10 Best places to visit in Nepal

You have perceived the small yet beautiful country, of Nepal. The nation of the Himalayas, geographical diversity, and ethnic people are the ones that absorb you the most. Even though it has the least area and not very strong political leaders, it is rich in natural beauty and rituals.

Best Places to Visit in Nepal

The next time you plan for your holiday trip to Nepal, visit the below-listed places sooner or later. Here are the lists of the best places to visit in Nepal.

1. Kathmandu

Kathmandu Durbar Square area
Kathmandu Durbar Square area

Kathmandu is the capital city of the admiring country Nepal. One of the foremost and top-rated places to visit while in Nepal is Kathmandu. The delightful way of living of people here in Kathmandu is never Monotonous.

However, the people of Kathmandu always find different ways of living their lives that interest them, visitant, the most. The main tourist attraction of Kathmandu is the UNESCO heritage sites around there. They were in protection as now most of them are in the process of repairing after the year 2015 massive earthquake attack.

Pashupatinath temple is a religious and sacred holy place of Hinduism in Kathmandu. After all, being a secular state, it is free for every religion to explore around. The primitive architectural way of construction and religious beliefs towards lord Shiva of pilgrimage attracts this place.

Taking encircling the reasons to visit Nepal, the Bouddhanath stupa is the rationale for the monks or Buddhists to befall. The enlightening words of Buddha itself acquire their visitors. The shapes symbolize one of the five strands of lord Buddha’s attributes. They represent earth, fire, air, water, and sphere.

The monkey temple Swaymbhunath is another premium factor that comes as a golden spoon for the city after Bouddhanath. It lies on the hillside of the Kathmandu Valley. This stupa favors Buddhists of Nepal and Tibet, but the Newari Buddhists of Nepal are more likely to have a significant part.

Moving ahead, the Royal Palace and ancient Kathmandu Durbar Square are visitors’ main attractions. Kathmandu Durbar Square is being repaired after the destruction of the 2015 earthquake.

Thus, there are a lot of temples and architectural sites around Kathmandu city. The only international airport in Nepal is in Kathmandu. So, in the end, Kathmandu is one of the best places to visit in Nepal, offering its visitors so many exciting places to visit.

2. Bhaktapur

Golden Gate & 55 windows palace - Bhaktapur Durbar Square
Golden Gate & 55 windows palace – Bhaktapur Durbar Square

The inhabitants of Bhaktapur are primarily traditional and cultural people from the Hindu community. Bhaktapur is the focal attraction for the visitant as it is generally known as the neighboring city of Kathmandu and Patan.

The Malla dynasty once ruled Bhaktapur, which made flair in architecture, stone, and metalwork that is still unbeatable to any modern work. There is a well-liked profound architectural construction in Bhaktapur Durbar square. The local environment remained unchanged for several centuries even though the city was next to two sought-after towns. Their local people still follow their ancestor’s way of living.

In the meantime, the palace has now turned into a museum, along with many temples around there. Visitors of Bhaktapur are most likely to spend their quality time sketching the primitive-style UNESCO area. This convenient city has a lot of temples. The wen is less cramped but soothing than Kathmandu and Patan. However, the independent burgh has an extensive motorway that has led to more wealth in the city.

Moreover, the artwork of metals and wood is also wholly famous there. People love their typical recipe of curd, which is also known as “Ju Ju Dhau.” The city is full of ancient temples such as Nyatapola, Bhairab Nath, Dattatraya, Changu Narayan, etc.

Newar community people are more likely to celebrate their cultural festivals called “Bisket Jatra.” Due to the 2015 earthquake, most UNESCO sites were successively rebuilt, which were damaged enough. Thus, Bhaktapur is rich in ethnic and ancestry works. They warmly and kindly welcome their guests.

3. Pokhara Valley

Pokhara City view from Helicopter
Pokhara City View from Helicopter

The adventurous valley that attracts national and international holiday travelers is the beautiful Pokhara Valley. There is so much that you can explore in Pokhara. Furthermore, it is where all of the trekking and hiking starts and ends. Although the most crowded tourist destination, Pokhara always provides you with hospitality and welcomes their fellow visitors. Several other reasons make it the best place to visit in Nepal.

The spectacular view of the mountains from the hill of Sarangkot is the most delightful and desirable tourist spot. Phewa Lake is one of the largest lakes in Pokhara, where there is a well-known Barahi Temple in the middle of the lake.

This lakeside is companied by boating and tourist hospitality around there. There are many waterfalls, caves, and temples in the valley. The adventurous activities such as Paragliding, Hot air Balloon, Bungee Jump, etc., are well admired there.

Unlike other places, there are a lot of UNESCO sites as well. There is an adventure in every step you take in Pokhara. The valley itself is exceptional for its scenic beauty. You can also learn and explore more about the ethnic people living there. It is one of Nepal’s most convenient and effortlessly catching destinations.

4. Annapurna region

On the way to Annapurna Base Camp from MBC
On the way to Annapurna Base Camp from MBC

The northern region of Nepal is full of the Himalayas and adventurous trekking sites. Annapurna region is brimming with natural beauties such as flora and fauna, wild species, hilly adventurous paths, and cinematic scenic Himalayas.

More than half of the trekkers trek around the Annapurna region during their vacation. Annapurna ranges lie up to 8091 meters under the world’s highest peak. However, there are customized treks toward Annapurna, which depend upon the cost and time you are comfortable traveling.

In the meantime, the Annapurna region has become the most populated area for trekkers due to easy accessibility to the trek from Pokhara Valley. On the way, you can easily enjoy the blooming rhododendrons, snowy paths, diverse flora, and fauna, along with the ethnic knowledge of the local people.

The best season to travel to the Annapurna region is during Spring and Autumn due to the warm and humid climate in the zone. You can get up to the height of the world’s highest Tilicho lake. The trekking path can be seven days, 21 days, or even more, depending on your desire.

Hence, once you get to the Annapurna area, you can glorify the scenic beauty of marvelous Annapurna, Macchapuchre, Dhaulagiri, and Singa Chuli. Since the trekking area is wholly popular, there are always proper facilities for accommodation and food in teahouses and lodges.

Sometimes, there might be difficulty trekking during the off-season, like winter and summer. So, always choose the correct season for the trek and visit Annapurna once in your lifetime.

5. Chitwan National Park

One horn Rhino in Chitwan National Park
One horn Rhino in Chitwan National Park

Next on the list of best places to visit in Nepal is Chitwan National Park. Established in 1973, Chitwan National Park lies in the Terai region and is the first National park in Nepal. Enlisted among UNESCO sites, Chitwan National Park is the best place for sightseeing wildlife by covering an area of 367.81 Square Miles.

The tropical climate has humid weather almost every month of the year. You can experience wilding treasures in the park. The Junglee Safari is the most beautiful, adventurous thing that you get to escapade in the Chitwan National Park.

Over more than 500 species and diverse flora and fauna of the tropical weather make your trip overwhelming. From the eastern region, you can enter the National Park through Sauraha, and from the west, there is Meghauli village.

There is easy access to all the facilities of accommodation to internet service. Some of the well-known species that most visitants visit are the One-horned Rhino, Bengal Tiger, Leopard, Crocodile, King cobra, rock python, clouded leopards, river Dolphins, etc. The elephant ride at the time of suffering in the jungle is the most memorable diary of this visit.

There are friendly guides to accompany you during the safari. To the animal and nature lover, Chitwan National Park is the most adventurous trip that you can experience in Nepal, alongside exploring wildlife with your families and friends.

6. Trek to Everest base camp

Happy trekker acting from everest trek route in nepal
Happy trekker acting from Everest trek route in Nepal

The highest mountain in the World 8848.86 meters up from sea level is the fascinating perk Nepalese possess. The glam of Mt. Everest has set up an essential glance in the eyes of trekkers ever since that evergreen trail of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay.

It is one of the most popular treks where the journey is wholly rougher than the other. Most agencies started arranging the Everest Base Camp trek according to your time and cost limit. You can also hire your guide and potter for this trek or visit the EBC alone. It is, however, a bit unsafe to travel single during the trip. Hence, take a guide and a potter to any trekking spot during the trek.

Even from a far distance, the glamorous view of the Himalayas blesses your eyes with its delightful scenic beauty. This trek starts from Lukla, where you can fly from Rammechap or go roadways and end in Kalapathhar.

The landscape of EBC treks gives your life experience of learning and exploring the people of the Sherpa community around the Himalayas. The best season to visit EBC is during the Autumn and Spring seasons, as it gives you a warm and clear climatic experience throughout your journey.

7. Lumbini

8 Days Nepal Tour Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan and Lumbini

The enlightening Lord Gautam Buddha was born in the Kapilvastu district of Lumbini, Nepal. As we perceive that he was praised and worshipped for clearing the way for sins and living the whole human life, you can visit his palace in Lumbini, where he grew up.

It lies near the border of India in the Terai part of Nepal. You can spend your day in Lumbini visiting his peaceful palace, a museum now. According to the source, Siddhartha Gautam was born in the current Maya Devi Temple and built it to be dedicated to his mother.

Lumbini is one of the dream pilgrimage sites for Buddhist people. Hence, people of all religions and countries visit this place to see where the lord of humans taught himself. Make sure to keep Lumbini on your list while you visit Nepal.

8. White Water River Rafting

During a visit to Nepal, the marvelous experience you should achieve is water rafting in the fastest-flowing rivers. The peaceful and joyful areas far from cities and urban sides are the best places for you to enjoy your holiday. There are seven best rafting areas in Nepal that you can always book with agencies to manage your holiday.

Rafting in Bhote Khosi and Trushuli rivers is the most well-liked by travelers. October and November are the best months for you to raft in Bhote Koshi. Likewise, only three hours away from the capital city of Kathmandu, the Trishuli River is where you can raft. It is well known for any month throughout the year.

However, the Upper Seti River, Kali Gandaki, Sun Koshi River, Karnali River, and Tamur River are also well-liked. All of them are the best in their ranking. You might have experienced a lot of water rafting. However, rafting in the rivers of the fastest flowing river is a different experience for your lifetime memory.

9. Ilam

In the eastern part of Nepal, Ilam has a beautiful hilly city. The homeland of the tea garden and greenery scene attracts the visitors the most. It lies near the hilly eastern border of India and a neighboring district of Jhapa.

People of the Terai region travel to Ilam for their short vacation to experience the fresh and green atmosphere. The teas grown in this area are famous for exporting to European countries. Tea, Milk, Ginger, Potato, and broom production helped people’s economic progress.

Ilam is one of the most developed tourist areas in the eastern and scenic outlook. This place is easily reachable through roadways from Kathmandu. Or you can also go via flight from Kathmandu. After that, the roadway from Jhapa leads to Ilam in short of 2-3 hours of traveling. Visit Ilam and experience a new and unique taste of widely famous tea and organic flavors.

10. Bandipur

Bandipur is a Newari city famous for tourists on the hillside during the trip from Kathmandu-Pokhara roadways. It is one of the most admired tourist vacation spots and an effortless vacation place for local people around Kathmandu and Pokhara Valley. This area is ideal for hiking as it has an attractive forest on the way to the hill station. Bandipur has created its independent wealth source as it became the mediator of the central region motorway.

Due to the moderate climate and easily accessible hike area apart from crowded cities, it is a remarkable tourist destination on the hilltop. Just spend your time in Bandipur to refresh your mind from long travel and sparkling natural scenes from the top of the hill.


These are the top 10 best places to visit in Nepal that are traversed by most of the foreign visitors/ Nepali citizens, and these places are what add more value to our country. Make sure you do not miss out on exploring the aesthetic of these mentioned places.