you are interested in this trek, please email us at or fill up this form. Also, we are 24/7 available at WhatsApp/Viber/Mobile +9779851052413

Nagarkot Dhulikhel Trek

Nagarkot is known to be a popular place for a sunrise viewpoint and spectacular scene of the Himalayas including Mount Everest, Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Jugal, Rolwaling, and many more ranges of eastern Nepal. Similarly, This Nagarkot Dhulikhel Trek offers you a dynamic panoramic view of the Kathmandu Valley.

The travelers who want to enjoy a relaxing day in a short time can go for this Nagarkot Dhulikhel trek. One day hike enjoying the natural beauty and for refreshment, Nagarkot Dhulikhel Namobuddha Trek can be the prioritized one.

Nagarkot Dhulikhel Trek
Sunset at Nagarkot. Photo was taken on the roof balcony Of Club Himalaya. The weather was gloomy and the sun was hiding most of the time. Anyway, we waited and eventually, for a brief time, the sun shone on the distant icy mountains….


Dhulikhel situated just about 30 km east far from Kathmandu through Arniko Highway, lies in this trek which is a popular hill station in Kavre District. An Ancient Newari settlement and its architecture for at least five centuries and narrow streets are the main attraction of Dhulikhel.

The buildings, temples, public squares are based on ancient Hindu planning belief and dominance having their own meaning and harmony where different cultures and processions still exist. The majestic view of mountains like Ganesh Himal (7429 m), Jugal mountain range, Langtang Lirung (7227m) in the west and Dorje Lakpa (6966m), Gauri Shankar (7134m), Melungtse (7181m), Mt. Lhotse (8516 m), till Numbur (5945m) in the east is the main reason to stay there for the short time traveler.

Plain Land of Banepa
A Natural environment neat Dhulikhel , Kavre where rapid urbanization is taking place .


Namobuddha located southeast of Kathmandu is a famous place for Buddhists and a favorite one for trekkers to stay overnight. It is situated between Banepa and Panauti on slightly elevated land with a peaceful environment. It is 3 hours of walk from Dhulikhel passing through several small villages and rows of Buddhist stupas adorned with fluttering prayer flags that soothe both devotees and trekkers. Namobuddha has its own religious and historical importance. An ancient carved slab portrays a popular story that Lord Buddha allowed his hand to be devoured by a starving tigress to save her cubs from starving to death. The cool and fresh winds coming from the southern side will give warmth to a soul.

Namobuddha at Night
Large Buddhist monastery Thrangu Tashi Yangtse, Nepal near Stupa Namobuddha in the Himalaya mountains

Nagarkot Dhulikhel Trek Itinerary:

Days 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

Meet Peregrine Treks and Tours airport representative at Tribhuwan International Airport to pick up you and transfer you to your Hotel /Resort /Guesthouse. Get involved in dinner, introduce guide, trip briefing of Nagarkot Dhulikhel Trek and check trip necessities in the evening.

Day 02: Explore Kathmandu City

After a warm breakfast in the hotel, proceed for the sightseeing tours to Pashupatinath Temple, the holiest Hindu Temple. Then, you will move towards Boudhanath Stupa, the biggest Buddhist Stupa architecture in the world, and Swayambhunath Stupa situated on the hillock also known as Monkey Temple, having 2000 years of old legendary. There is another sightseeing tour to Patan, the oldest city in the Kathmandu valley with fine arts and so many temples. Patan city is known to an age-old traditional city with fine arts. Kathmandu city tour also covers Durbar Square, the living goddess Kumari, fascinating temples, freak street, and many more.

Day 03: Drive to Sundarijal & trek to Chisapani (2160m /7130ft).) 5/6 hrs walk

After breakfast, you will move to the eastern end of Kathmandu valley, which is Sundarijal, your trekking starting point. The trail will lead you up to Typical Tamang Village, Mulkharka (1800 m. / 5940 ft.) along with the pine, rhododendron, and oak forest through Shivapuri Watershed and Wildlife Reserve. Eventually, the trail will end at Chisapani after passing Borlan Bhanjyang (2460m / 8110ft), your overnight accommodation

Day: 04: Chisopani Nagarkot (2175m/7134ft), 5-6 hrs trek.

Be ready for Chisapani to Nagarkot hike after your breakfast. On the way, you will observe the fantastic view of Kathmandu valley and so many hiding mountain peaks like Mt. Dorje Lakpa and Jugal Himal ranges will be waiting for your attention towards them. Then, A gentle walk through some villages and forest along with terraced farming field brings you to the hill city, Nagarkot (2175m). You will stay overnight. Enjoy your sunset and sunrise, even Mt. You can see Everest on clear climatic days.

Day 05: Nagarkot – Dhulikhel (1550m) 5-6 hrs.

Early morning get up for Sunrise view, then start your journey from Nagarkot Dhulikhel Trek. A drop-down trail from Nagarkot hill to the deep green valley and terraced rice field. Finally, flat trails denote the arrival in Araniko Highway which will lead to Dhulikhel. Enjoy fresh air and peace environment with relaxed accommodation.

Day 06: Dhulikhel – Namo Buddha (1810m), 5/6 hrs trek

Almost 5-6 hrs hike takes up to Namo Buddha from Dhulikhel. During your walk, you can see the old traditional villages and so many stupas. Entering Namobuddha will make you feel very calm and pleased. Visit beautiful chorten and monastery. You will have a very relaxed and comfortable sleep with an iconic praying ceremony of a monk. Practice meditation with the monk the next morning before starting your trip.

Nagarkot Dhulikhel Trek

Day 07: Namo Buddha – Panauti (1620m) – Drive to Kathmandu: 4-5 hrs trek and 1 ½ hr drive

The walking day starts from Namo Buddha to a legend village, Panauti. Explore ancient temples and a fully terraced view of farming lands. After lunch at Panauti, drive to another historical heritage site Bhaktapur to explore the traditional lifestyle of Newari communities, the oldest Durbar, and temples till evening. Then, drive back to Kathmandu in the hotel.

Day 8: Departure

Finally, Nagarkot Dhulikhel Trek will make a lifetime album of your experience.


For this trek please send an email at or you can fill this form. We are also available at WhatsApp/Viber/Mobile +9779851052413.

Annapurna Base Camp 7 Days Trek

Annapurna base camp 7 Days Trek is one of the popular trekking in the Annapurna Region of Nepal. The height of Mount Annapurna is 8,091 meters, and the base camp is 4130 meters above sea level. This Annapurna Region is famous for trekking and climbing in the world.

This short trek will give you a lot of knowledge and memorable experience of extreme Himalayans, unique in a variety of cultures, religions, traditions, languages, and vegetation and wilderness and unforgettable journey with all kindful Neplases people. This region is rich in natural and cultural aspects which make your trek more exciting and enjoyable. Annapurna Base Camp Short trek is designed for all travelers who want to hike to the spectacular mountain but are restricted time-wise.

The starting point of the journey

Annapurna Base Camp Short trek starts at kimchi with a short drive from Pokhara and a little trek to Ghandruk village. Our mission will take us towards the forest and a fascinating traditional village named Ghandruk and Chhomrong Gurung. After reaching Chomrong, we will follow Modi Khola after some trek.

Ghandruk Village
Ghandruk Village

We can see large rock overhanging, known as Hinku Cave. Macchapuchhre on the right and steep snow-clad ridges falling from Himchuli in left from the sanctuary. As we enter the temple, we will find ourselves in a vast Amphitheatre closed by a solid wall of snow-capped peaks.

Mountain View from Annapurna Base Camp 7 Days Trek

We can see views of Himchuli, Annapurna South, Barahi Shikar, Annapurna I, Glacier Dom, Annapurna III, Tent Peak, and Machhapuchhre snow-capped mountains around the Annapurna Base camp which makes you pleasant and happy. After such amazing views, we will trek down to Pokhara via Jhinu Hot spring.

Accelerating to Annapurna Base Camp within 7 days offer you the best places like Kyumi, Siwai, Annapurna Base Camp, Pokhara, Ghandruk, Chomrong, Sinuwa, Bamboo, Nayapul, Dovan, Machhapuchhre Base Camp, and many more. Visiting those places will make you so delighted because of variations in culture, traditions, languages, natural scenarios, beauties, etc.

Annapurna View
Annapurna View

We will heartily thank all villagers and take a flight to Kathmandu, where is your last day in Nepal. Come to explore the view of the majestic mountains of the astonishing Himalayans and get an enjoyable trekking experience of a lifetime with us. Peregrine Trek Team is here for the best to take care of your every need in the best way possible, ensuring a high level of safety and security throughout the journey!


Key Highlights of Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek

  • The viewpoint of the highest peak Annapurna Base camp(4130 meters)
  • Wander around Gurung Villages
  • Gaze at stunning views of Mt.Machhapuchre(Fishtail) and massif Annapurna
  • Flavourful Nepalese Daal-Bhat
  • Glimpses of Rural Nepalese lifestyle
  • Numerous perennial rivers and suspension bridges
  • Lush forests of Rhododendrons and oaks
  • Annapurna conservation area project (ACAP)
  • Overnight in the shade of Annapurna at Base Camp.


General Itinerary of Annapurna Base Camp short trek

Day 1- Flight to Pokhara to Nayapul to Ghnadruk

Today is our first day of the beautiful journey towards the Annapurna Base camp trek. In the early morning, our staff will pick you up from the hotel, then we will take a short and scenic flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara and then drive to Kimche, and we will trek to Ghandruk (2020meters).

From Kimche we will see beautiful views of mountains like Annapurna South, Himchuli, Fishtail, Annapurna III, and many more. Again we will explore Ghnadruk village and also visit the Gurung museum. Annapurna Region is also a region where we could explore the unspoiled tradition and culture of Gurung people as well as lifestyle.

Trekking Hours: About 1-2 hours.

Altitude: 2, 2020 meters.

Settlement: Tea House

tribal people in Ghandruk Village, Nepal. The big village on Poon Hill trekking. Behind them are Annapurna mountain.
Tribal people in Ghandruk Village of Annapurna Region. The big village on Annapurna Base Camp Short Trek. Behind them is Annapurna mountain.
Day 2- Gandruk to Chhomrong to Sinuwa

Today we will start our special day with a cup of tea and a light breakfast. Then we will trek about 7 hours to Sinuwa from Ghandruk via Chhomrong (another beautiful Gurung village). Because of the straight path, we all should keep our pace as slow as possible.

At first, we will hike to Komrong Danda, and again we will back to Komrong Khola, where we will rest for some minutes. Then we will climb up to Chhomrong, which is known as a big and beautiful village in that region. From there, we will again trek down to the river and climb upward to Sinuwa. On this trek, we can see fantastic views of mountains and villages.

Trekking Hours: About 7 hours.

Altitude: Sinuwa (2,340 meters)

Settlement: Tea House

Morning Glory at Chhomrong, Annapurna Region, Nepal
Morning Glory at Chhomrong, Annapurna Region, Nepal
Day 3- Sinuwa to Bamboo to Dovan to Deurali

Today, we have an exciting day to walk through the fresh rhododendron and lush forest over stone across Chhommrong Khola. We will wake up and go to see beautiful views of the mountains and the dew-formed environment if the weather remains calm.

After having a great breakfast, we will take it towards Deurali. Our path offers uphill, and the jungle also walks flora nad faunal scenario. In this whole trek, we will pass through Bamboo, Dovan, and as we reach the Himalayas, we set up our sleeping bags and down jackets while resting here because it’s quite a cool place.

Trekking Hours: About 6- 7 hours.

Altitude: 3,200 meters

Settlement: Tea House.

Waterfall at Modi khola valley on the way from Deurali to Machapuchare base camp ,Nepal.
Waterfall at Modi Khola valley on the way from Deurali to Machapuchare base camp
Day 4- Deurali to Macchapurche base camp to Annapurna Base camp.

Today is one of the awaited days of this whole day. We will reach ABC camp from Deurali. Also, we will arrive at Machhapurche Base camp from where we can see some majestic views of mountains such as fishtail, Annapurna south, Gandharya Chuli, Himchuli, Glacier Dom, Gangapurna, and many more also named unmanned mountains.

Also, we can see Eye-catching views of the sunset in the mountains. Walking in this area, we will get an excellent chance to See the Annapurna glacier, which will come very close to us. Making rise frequently towards, we will be able to observe breathtaking views of neighboring panoramic mountain peaks on a background.

Trekking Hours: About 5- 6 hours.

Altitude: 4,130 meters

Settlement: Tea House.

trekking in Annapurna trail on springtime
trekking in Annapurna trail in springtime
Day 5- Annapurna Base camp to Bamboo

According to our previous itinerary plan, we will trek towards Bamboo. Today we will enjoy the striking sunrise view over the Annapurna Himalayas. After having some breakfast, we will travel towards Bamboo via MBC, Deurali, Himalayan, Dovan.

Trekking Hours: About 5- 6 hours.

Altitude: 2, 340 meters

Settlement: Tea House.

Two beautiful Nepali girls captured on the way to Bamboo
Two beautiful Nepali girls captured on the way to Bamboo
Day 6- Bamboo to Jhinu dada

After having light breakfast at bamboo, we will trek to Chhommrong following the same path as previous. While mountaineering we will walk through the jungle also we will cross the good-looking Gurung village of Sinuwa. Lastly going down from Sinuwa then we will cross the suspension bridge and start hiking up again.

After finishing our hiking we will take a lunch break in Chhomrong village. And before we reach Jhinu dada, we can watch the exciting Mountains View of Annapurna South and Machapuchare. After lunch then we continually keep going on the downhills until the Jhinu dada, Jinu dada is another grand place where we can have a re-energized in the natural hot spring and chill out a bit while enjoying the scenery.

Trekking Hours: About 5- 6 hours.

Altitude: 1, 690 meters

Settlement: Tea House.

Jhinu Danda
Jhinu Danda
Day 7 Jhinu Dada to Kathmandu

Today is the last day of our trek in the Annapurna region, it’s a short trek down to Siwai, and from Siwai we take a local jeep to Nayapul and then after we will be picked up by our taxi and drive back to Pokhara, as we get there in Pokhara there is still, we have a chance to explore or come back to Kathmandu on the same day; it depends on you; our delegate leader will be delighted to assist you as per your preferences.

Trekking Hours: About 3- 4 hours.

Altitude: 1,400 meters

Settlement: Tea House.

Approaching the airport runway. Taken while riding an ultralight plane in Nepal.
Approaching the airport runway. Taken while riding an ultralight plane in Nepal.

So how difficult is the Annapurna base camp 7 days trek?

Annapurna Base camp situated at an altitude of 4130 meters, and the route of this trek is one of the most named and beautiful trekking trails in Nepal. It is not considered a tough trek because this trek is very adventurous, and the main factors of this beautiful trek are to stroll and steady.

So this trek is known as the moderate trek. For example, Everest Base also camp one of the demanding treks, but with little patience, this trek is delightful and achievement.

Trekking and hiking through the Annapurna Base camps very adventurous and exciting journeys for all those adventure travelers and hikers.


Altitude Sickness

The major problem and difficulty while trekking in Moutain are Altitude Sickness. Oxygen and atmospheric pressure are lower at high altitudes than at sea level. High altitude can be moderate for some people, while it can be severe for others. During altitude sickness, you may get symptoms like headaches, loss of appetite, nausea, insomnia, and others. To be away from altitude sickness, you must drink alcohol, and also, you can get medicine to cure altitude sickness, you can keep it with yourself.

Don’t ignore this kind of problem inform us immediately. We will be there with all the services.


It is also the availability of pure water to drink and for other purposes. Having some means to purify water like a fine ceramic filter or iodine with yourself is the best option. The stream could is polluted, and the mineral water bottle may not be available.


Best Season

The best month for trekking to Annapurna Base camp depends upon the experiences you looking for. Trekking to Annapurna Base camp is the best trekking for all peoples. Annapurna Base camp has it all, sheer beauty, small villages, dramatic, massive mountains, warmer temperatures, and hot springs.

There is two distinct trekking season to visit in Annapurna Base camp. The best month to trek are Pre-monsoon (February, March, April, and May) and post-monsoon ( late September, October, November, and December), it is also possible to have a trek in January and early September. Still, we prefer the above months for Annapurna base camp 7 days Trek. You can also trek Annapurna Base camp in December and January, but it can be a little colder and also dump snow on the trail at any time. If you are planning to have a trek this month, then you should have to pack warmer gear.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek Insights

Are you looking for the most exotic trek in Nepal? Although there are sequence ranges of the Himalayas, which lies on the few trekking stations, which are really on point to attract any visitors. Trek to Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp is the most admirable one. Anyhow, there must be considering facts that any traveler might seek for the Annapurna Base Camp Trek insights. Unending trails of the river and dense forest of the hilly and Himalayan region add unconditional affection towards the journey. Let us take a closer look at the things you need to know before going to Annapurna Base Camp.

Overview of Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Sunrise view from poon hill
Sunrise view from poon hill

On the elevation of 4130 meters, marching is wholly facile than you have considered it. ABC trek is one of the foremost fascinating trekking journeys in Nepal. However, you must be physically active to walk for 5 – 6 hours on average during the trek. Likewise, the attractive highlights of the ABC trek the heart-melting ranges of over 7000 meters Himalayas. The mortgage lives living in the Annapurna region of Nepal gives you the sincerest and pleasant welcome. Most of them belong to Magar and Gurung community.

A glimpse of crystal-clear waterfalls and trailing rivers never lets you get bored. Furthermore, it is the best time for you to try the traditional cuisine of Nepalese people. When you set out for the journey towards the Annapurna Base Camp trail, you get to interact with thrilling mountain views of Nilgiri, Himchuli, Macchapuchre, Annapurna ranges, and many more. According to the source report, over 70,000 visitants are likely to visit Annapurna Base Camp each year. Hence, the massif journey to Annapurna Base camp is full of joyous moments binding you along with your companion and nature itself.

Where is Annapurna Base Camp located?

When we talk about the location of the Himalayan Ranges of Nepal, without a doubt, they locate in the Northern part of Nepal. However, the ABC lies at an altitude of 4130 meters. Around the glaciers of snow-capped mountains and the river trails, the journey to the ABC trek is unbelievably joyous. As a truth, one must be aware of altitude sickness, as it lies at a higher altitude.

How long is Annapurna Base Camp Trek?

Beginning from Kathmandu, your trip to Annapurna Base camp has the scheduled for 14 days. Anyhow, the tramping journey lasts for ten days. In between, you will go through another well-known valley of Nepal, Pokhara. Moving ahead, the total distance from Pokhara to ABC is only 37 kilometers to the extend. But, due to the acclimatization process, it takes ten days of trekking period.

When is the best time to do the Annapurna Base camp trek?

Annapurna Base Camp

Strolling around villages and up hills towards the Himalayas is always preferable in Nepal. No matter which season it is, tramping is possible. But, to avoid certain risky circumstances, Autumn and Spring are the best seasons for it. The skies remain clear and unbothered trails add comfort during these seasons. Likewise, Winter and Summer are risky among all. As winter brings a lot of coldness and snowfall can affect the track as well. In addition to that, you must pack your bags with bulky clothing for safe travel. However, summer also falls among unfavorable seasons. As there is heavy rainfall and up hills affect the trail. However, you do not have to carry lots of bulky clothes during summer.

How do I get from Kathmandu to Annapurna Base Camp?

At the inception of the voyage, you must station to Kathmandu and stay overnight there for the excursion. On the second day, you must get rolling for the expedition towards Pokhara Valley. Spend your other day there. Likewise, the day of stumping starts once you reach Nayapul from Pokhara on the third day. Once you stick out there, you must get going towards Hile. In this journey, you derive to interchange with the places such as Ghorepani, Poonhill, Tadapani, Sinuwa, Himalayan Hotel, and Annapurna Base Camp.

To follow the track, you can unless fly from Kathmandu to Pokhara on extra charge. Otherwise, the agency tenders a road trail with 6 hours of driving from Kathmandu.

How much does Annapurna Base Camp cost?

Setting the exact price for the ABC trek is not the same. Each travel and trekking agencies charge their respective cost. However, to calculate the affordable and reasonable cost, Peregrine treks and tours offer the best. It charges only USD 1250 per person. Likewise, if you prefer to come along with the group, then the charge remains rationally less. It is one of the eminent motives for Peregrine treks and tours to be successively able to satisfy their associate trekkers in past years with mentioned Annapurna Base Camp trek insights.

What kind of meals and accommodation is available during the trek?

Dhampus Village
Dhampus Village View

Peregrine treks embrace the meals and accommodation favorable for their customers during the trudge. We offer three-period meals and quarters, based on your paid charge of the trial.

One can mark facile access in most cases when it proceeds to meals and accommodation while in ABC. You can eat your desirable continental cuisine. But we prefer you to give it a try to the local taste of traditional dishes of Nepal. Daal and Bhaat is the everyday-go traditional food for Nepalese people. It provides lots of energy that can be helpful for marching as well. However, we recommend you assist the chef of teahouses and accommodation, to compose your meals based on your diet plan.

When it comes to accommodation, you will get access to a twin sharing bedroom. It is wholly hard to find a private room for you, but we can try our level best to arrange through pre-booking. However, you must pay the charge extra for private rooms. To use a hot bath shower, you are likely to pay for personal expenses as well. However, while you are on the marching journey, it is rare for you to get free internet access.

Is it safe to travel to ABC?

Yes, traveling to ABC is pretty safe. However, you must be aware of not getting caught from altitude sickness. To remain safe, we plan the trekking schedule accordingly. It is because your body requires to adapt to the weather in cooler places. As you climb, you are likely to suffer from sickness. To control that, we occupy time for proper rest. Hence, choosing the preferable season for the trek is also logical for the matter of safety. Itinerating in Autumn and Spring are the best. However, summer and winter are unsafe. The snow-filled trails make the road wet and slippery.

Can I customize my trek to Annapurna Base Camp?

Yes, you can always customize your trip to Annapurna Base Camp. The charge also remains accordingly. However, we offer the basic package of 14 days on the ABC trek. But, if you are gaping forward to extending the trip, you can get going for sightseeing around Pokhara valley. Likewise, you can extend your trip to another tourist province of Nepal as well. Lumbini trip and Chitwan National Park visit are some of the affordable and preferable extensions demanded by lots of former travelers.

Therefore, after completing the deep read on Annapurna Base Camp trek insights, there must be no assumption and confusion left regarding the trek. If not, the team of Peregrine trek and tours is always available for your service.

Everest Base Camp Trek Insight

Have you been to various treks before? You will be glad that you have come for the checklist for Everest Base Camp insight. If you are drafting to visit EBC for the primary time, you do not require to worry about it. People from across the world dream to visit the base camp of the world’s tallest peak, Mt. Everest. Shining Everest counts other mountains such as Cho You, Mt. Lhotse, and many others. By the end, the extensive elevation of the Everest Base Camp trekis about 4000 meters, away from the top of the world. Now, let us learn in short about Everest Base Camp insights.

Where does EBC lie?

After crossing Sagarmatha National Park on the Northeast side of Nepal, EBC reclines there. It locates in the Everest region of Nepal, the beneath part of the world’s tallest mountain. However, you can visit EBC with a joyous tramping, or there are other options as well. Heli-tour of the Everest region is also solely endearing and commendable. In simple meaning, Everest Base Camp lies in the space of the mountains, where the enchanting of Buddhism has its origin in Nepal.

At what altitude does the EBC trek locate?

On the 15 days trip, you will gradually step towards the highest elevation of this trek. The maximum altitude of the Everest Base Camp trek resides in 5545 meters. However, you have to pass across EBC to come to the final station of this trekking journey. Likewise, you will have to catch the flight from Rammechaap to Lukla to begin the marching journey to EBC’s highest trekking point. Once your marching pass starts from Lukla, the journey takes you towards Kalapatthar, 5545 meters. It is because you won’t be able to capture the clear and panoramic view of Everest from Everest Base Camp itself. To attain the salient rays of Everest, Kalapathhar offers the best.

Sunset view from Kalapatthar
Sunset View from Kalapatthar
How do I reach to EBC from Kathmandu?

Although the tracking journey is full of marching passage and exotic forestry area, there is also mountain flight in the slip. Yes, you are supposed to link along through the road to reach Rammechhap from Kathmandu. Then, the airport of Rammechhap offers this journey in-flight to Lukla. You get to interchange with the crisp and deepest mountain outlooks of Eastern Nepal. However, the flight takes you so close to the top of the mountain that you get into enormous breath-taking moments. After this, the journey adds you in the marching path from Lukla to Pakhding, Namche Bazaar, Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche, Everest Base Camp, and finally to Kala Patthar.

Is it safe to do EBC trekking?

Even though trekking to Everest Base Camp is the journey towards the world’s tallest mountain spot, the EBC trek is safe. Besides, you should always maintain calmness and alert during any tramping path. Climbing towards upper altitude needs a strong prediction regarding the weather so it is safe when you prefer to travel during the safest season. In other manners, you can make your trek to EBC comfy and timid with a smart backpack. The dominant means to remain safe is by following the process of acclimatization. It ensures your body attain environmental temperature. Hence, the trail gets covered with snow around the uphill paths. But the track has easy trails.

Is trekking to EBC one of the toughest treks in the world?

No, trekking to Everest Base Camp is not challenging. There are some challenging steps around the Base Camp, but it does not fall under the resistant trekking path. One can easily link with this tramping journey with their family and friends. However, you must be physically active to reach the destination. You have to walk 6–7 hours a day while marching. Countless companions visit every year for this trek. Anyhow, trekking in winter and monsoon can be a defenseless and resilient challenge. Hence, the joyous trek to Everest Base Camp is nevertheless facile in Nepal.

When should I go for the EBC trek?

Plumping the perfect time for your holiday might not sometimes meet up with your schedule. As we know, trekking in any corner of Nepal in all four seasons is wholly available. But, for the matter of concern and safety facts, Autumn and Spring is chief of all. The skies are clear and from the past rainfall season. Also, you do not have to agonize from much of coldness. It means that inversion is not very low during this period. But as you begin to trek during Winter and Summer season towards EBC, you are likely to fall into trouble due to weather conditions. It affects not only your safety but also there are fewer companions as well. The snowy and icy path leads only with difficulty. In addition to that, you need to carry lots of bulky clothes to circumvent cold and altitude sickness.

How much does it cost to do EBC trek?

The cost list of the trek depends upon the agency you are going through. Besides, if you plan your trip on your own, it becomes expensive. You are likely to get cheated as well. But peregrine treks and tours ensure the EBC trek in just USD 1550 per person. This price includes your Kathmandu to Lukla and back flight price. Besides, it covers the transportation required for 15 days of the trip. More effectively, it carries your budget of 11 days of a three-time meal while in the trekking spot and breakfast while in Kathmandu Valley. By any means, the initiated cost does not involve personal expenses such as internet facility in the trek, tips to potter and guide, snacks, hot water shower during the trip, etc.
Many of the visitant keep on wondering if they were alert regarding the Everest Base Camp insights. Peregrine treks and tours have proceeded this facile way for the trekking admirer through the above facts. For any queries and trekking plans, we kindly welcome you to book your trips with us. Thank you for your cordial faith.