Domestic and International flights on run from 1st September in Nepal 

After six months-long flight suspension and unsuccessful in resuming flights due to the COVID pandemic, Nepal has finally revised the date to the pen airport

The Nepal Government removed the nationwide lockdown on July 21. In addition, the notice was released mentioning the domestic and international flights to be resumed on the 17th of August. However, with the rise of Corona cases and the increased death toll, the government is compelled to suspend the flights’ resumption

Moreover, the second lockdown phase is implemented from August 19 at midnight until September 2

Amidst the Corona crisis and second phase lockdown, Civil Aviation Authority Nepal released a notice regarding the resumption of long-distance flights from the 1st of September. After plenty of long meetings and discussions, the government has finally lifted the international flight’s suspension and granted permission to eight countries. The flight schedule has been finalized via press release. Keeping the crisis the focal point, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation have implemented emergency flight resumption from the 1st of September for a month.  


According to the notice, two Nepalese airlines have been granted permission to conduct 29 international flights. Nepal Airlines will conduct 17 flights and Himalaya Airlines will conduct 12 flights. A total of 32 flights are granted for International airlines.

The Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation selected eight different countries to be connected with Nepal directly via flights. The designated domestic and international flights will be flying to and from China, Hongkong, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, UAE, Qatar, and Turkey

International flights from China were the first prohibition in Nepal as the Corona pandemic hauled from there. Tribhuwan International Airport will be opened for Chinese airlines from three cities. Chongqing, Guangzhou, and Chengdu are the cities with fewer Corona cases. Respected cities will be connected with Nepal via China Southern and Air China.

Meanwhile, Catha Dragon from Hongkong, Korean Air from South Korea, and Malaysia Airlines from Kuala Lumpur got permission for flights to Nepal. Etihad and Fly Dubai from Abu Dhabi and Dubai and Turkish Air from Istanbul will connect to Nepal. 

Besides International flights, Nepal Government has permitted 27 Nepalese chartered flights throughout September. The main objective of domestic chartered flights is to rescue Nepalese nationals stranded in those eight countries. The flights are scheduled for three cities in Saudi Arabia; Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah. Also, Nepal Airlines and Himalaya Airlines will travel to the Maldives, Japan, Oman, Kuwait, and Qatar in September

Who can come?

Keeping the emergency step on implementation, the government has banned on-arrival visas. Now, one has to obtain visas from the embassy of Nepal of their respected countries. The Government has allowed the following people to entry Nepal according to the situation demands.

  • Nepalese Citizen
  • Employees of Diplomatic Missions
  • Employees of Development Partnership Administration
  • Representatives of International organizations invited by the Nepal Government

What are the protocols to be followed?

As Corona cases are increasing rapidly, people entering from foreign countries can be dangerous to the present scenario. However, the Government has published vital protocols to be followed mandatorily by every incoming people. 

  • Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test negative report obtained within 72 hours before arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport is required.
  • Fourteen days of quarantine is mandatory after arrival in Kathmandu.
  • People must stay seven days quarantine in designated hotels in Kathmandu, and the rest seven days can be quarantined in the outside valley.