“Summer Tourism Campaign” launched targeting Indian and Bangladeshi tourists.

The Nepal Industry Federation has launched the “Summer Tourism Campaign” targeting Indian and Bangladeshi tourists. The President of the Federation, Vishnukumar Agrawal, announced the campaign during a press conference held on Thursday.

Due to the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the departure of tourists from countries such as India and Bangladesh, the campaign aims to attract them and other international tourists to Nepal. Vishnu Kumar Agrawal, President of the Federation, revealed this, highlighting the need to draw them to Nepal.

Summer Tourism Campaign
Summer Tourism Campaign

Currently, there is intense heat in India and Bangladesh. During the hot weather, when they seek to travel outside, they consider Nepal their destination, and they have confidence that this campaign will attract them.

They emphasized that this campaign plays a significant role in attracting not only Indian and Bangladeshi tourists but also tourists from other countries.

Raj Bahadur Shah, the Vice President of the Nepal Industry Federation, expressed confidence that this campaign will attract Indian and Bangladeshi tourists seeking cooler temperatures due to the high heat in their respective countries. He highlighted that Nepal’s weather is favorable for these tourists, making it an enticing destination.

Deepak Raj Joshi, the CEO of the Federation, mentioned that this campaign would also be promoted through the network of the Federation present in India and Bangladesh.

Pampha Dhamala, the Chairperson of the Tourism Committee of the Federation, informed that this campaign had been launched with the coordination of a local organization in the vicinity.