On Arrival Visa ban in Nepal

Nepal has decided to ban on arrival visa for six different countries. Citizens who want to come to Nepal from Corona-affected countries for the entire month of March, which will be effective from March 7, will no longer receive unauthorized visas. This bold government decision makes travelers safe to visit in Nepal.

According to a Home Ministry source, the government will ban unauthorized visas for citizens of South Korea, Japan, Iran, China, and Italy. Nepal does not grant illegal permissions to citizens of nearly a dozen countries where terrorist activity is still taking place.

Awareness has also started to take hold in Nepal as the novel coronavirus (COVID 19) has begun to take on a global epidemic in the past. According to the Director-General of the Department of Immigration, Ishwar Raj Poudel, the issue has been stopped.

Under the Immigration Department, there is the facility of obtaining an unrivaled visa after coming to Nepal from nine entry and departure points. Necessary arrangements have been made at Tribhuvan Airport for those arriving by air. All permits issued by the unraveling are ‘tourist visas.’

Unravel visa was stopped, but the citizens of those countries were not barred from coming to Nepal. They can get visas from the Nepalese diplomatic mission in the respective countries after submitting their recent health certificate.


Is On Arrival Visa Ban helps to stop COVID 19 in Nepal

Nepal is secure to visit as the governmental bodies, and private division of Nepal is working on to control this outbreak. Visiting Nepal will not affect your travel knowledge, and of course; Nepal does not have some transmission history of coronavirus till the date. With proper care and safety measures, you can travel to Nepal safely.

Commonly, people may think there is a massive thread of coronavirus in Nepal. But after this provision, there will be no thread of coronavirus. If affected areas people cannot visit Nepal, then how can the virus enter the air of Nepal?

Due to constant care by government authorities and swift medical response around the world, the spread of the virus has been arrested and well under manage internationally. So we want to inform you that after deciding to van the unauthorized visa of coronavirus affected countries. There is less chance of Coronavirus in Nepal because of the ban on arrival visas in Nepal for COVID 19 affected countries’ nationals. So the travelers who want to visit Nepal and explore the beauty of Nepal, you can visit without any fear.

Some prevention measures

  • Wash your hand frequently
  • Maintain social distance
  • Avoid touching nose, eyes, and mouth
  • Wear Mask
  • Practice respiratory hygiene

Update of COVID 19 in Nepal

  1. Department of Immigration, Nepal has included 3 more countries Spain, Germany, and France to the list of countries for which there will be a temporary suspension of On-Arrival Visa. The total number of listed countries is now 8 including China including Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Iran, France, Germany, and Spain. They are as per the global recommendation and measures of the World Health Organization. (Source: http://www.nepalimmigration.gov.np)
  2. The suspension of the On-Arrival Visa facility shall be effective from 10th March for China including Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Italy, & Iran. Whereas, for Germany, Spain, and France, the rule will be applicable from 13th March 2020. (Source: http://www.nepalimmigration.gov.np)
  3. However, nationals from these countries and all travelers coming from these countries, willing to visit Nepal can obtain a visa beforehand from the respective Nepali Missions abroad. Those applicants including the nationals transiting from these countries bound to arrive Nepal are required to submit a recently issued health certificate stating that they are not infected by COVID-19 along with their visa applications. This document will be scrutinized both at the immigration counter at Tribhuwan International Airport and land border entry-exit points of Nepal. (Source: http://www.nepalimmigration.gov.np)
  4. The above rule shall be applicable to everyone coming to Nepal from the 8 listed countries.
  5. Also, all Nationals of these 8 countries are required to produce the Health Certificate despite the region or country they are currently living at or coming from. (Source: http://www.nepalimmigration.gov.np)
    NTB has introduced a ‘Just in Case’ card with all the important numbers and email id for queries regarding COVID-19. This will be distributed from the Immigration Counter at TIA and from all entry points to Nepal.

Suspension of trekking permit

Updated: 11 March 2020


Update: All tourist visas on grasp and call off all spring climbing expeditions by Nepal Government

The suspension of visas will start from March 14 which ends till the end of April causing Nepal loss of millions from Everest Climbing fees. Nepal Government has kept all tourist visas on the clutch and canceled all spring climbing expedition.

Late Thursday (12th March 2020) night, Nepal Government has decided to stop issuing visas on arrival tourists to all countries temporarily. More, Government has put an end to all spring mountaineering expedition including Mount Everest.
The decision was made after the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 as an epidemic and advised other countries to take preventive measures.

The Government official told the Post on condition of obscurity that visa suspension which also includes diplomatic and official visas will come into effect from 14 March and last until April 30, 2020.
Furthermore, the meeting has decided to constrain traveler movement to and from India via land route and follow to strict isolation measures at the border. For an alternative, any foreigner wishing to visit Nepal has to submit a medical report of declaring that they are free of coronavirus while applying at the Nepal Embassy in their respective countries said by the official. Plus, the government has also decided not to issue a visa for tourists entering Nepal via Land routes.

Everest Expedition Canceled

According to the statement given by the official, all spring expeditions including Everest has been canceled. Undoubtedly, the decision has put an end to the beneficial spring climbing season, which is the peak season of Everest climbing.


All expedition canceled notice
Expedition cancellation notice

The mountaineering generally applies for the Everest permits form the end of March as the spring season starts early April. Everyone from hotels to restaurants, guides to porter, and airlines to helicopter are waiting so eagerly for the spring climbing season. As it also, generates much-required jobs and income for the people living in the mountains region.

China has already canceled all Everest expedition form the Tibet side due to the outbreak of pandemic Coronavirus (COVID 19) globally. Also, the body that issues climbing permits “The China Tibet Mountaineering Association” notified on Wednesday that all Everest expedition from the northern side has been canceled.

“Cancellation of this year’s spring Everest expedition will lead to huge loss to expedition operator,” said Pradip Karki, Chairman of Peregrine Treks and Expedition.
Peregrine Treks and Expedition, which is the largest expedition operator in Nepal said that 40 climbers have registered already with them to climb Mount Everest. On the other hand, Thursday 26 climbers canceled their plan due to the global outbreak of COVID -19.


Nepal travel restriction notice
Nepal travel restriction notice


Updated on 13 March 2020