Limi Valley Trekking: A threatened Shangri-La for nature and wildlife

The Limi valley trekking offers its best on the closer expedition in the Humla district. The challenging trails lead up towards the far western region of Nepal. Unlike another marching area, the residence of the local people in the territory binds a closer bond with the Tibetan culture of the zone. It is because it lies on the border between Nepal and China. They are there to protect the unspoiled culture of old Buddhist rites. Besides overviewing the remote trail of the region’s region’s natural scenery, Limi Valley Trekking also grants the massive outlook of Mt. Kailash, Saipal, Byas, Rishi, Api, Kanjirowa, and Kanti.

As you follow the route of the pilgrim trail at the altitude of 4620 meters at Nara La pass, the march of this blot is the commerce of salt. On the maximum elevation of 4,900 meters at Nyalu, the Limi valley trekking grants a breathtaking view of the entire journey. With the previous records of trekkers, the trail of marching towards Mt. Kailash was acceptable. However, the government of China has demised such practice currently.


What does this area offer?

Apart from the view of the mountains in the far western region of Nepal, the Limi valley trekking has extensive highlights on its side. The trekkers can overview praying flags, mani stone, and Tibetan-style villages by protecting the unspoiled culture. If we speak about the ancient heritage of the province, then there are numerous of them that a trekker can interact with during this expedition.

On the area of Til, Halji, and Jang villages of Limi, there lies a 300-year-old monastery named Kunzum Do-Nag on its right side. Likewise, in the well-admired villages of Hilja in Limi, there lies over 1000 years old Rizing Ling Gompa. With the boost towards Jang village, you can outlook 250 years old monastery.

When we talk about the interaction with flora and fauna on the path of the Limi valley trekking, there are countless of them. However, the vegetation found there is wholly apart from the rest of the trekking trail of Nepal. Marmot, Himalayan black bears, snow leopards, wolves, wild horses, blue sheep, and wild yak are the rare endangered species found in the blot of this march. On the hidden gem of western Nepal, you can outlook over 100 species of herbal plants and trees.


Limi Valley Trekking Trail:

In the unique land of heaven, the valley has no connection with modernization. However, the project construction of the road has already begun. It is a step for the comfort of the trekkers and the local people residing there. From the headquarter of Humla, Simikot, it takes five days to reach Limi valley. With this, Simikot is known as the gateway towards the outlook up to Mt. Kailash. With the overlooking of the Karnali river trail, the expedition lets you interact with the snow-covered slopes around the fields of barley, buckwheat, rice, and potatoes.

With the fascinating culture of ritual mortgages, the trail leads with a salt trading route on the last northwestern border towards Tibet. Moreover, you can witness the dry landscapes bounded by the gorgeous mountain ranges of the Limi valley. Tell us if the trail does not take away your heart with the overview of the glacial valley leading towards the lake of Thom Tsho and the treeless valley.

Requirements for this trek:

You must be considering the physical fitness required to experience the sparkling beauty of nature. As the period for the completion of the march requires three weeks at least, it is prominent for a voyager to have physical fitness; it is wise for you to get mentally prepared as per the source tree. Not only do you have to spend weeks during the Limi Valley Trekking trial, but you must be mentally fit for the luxury. Humla district is terrifying in case of comfort due to the minor development of far western regions.

Therefore, as concerned ned you are regarding the trip, it is apparent for you to choose an exclusively relieving journey in the unique land of Nepal. However, it requires plenty of time to make the trail go comfortable. But does it mean anyone should wait for it? No, your visit is worth everything you might have to go through. The god of nature is offering a praising visit.

Hence, to make your trail go as easy as it can, there are travel agencies in Nepal that can help you through it. We offer you the best memories with an expedited at the perfect affordable cost for the trek. With most of the facilities and making your trail less tiring, you can find a suitable package for you or your group. Also, do not forget that you need a special permit to outlook the Limi valley from the government of Nepal.