Manaslu Circuit Trek Accommodation

Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the best teahouse treks in Nepal and the best alternative to Annapurna Circuit Trek. Mainly during the trek, you will be staying at the local teahouses operated by the local communities along the trek. Manaslu Circuit Trek Accommodation is pretty basic in service but very convenient. These teahouses have a common place for dining and relaxing, which is great for staying warm around the fire at night.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Accommodation
Manaslu Circuit Trek Accommodation

Although camping is possible, most trekkers prefer accommodating in the teahouses as it is comfortable and easy. The teahouse rooms are basic: twin sharing with shared bathrooms or separate bathrooms in some places. You will be provided with a blanket, but having your sleeping bag is much more convenient as the nights can get chilly.

In this article, you will learn about the teahouses and their service at each station of the Manalsu Trekking.

Details about Manaslu Circuit Trek Accommodation

Soti Khola

After you arrive in Kathmandu, you will drive to Soti Khola the next day. Soti Khola is the starting point of the Manaslu Trek, an 8 to 9 hours drive from Kathmandu. But if you start your drive in the early morning, you can skip Soti Khola and move to Maccha Khola.

There are five guesthouses in the Sotikhola, which are as follows:

  • ABC Guest House
  • Fulbari Guest House
  • Green Valley Guest House
  • Tsum Valley Guest House
  • Satkar Guest House

These teahouses provide basic facilities to the trekkers with basic rooms and food. They also offer wifi services and phones for communication.

Maccha Khola

On the second day of the trek, you will hike up to Maccha Khola, 6 to 7 hours away from Soti Khola. There are four teahouses in Maccha Khola, which are listed below:

  • Tsum Valley Guest House
  • Larkey Guest House
  • Everest Guest House
  • Hilltop Guest House

They provide food and accommodation for travellers. The teahouses also offer wifi, a phone, and a hot shower. But you will have to pay extra for these services.


From Maccha Khola, it takes 6 to 7 hours to reach Jagat. It is a small village with just four teahouses. They are:

  • Jagat Guest House
  • Himalayan Tourist Guest House
  • Manaslu Santi Guest House
  • Rubii Nala Guest House

All these teahouses offer wifi and satellite phone service, but they will charge you extra for using these services.

Furthermore, the restricted area of Manaslu Trek and Tsum Valley Trek starts from the village of Jagat. So, there is a check post at Jagat where you must show your Manaslu Trek permit and register it.


In Deng, there are only three guesthouses that are

  • Windy Valley Guest House
  • Shangrila Cottage
  • New Manaslu Guest House.

These teahouses have wifi facilities, but they do not offer hot showers.


From Deng, you will trek toward Namrung, a 6 to 7 hours trek for an overnight stay at the teahouses. The teahouses at Namrung offer a hot shower and wifi services. Here is the list of teahouses at Namrung:

  • Namrung Thakali Guest House
  • Namrung Guest House
  • Nubri Four Season Resort



The village of Lho has four teahouses offering sky phones, wifi, and hot shower services. They are

  • Majestic Manaslu
  • Tashi Dalek Guest House
  • Namaste Guest House
  • Lama Guest House


Sama Gaun

You will have to trek for about 4 hours to reach Sama Gaun, a small settlement at 3530 meters. There are seven guest houses in Sama Gaun namely.

  • Mount Manaslu Guest House
  • Tashi Dalek Guest House
  • Sama Gaun Guest House
  • Peace Heaven Guest House
  • Norling Guest House
  • Nubri Valley Guest House
  • Gurung Cottage Guest House

Sama Gaun is also the gateway to Manaslu Base Camp.

Samagaon Village
Samagaon Village


After a 3 to 4 hours walk from Sama Gaun, you will reach Samdo. Samdo is a small settlement with only three guest houses providing wifi service. They are

  • Yak Hotel
  • Tibetan Twin Hotel
  • Jambala Guest House



Dharmasala, or Larke Phedi, is the last stop before crossing Larke La Pass. There are only two guest houses at Dharmasala, which are:

  • Jambala Guest House
  • Larkey Guest House

There are no services of wifi or hot showers at this place. However, you will have a great experience with the authentic remote Himalayan lifestyle.


After crossing the Larke La Pass from Dharmasala, you will reach Bimthang. Several teahouses at Bhimthang offer services like hot showers and wifi. These teahouses are

  • Mountain Poker Cottage
  • Ganga Manaslu
  • Sushma Guest House
  • Himalayan Guest House



Dharapani is your last stop of the trek before returning to Kathmandu. At Dharapani, you will find a wide variety of teahouses you can choose from according to your budget. You can also find rooms with attached toilets, hot water services, etc. Wifi is also readily available in this area.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu Circuit Trek

15 Days Moderate
US$ 1550

Manaslu Circuit Trek Accommodation FAQs

How much does Manaslu Trek Accommodation cost?

The cost of Manaslu Circuit Trek accommodation highly depends on the trekking season and the altitude.

The teahouses will charge you around US $3 to $5 in high seasons in lower altitudes. But, as you go to the larger size, it can cost you from US $7 to S10.

However, it will be much cheaper to trek in the off-season. During off-seasons, the accommodation cost can range from US $2 to $3 at lower altitudes and around US $5 to $7 at the larger size.

For detailed info, please read our blog on Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost.

What type of rooms is available in the teahouses in the Manaslu region?

In the beginning part of the trek, you can get a single room with an attached bathroom while you are at the lower elevation.

But when you ascend to a higher altitude, the service and the facilities will be limited. The teahouse will provide you with a twin-sharing room with a standard toilet. The room will have two beds, a mattress, a pillow, and a warm blanket.

Is there a heating system in the rooms?

No, the teahouses don’t provide any heating system in the room. However, there will be a standard heater in the dining area, where you will mostly relax.

Is a single room available during the Manaslu trek?

Yes, there is while you are in the lower altitude. But since there are not many teahouses of the larger size, you will have to pay for two people to get the room by yourself.

Do the tea houses provide food as well?

Yes, every teahouse provides tasty and healthy foods for the trekkers. You can have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Furthermore, they are also available in the teahouses if you want to have some beers or cold drinks.

Is camping possible during the Manaslu Trek?

Yes, camping is possible during the Manaslu Trekking. But you must hire porters to carry the camping gear and equipment.

Is there any problem finding a place to stay in the Manaslu Trek?

No, finding a place to stay in Manaslu Trek won’t be a problem.

Can I extend this Trek?

You can extend this trek by adding Tsum Valley in Manaslu Section. For this, you need Tsum Valley Restricted Area Permit.

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Tsum Valley Trekking

Tsum Valley Trekking

18 Days Moderate
US$ 1600

At Last,

Manaslu Trekking is a famous teahouse trek in Nepal where you’ll find several teahouses for your accommodation and food. Furthermore, please contact us if you want any details or have any questions or queries regarding the Manaslu Circuit Trek.