Suchi Purja – Wife of Nirmal Purja aka Nims Dai

Suchi Purja, the gorgeous wife of “Nirmal Purja, aka Nims Dai,” one of the world’s top mountaineers, deserves praise. Likewise, the wife, Suchi Purja, is already a lovely woman with a high proficiency in several fields. Purja, born to Tej Gurung and Suku Gurung on November 11, 1988, is currently 34.

Similarly, in 2006, she married Nirmal Purja, nicknamed Nims Purja Dai. Nirmal Purja was highlighted as the “Nothing is Impossible” Netflix documentary about conquering 14 peaks rocking the world. The couple has been happily married for a long time. They just welcomed a daughter, whom they named Himani Purja, in July 2022.

In the mountain
In the mountain

In the same way, Suchi earned her degree at the University of Portsmouth in Portsmouth, England, in 2017. Since then, she has held the position of dentist in numerous sectors. She has a British-Nepalese accent because she was born in England and her parents are from Nepal. She also adheres to Buddhist tradition and maintains a tranquil environment.

The same may be said about how she supported her husband, Nirmal Purja, aka Nims Purja. Even in the interviews, she said she occasionally worries about her husband trekking over the 8000-meter Himalayas. Along with that, she is a charming person that is presently residing in the United Kingdom. Likewise, Suchi occupancy returns to Nepal regularly to build on Trekking and dental initiatives.

Suchi Purja Instagram

Instagram is a social networking platform where Suchi Purja is engaged. Instagram is becoming increasingly well-liked among celebrities and famous individuals these days. Being the wife of Nims Dai makes Suchi Purja a celebrity in its own right. There will be pictures of this place in various outfits, as well as in traditional garb, on Suchi Purja’s Instagram. Furthermore, she followed 500 people and gained around 21k to 22k followers.

Moreover, she kept posting until this day, totaling 98 postings. She has set up other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, where she mainly updates about her everyday activities. She also blogs on Trekking and other relevant topics. Also, Suchi publishes photos of her dating his spouse, which receive the most likes. Additionally, she frequently posts about her dog Enzo and daughter Himani Purja. She also commonly posts about festivals and other events on her Instagram.

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Suchi Purja and Nims Purja Ethnicity

The fact that Suchi Purja and Nims Purja presently reside in the UK makes it evident that she has a British identity. Likewise, she is fluent in both English and Nepali. As a reflection of Buddhism, the religion of peace and harmony, she also represents that philosophy. Likewise, she is a part of the Gurung Culture, which dates back to Kaski to Syanjya and is among the oldest tribes in central Nepal. Additionally, she is highly knowledgeable about and respectful of her traditions and culture because she is of the Gurung Culture.

Along with Dashain and Tihar, Lohsar is one of her three main festivals. Because she was born in Nepal, she understands every part of the Himalayan lifestyle. Her parents also observe the Gurung Religion and celebrate numerous rites and occasions. She and her husband share a common interest in learning more about the history of their respective cultures. Nims Purja Dai is a Newar community member, and he and his wife have a solid knowledge of their respective cultures.

Net Worth

According to 2023 estimates, Suchi Purja’s net worth ranges from $200k to USD 500k. Her net worth, on the other hand, fluctuates. She assists in advertising and marketing various goods and organizations, having an incredible job and being the wife of “Nirmal Purja, aka Nims Purja Dai,” the greatest mountaineer in the world.

Similarly, according to statistics from 2023, her husband, Nirmal Purja, aka Nims Purja Dai, has a net worth of about 2 million dollars and makes about USD 50,000 monthly. More than that, Suchi has become globally well-known globally since the Netflix documentary took off. Similarly, Suchi receives income from her dentist profession, several charities, and trekking businesses where she has been doing good deeds.

With her husband - Nirmal Purja
With her husband – Nims Purja
Role in the Movie “Nothing is Impossible”

“Nothing is Impossible” is a true story of Nirmal Purja trekking across 14 peaks, most of which are above 8000 meters. This Netflix documentary set several records, won international recognition, and was nominated for numerous prestigious awards. As his supporting wife, Suchi, Nirmal’s wife, also appeared in this film.

Because the narrative was based on an event, Suchi was a highly faithful and honest wife. She played an incredible wife role in the movie since she was Nims Purja’s real wife. As depicted in the movie, she has been anxious about her husband’s climb to the highest point in the Himalayas. She also demonstrated how a partner or wife should fully support her husband at all stages of life.

Similarly, Suchi Purja played it beautifully, and every scene in this documentary went off without a snag. In addition, she was a living example of Nepal’s Himalayan region culture. Such emphasized every image of a Nepali woman and the customs and culture of the country’s Himalayan Region.

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Such Purja Profession

Such Purja graduated from the Dental Academy and became a prosperous professional dentist. She has also done some studies on the two businesses. She also assisted with various dental and medical services, greatly benefiting many people in Nepal and Britain. She started several businesses with her husband, Nirmal Purja. After the setup, Suchi runs his professional companies while being a supportive wife.

Similarly, Suchi Purja is listed as a director for Mountain Philanthropy Limited. On the other hand, she actively participates in her husband’s mountaineering. She provides administrative support and helps him in the background. Additionally, by creating various opportunities for young individuals to showcase their trekking skills, her husband and Suchi have positively impacted the Nepali trekking sector.

Short information on Nims Purja Dai

Nirmal Purja (Nims Purja), also known as Nimsdai, is one of the best mountaineers in the world and a former British Gorkha soldier. He was a well-known soldier who served 16 years in the British Army as an expert in chilly warfare before relinquishing his post to pursue his love of mountaineering.

Nims Purja Dai began mountaineering before 2007. His real story-based Netflix documentary “Nothing is Impossible” about conquering 14 peaks helped him become one of the outstanding famous people in the mountaineering field. In the shadow of Nepal’s Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains, Nims Purja Dai was born in July 1983. He was the fourth kid then; his mother was the farmer tending the land in the Himalayas while his father was in the military.

Interwiew in British TV Channel
Interview on British TV Channel
Project Possible 14/7

Nims Purja Dai has spent most of his time outside since childhood. He first relaxes in the shadow of the gigantic Himalayas before taking sluggish, upward steps toward the north and exerting himself to trek across the mountains without oxygen and other necessary equipment. Along with other foreign trekkers, he also participated in Project Possible 14/7, which included ascending 14 additional summits in seven months.

The summits of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Everest, Cho Oyu, Nanga Parbat, and Ghasebrum, split into first, second, and third phases were also achieved. Nirmal Purja also breaks several mountain-climbing records in both 2019 to 2020.

He set a record for speedily ascending mountains higher than 8000 meters in the summer. In addition, he breaks his previous record of five days by ascending Makalu, Everest, and Lhotse in under 48 hours. As he attempted Project Possible 14/7 and his photo went viral in the New York Times, May 2019 was the prime day of his life.

Similarly, the second noteworthy event was his wintertime ascent of Mount K2. Together with other international trekkers, the arduous journey was highly adventurous for him.

Mountaineering Records

Nirmal is known as the first mountaineer to ascend all 14 summits higher than 8000 meters. Additionally, he is the holder of seven other world records. Below are a few of the records he broke in his peak time.

  • Trekking Most 8000-meter mountains in the Spring season without a hitch. Trekking over a total of six mountains.
  • Trekking Most 8000-meter mountains in the Summer season. Trekking over a total of 5 mountains.
  • Conquering three of the world’s highest mountains in a brief period. (K2, Kanchenjunga and Everest)
  • Conquering five of the world’s highest mountains in the very fastest way. (Lhotse, Makalu, K2, Everest and Kanchenjunga)
  • Speedily ascending the lower 8000m mountains of Gasherbrum I and II.
  • Beating the previous record after ascending the highest mountain, with a height of 8000 meters (Lhotse, Makalu, and Everest in 48 hours, beating the previous record of 5 days)


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