Mardi Himal Trail – How can I go to Mardi Himal?

Mardi Himal Trail is one of the most breathtaking trails you’ll ever see. In addition, Mardi Himal is conveniently accessible. To get to Pokhara, you must fly or take a bus from Kathmandu. Similarly, the lovely drive offers lovely woodland and mountain scenery. Furthermore, you will only be in Pokhara for a short period before departing for your trek’s first stop.

Mardi Himal Trail: A Quick Overview

During your trip to Mardi Himal, you might take numerous intriguing pathways. Furthermore, a unique path from Kande leads to Landruk. Continuing the trail will lead you to the Forest camp, which is attractive.

The trek is only a few hours long with a moderate ascent. If you don’t want to do the rest of the trek in the park, concluding in the Siding settlement is the best alternative. You can use a mode of transportation back to Pokhara. Furthermore, as a trekker, you will enjoy this trail because it is very adventurous.

Panoramic View of Mardi Himal Trail
Panoramic View of Mardi Himal Trail

There are several additional options available to you. It is also possible to trek from Gandruk to Kande, a fantastic experience. If you have enough time, you can walk the entire 52-kilometer route. Similarly, there is a 30-kilometer path from Landruk to Siding. The trekkers will be satisfied by the several routes that have their natural attractions.

Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trekking

10 Days Moderate
US$ 950

Mardi Himal Trail

Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu

Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, greets you. You will check into a hotel here after your arrival so that you can plan your walk and rest. Kathmandu’s beautiful temple city exudes positive energy.
Similarly, after validating all of your documents, you will be lodging in a decent hotel with utilities. In addition, the journey will begin the subsequent day.

Day 2: Drive/Flight to Pokhara

A beautiful break of the day plus a hearty breakfast in the morning will aid in growing enthusiasm. The constructive expression shows that the voyage is about to begin. You’ll fly or take a bus to Pokhara today. Constantly naked in thinking that taking the bus is a lot much less high priced than flying. We favor going speedy sometimes, and now and again, we choose to go with the flow and embody each aspect of the voyage.

Moreover, which potential of transportation you pick out is entirely up to you. Pokhara is solely 25 minutes away from a plane; however, it takes 5 hours with the aid of a bus. The avenue to Pokhara is adequate; however, it can be congested in some areas. This bus experience will take you via a range of landscapes and rivers. You might also go to Pokhara by using taking a comfortable bus ride.

Day 3: Drive from Pokhara to Phedi and trek to Pothana

With a new day and a new sparkling mood, you will be having breakfast in the morning. You’ll arrive in Phedi after an hour’s day trip from Pokhara. This is the place your Mardi Himal trek begins.
Analogously, the Himalayan shadows commence to draw you in. The stroll will be very spectacular. Phedi’s neighborhood has the small trials that lead to Pothana. The beautiful evergreen trial sure, of course, additionally leads to the Pothana. It would be an unforgettable journey for you to trek past the clouds and see lush vegetation.

Similarly, your last vacation spot these days will be Pothana. It’ll be a staggering and magnificent evening. Sleep properly and devour the nighttime healthily earlier so you can trek with greater electricity the subsequent day.

Day 4: Pothana to Forest Camp

You will be traveling to forest camp after a hearty breakfast and a good rest. Likewise, beautiful nature and vegetation will satisfy you. Various species of birds can be seen during the trek.
Moreover, we will reach the Forest camp at 2554m height after a 5-hour climb from Pothana. The exceptionally glossy green, gorgeously adorned in lovely flowers, evokes a natural feel.

Mardi Himal Trail - Rhododendron Forest
Mardi Himal Trail – Rhododendron Forest — Photo By Ivcrn
Day 5: Trek to Badal Danda

Badal Danda is reached by slowly ascending uphill while taking in the sights. Mardi Himal Trekkers can take a break at this beautiful location. Similarly, you will be drowning pleasantly in the fragrance of nature. Nature’s complete package will enthrall you.

Day 6: Trek to High Camp

From here, a gratifying trek begins. You can emerge from a tremendous paradise after a sequence of difficult trials. Moreover, right here y, you will now see why trekking to Mardi Himal is desirable. The deep mountainous woodland and sparkling environment provide a timeless aura. After a few hours of trekking, you will emerge at High Camp (3980m). Likewise, revel in the possibility of seeing Nepal’s several mystical and majestic mountains.

Day 7: Trek to Mardi Himal Base Camp

Mardi Himal Base Camp is accessible by a challenging uphill trail (4350m). You can take a short break here before returning to middle base camp. The breathtaking mountain panoramas and relaxing ambiance will mesmerize you during the Mardi Himal Trail.

In Mardi Himal - Photo by Ivcrn
In Mardi Himal – Photo by Ivcrn
Day 8: Trek to Kalimati

The beautiful memories will remain with you. Slowly trekking down the trail will lead you to Kalimati, a lovely village nestled in the Himalayan foothills. Similarly, Traveling through several Himalayan villages is similarly heavenly. You will spend today here, taking in the breathtaking scenery of the highlands.

Day 9: Trek to Lwang Village

The walk starts with a morning breakfast. Lwang village community will greet you if you choose a different route. Your hike will be unique, up in the hills with a good resting location.
Moreover, you will return to Pokhara the next day after staying the night.

Day 10: Drive to Pokhara

The lovely Mardi Himal Trek has finally come to an end. Returning to Pokhara takes about an hour to two hours. Today, enjoy the rest of Pokhara’s attractions. This is your day to visit the magnificent attractions of Pokhara. Enjoy your night and prepare to return to Kathmandu the next day.

Day 11: Drive back to Kathmandu

Prepare your backpack and travel back to Kathmandu through the magnificent scenery. On the route to Kathmandu, mountains and rivers wish you luck. You can enjoy some stunning sightseeing if you have any time left before returning to Kathmandu. This is the final day of your journey.

Day 12: Departure

You will appropriately pack your stuff with the beautiful morning. Today is your last day in Nepal. Likewise, you’ll be traveling back to your homeland or your next destination with the correct credentials and ticket.

It is the Mardi Himal trail details; you can amend this itinerary as per your preference. The Mardi Himal Trail is relatively easy and more peaceful than Annapurna Base Camp Trek or Annapurna Circuit Trek.

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