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Welcome to Peregrine, Nepal-formed in 2002, the home of mountain adventure, stunning views, peace and bliss, adrenaline-charged excitement, and deep satisfaction. We are the planner of your leisure vacation. We plan for your trekking & adventure by delivering meticulously planned, carefully curated, and safely executed adventure trips to various corners of the Himalayas & beyond.

‘Discover your treasure at your leisure.’

We manage your vacation to be memorized till the end of your life, end-to-end execution, including trip design, putting together equipment, ensuring the highest performance and safety standards, and consistent client experience that we are experts. We work with tried, tested, and trusted local partners who share the same passion for impeccable delivery standards for trips and expeditions outside the valley. Quality is more than quantity, and customer delight, mere than satisfaction, are the guiding forces behind the solid and steady strides we are making in trekking and guiding.

We will take you on an adventure trip packed with exploration and entertainment, simultaneously working on an adrenaline rush, something you have never felt before. We, ‘Pioneers in Adventure Tourism’ will guide your path with exciting activities like trekking, climbing, motorbiking, jeep safari, bird watching, rafting, canyoning, cultural tours, nature walks, and camping amidst wilderness to tuck you and your family or friends in a tailor-made haven that will thrill you to pieces.

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More About Us

Peregrine stems for FALCON; a bird travels for its prey. Similarly, we make your travel fulfill your hunger for adventure and satisfaction during your leisure vacation.

We at Peregrine were born out of our firm belief in empowering the modern traveler with the flexibility of choices and fulfilling a sense of independence. You can choose from our several travel routes and plans or share your preferences for the project with us; we are here to guide you in any way. So, we are waiting for you to prepare your Bag Packs for your vacation and start your emotional and fantastic journey with us full of new memories and experiences.

We will be delighted to be part of it and share our adventure, culture, and natural beauty with you. We wish to convert your leisure into your treasure of memory that can be saved in your whole life album.

You will get closer and friendliness with the local people wherever you travel with us. You can feel like you are in your own home with the hospitality of our local people from every corner of services. We guarantee you will make your own life stories and make a memory of the life event to tell for years to come. Please read our review from Travel Stride, or you can book our tour package from there.

We are committed to respecting the people, cultures, and local environments we encounter during our travel trips, encouraging the spread of goodwill and cross-culture sharing. We are ingrained in our cultural and traditional beauty to share a positive contribution wherever possible. We maintain our principles and ideology for the sustainable development of travel and will use your leisure vacations.

Economic Impact

We design our trips and tours to ensure economic benefits that can be shared with our staff, host communities, suppliers, and key stakeholders. We will support our local communities with the following actions.

We hire local guides and leaders for your destinations so you can be well-guided on local values and norms. On the side, we are enhancing the opportunities for local employment.

  • We primarily focus on locally-based accommodation (homestay), which may be
  • your new experience as a guest of unknown relatives.
  • We strictly follow and make you follow for Ecological Protection
  • We recommend local dishes and eateries to observe the locality.
  • We are a promoter of green energy projects.
  • We create fair and equitable relationships with our partners and suppliers
  • We inspire local people to develop their hospitability and friendly behavior.

Environmental Impact

Peregrine is anxious about the rapid growth in environmental changes worldwide. Hence, we recognize that climate change is a reality, and unfortunately, the travel industry is also contributing to some level of global carbon pollution. Keeping this in mind about our environmental impact, we have decided not to go away from our responsibility toward reducing our global footprint. We suggest following our travelers during their trips.

  • Take the road less traveled.
  • Bring reusable water bottles and shopping bags
  • Take shortcuts.
  • Stay at green hotels.
  • Stick to designated paths while visiting national parks and conservation areas.
  • Explore green travel companies.
  • Take care of your treasures and your trash.
  • Remember the simple things like; not taking long baths, switching off the taps, turning off electronics, and re-using reusable items as much as possible.

Peregrine always focuses and lets the local guides serve you so that you can feel the local people, their cultures, and customs very nearly. Hence, we suggest you respect the local culture and be aware of any actions that could negatively impact local communities.

Be a responsible traveler:

We wish to be an accountable traveler during your trip, which can create a definite advantage for you and the places you are traveling.

  • Try to shop from traditional artisans – it supports the local economy and keeps the traditional crafts and skills alive.
  • Actively avoid polythene plastic – take your bags during local shopping and try to prevent polyethylene plastics.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle – refill the water bottle where possible. Contribute to preserving water resources.
  • Some historical and religious sites may be banned for photography, so be ensured before taking photographs at your destinations.
  • We strongly suggest not giving money or gifts to beggars and children. Instead, you can support those organizations working for needy and vulnerable communities.

Peregrine Travel believes in responsible travel, which is a big reason we do those things we must do. We set up The Peregrine Foundation in 2014, Peregrine’s not-for-profit organization. The objective is to empower travelers to contribute to the communities in the places where we visit. We will be donating 3% of the total profit, the Foundation’s member provides a small amount every month, and it covers 100% of administrative cost. Therefore, we encourage you to donate something else that goes directly to the society for ecology protection. We shall pursue preserving our local environment and try to contribute to social responsibility.

Behold! We help you make your leisure a treasure by being a well-being, socially responsible traveler and self-satisfied guest to your destination.

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"Working in conjunction with humanitarian aid agencies, we have supported programmes to help ahu with humanitarian aid agencies, we have supported programmes to help alleviate human suffering.

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