10 Things to Buy In Nepal for Souvenir

Nepal is a small and beautiful country, but visiting it once is not enough. Sandwiched between China and India, Nepal is a piece of heaven on earth. The country is blessed with natural resources, gigantic Himalayas, and extremely rich culture – it is indeed quite tough to detach yourself from Nepal. If you are in Nepal and seeking gifts or souvenirs for yourself take a stroll around the local market or shops. There you will find several unseen items and token of love to take with you home.

Probably, you have noticed a bunch of good quality but low-priced made-in-China-type souvenirs occupying the stands and stalls of many tourist destinations these days.

From Jewelry to handmade clothes and popular Rudraksha seeds. You’ll get all the things in Kathmandu. If you are still in a dilemma about what should you buy while you are in Nepal, here we come to help you. Here is the list of some of the most popular things to buy in Nepal for souvenirs.

Thangka Paintings

Souvenirs to buy in Nepal: Thangka Painting
Thankgka Painting

With the dominant Hindu and Buddhist, some of the prominent souvenirs of Nepal have a religious meaning and importance. They describe the faith and culture of the people. One among those is Thangka painting/art.

A thangka is a Tibetan Buddhist painting on cotton or silk applique, normally depicting a Buddhist deity, scene, or mandala.

The decorations and designs of Thangka are admirable. A thangka painting comprises of picture panels that are painted or embroidered over. Then, they are mounted with textiles and covered with silk. It is undoubtedly one of the best gifts or Souvenirs to buy in Nepal.

Singing Bowls

Souvenirs to buy in Nepal: Singing bowl
Singing bowl

The healing propertied Singing Bowl is one of the most prominent things you can take from Nepal as a token of remembrance for you. This is also one of the best options to buy as gifts or souvenirs.

These bowls are made of metals. They make a soothing sound when the rim is rubbed in a circular motion with a small wooden stick. Apart from the soothing sound, the vibration of the bowls produces healing qualities and creates a perfect atmosphere for meditation.

The singing bowls can be found in different sizes. Talking about the size of the bowls, there are primarily two variants of it: handmade and machine-made.

In contrast to the hand-made bowls, the machine-made bowls are perfectly symmetrical, highly decorated, and less costly.

Pashmina Shawls

Pashmina Shawl- Souvenirs to buy in Nepal
Pashmina Shawl

In Nepal, Pashmina is regarded as one of the world’s luxurious natural fabrics. However, it is popular to the word by the name Cashmere. These shawls are made from the soft hair of mountain goats found on the Tibetan Plateau.

Soft and warm, these handmade shawls are the perfect items to take away from Nepal.

The Pashmina shawls make a great fashion sense, they never go out of style and are extremely outstanding for any occasion all year-round. And other stuff like cardigans, blankets, and stoles are as well better alternative gifts or Souvenirs to buy in Nepal that you can take back home.


Khukuri- Souvenirs to buy in Nepal

The authentic Nepalese daggers are known as ‘khukuri’. These daggers are the best things to take away from here.

It occupies a significant position in the history and culture of Nepal. These daggers in Nepal are however quite different from the other daggers available in the other parts of the country. Thus, buying gifts or souvenirs that reflect Nepalese identity is a great option.

It has a shining strong blade with an inward curve that serves the purpose of both a weapon and a knife. The hilts of these daggers are often designed with authentic Nepalese designs. While buying, you will get two smaller blades that help in sharpening the knife.

The khukuri is usually small and light-weighted but some heavily designed daggers are also available in the market. Since khukuri occupies a little space and hence they are easy to carry. Also, these Nepalese daggers are very often used in important ceremonies like weddings and other functions.

Rice Paper Products

Rice paper is the traditional form of paper available in Nepal. It is handmade from rice husks and the daphne or lokta bark, found in remote areas of Nepal. You can buy them from there.

Normally this kind of paper is used for manuscripts and paintings, it is an interesting gift or souvenir to take away from Nepal. You will find stores selling rice paper in areas like Patan, Bhaktapur, and Thamel.

Lampshades, calendars, journals, diaries, notebooks, etc are some paper products that have been designed for tourists to carry back home easily (the lampshades are often available in foldable designs). The Babar Mahal Revisited mall also has a store selling these products.


Nepali Handicraft - Souvenirs in Nepal
Nepali Handicrafts

When you put your step in Nepal, you will easily find handicrafts in all nooks and corners of the country. Nepalese handicrafts are unique and exotic.

The handicrafts items like prayer wheels, puppets, traditional masks, carved wooden sculptures, pottery items, and hemp products are some of the most popular handicrafts you can find in Nepal.

Truly evocative of the place, the painted masks of local gods are available in various sizes. And the wooden carvings and boxes and vases are a great option for you.

Hemp products include t-shirts, pants, backpacks, and bags are also popular gifts or souvenirs that you can take along with you in your country.

Beware of the fraud people trying to sell items as an antique. Also, the real antiques are hard to come by and prohibited to leave Nepal without certification from the government. For this reason, you should be careful while buying antique products.

Statues and Masks

Lord Buddha Masks

When you walk through the streets and corners of Kathmandu, especially in Thamel, you will find several of the shops displaying different forms of statues and masks.

The statues are made from several materials like brass, bronze, clay, and even other such products. They are a great showpiece to spruce up your house with. Many people regard them as lucky charms.

The Nepalese masks are very unique. The masks in Nepal range from normal masks to the masks of Buddha, Shiva, Indra, or other deities. Normally they are hanging on the wall. Additionally, they play a significant role in the local and traditional festivals in Nepal.


Tea Garden
Tea Garden

Nepal is one of the prominent places to buy Teas.

If you will stay in Nepal for some days, you will be addicted to mouthwatering Nepali tea, locally known as Chiya, better pack different leaf flavor tea for your family.

The perfect way to bring home a little taste of Nepal is by purchasing some local tea. The climate and hills of Nepal are perfect for tea bushes and other herbs. So, the cultivation of tea is quite popular there.

Appetizing and tasty Nepali tea has many health benefits and is refreshing too. Also, you can find different varieties of tea in Nepal which include green tea, oolong tea, white tea, and hand-rolled tea.


Nepali Jewelry
Nepali Jewelry- Potey

There is no doubt that the way to a woman’s heart is through fine jewelry, and jewelry as fine and exotic as that found in Nepal could make any woman happy.

Whether it is silver or gold, beads or semi-precious stones, blue lapis, or yak bone, Nepal offers them all. Also, you can either buy something ready-made or custom-made, or you can opt to buy individual beads to create your necklace.

Nepali Spices

Spices- Souvenirs in Nepal

The Himalayan country of Nepal is popular for its spices and rare herbs. Undoubtedly, the fragrance of these distinctive herbs can be found in every Kitchen of Nepal.

As you move around the local market and alleyways, you come across the pleasant aroma of fresh spices. The Nepali market is filled with multiple spices. Also, some of them are unique to the country.


These are some of the most popular souvenirs that truly reflect the authenticity of Nepal. And for your kind information, bargaining is quite normal in Nepal. So, be prepared to negotiate with the price to get the best deal in hand.

Furthermore, if you are planning to buy something expensive, it is a better idea to shop around the different stores. So, we tried our best to list out the best Souvenirs to buy in Nepal. Hope you have a great time shopping!

Besides that, if you are planning to visit Nepal for Nepal Trekking or Nepal Tour, please feel free to contact us. We will manage the best trip that fits your interest.

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