Why you should use travel agent

Why Travel agent??

This is the age of technology; you can get enough information in a single click. Flight ticket, Hotels, and all other things can book via online, and this is an easy option for travelers. You can travel without a travel agent. But, the travel agent is a specialist in the field of travel and tourism. The specialist offers much more information and better service than booking. The travel agent offers a different alternative based on your requirement. We will also tell you about the pros and cons of your destination, and you can decide where to go and how to go when to go, etc.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us?

1. Accountability

Our job is to provide the right information and give possible options for their client on every trip. We are also responsible for managing everything necessary to complete the journey. We will be accountable in case of the adverse situation towards the clients.

2. Knowledge

We have previous experience for the successful completion of the trip. They have perfect knowledge about budgeting, time frame; equipment, available service, etc. and that knowledge can be exchanged with the traveler.


3. More for your money

At the time of booking a trip, travelers want to see everything and want to take a pleasant experience with complete information. A travel agent makes ensure they don’t miss the historical place, natural beauties, and special things like local festival and lifestyle. Travel agent gives an idea of where to go, how to go when to go.

4. Setting an Itinerary

We can customize your itinerary as per your requirement. The standard template may be available on the internet, but you may not get a perfect plan as per your requirement. A travel agent provides ideal knowledge of everything which will be happening on day to day, and that is included in the trip.

5. Budgeting

The travel agent offers clearly about your trip cost. In which topic how much you need to spend? Can that cost be customized as per your requirement? As per your budget, travel agents could provide the best alternatives to you. The travel agent can guide you, and you can save money, or you can get other things at the same cost.

6. Insurance

During traveling, the adverse situation may face by the traveler. The travel agent can offer the best insurance policy from different insurance companies. Insurance companies may provide a discount on insurance premium. Travel agent supports you during an emergency evacuation, medical emergencies, and even help to correct the travel documents.


7. Time savings

During your busy schedule, you may not have the proper time to manage destination, flight ticket, hotels, restaurants, traveling documents, support staff, and other related things. We take your little time to know your requirement, and they will manage everything as per your desire and customize your trip.

8. Leverage

If you can’t get a flight ticket at your time, can’t get a hotel room at a place, you want to stay. After joining a travel agent, this is not your problem. We have already spent long years for the development of well relation with Airlines Company, hotels and with other entities. Because of repeat business travel agent can manage everything even in the last minute booking.

Last but not least, if you haven’t visited a travel agent during your past trip, you have already missed the chance to save money, time, annoy, and aggravation. Peregrine Treks is here to manage your trip in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan as well as India. You can join us or make an inquiry for your vacation.

Find more travel agents at itravelnet.com – Travel directory.

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