At the highest altitude, 15 Sherpa artists performed the Syabru dance and set a world record

At an altitude of 6,470 meters, 15 Sherpa artists performed the Syabru dance on the summit of the Himalayas’ Chuchure. They have set a world record. Due to challenging weather conditions and unfavorable circumstances, reaching the summit of the mentioned Himalayan peak took a lot of work. However, the Sherpa artist group reached the summit on Saturday and set the record.

The World Book of Records, headquartered in London, has recognized the achievement and awarded the artist a certificate. The event, titled “Cultural Dance Performance at the Highest Altitude on Earth,” was organized by Sherpa Events. The organization granted recognition to the record under this name.

World record Syabru

The organization’s president, that performed the Syabru dance on the surface of the majestic Himalayas, Nuru Sherpa, revealed that they presented themselves in the rhythm of the Syabru dance for a few minutes. In recognition of this achievement, the Sherpa artists were honored at a ceremony held at Hotel Mirage.

The artists who received the certificate from the World Book of Records, London, for their achievement are Nuru Sherpa, Yugen Sherpa, Kunsang Sherpa, Ngang Lakpa Sherpa, Lhakpa Doma Sherpa, Dolma Sherpa, Mingma Dolma Sherpa, Fur Diku Sherpa, Diku Sherpa, Chiri Sherpa, Chiring Sherpa, Kami Sherpa, Gyaljen Sherpa, Karma Yangji Sherpa, and Chheten Sherpa.

“This record signifies not only the preservation of culture through Sherpa climbers but also highlights the capability of the Sherpa community to transcend cultural boundaries and showcase their resilience, unity, and ability to surpass limitations,” Nuru Sherpa stated.

World Record of Sabru Dance

Furthermore, last year, singer Raju Lama made an extraordinary attempt to hold a concert at a high altitude while climbing Mount Sagarmatha. On the occasion of Mount Everest Day, on Monday, he publicly performed the song “Himalale Dakyo Malai” (The Himalayas Called Me). Raju beautifully echoed this new song of the Mongolian heart while ascending Mount Sagarmatha.

Source: Onlinekhabar