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Nepal is a small country in between two enormous nations, India and China. Despite its size, Nepal has grown itself into the most valued tourist destination in the world. Additionally, it has gained the fifth position in the Top 10 countries to visit in the world. Considering the fact of being the desired travel destination, Nepal Government announced Visit Nepal Year 2020. The main aim of this national campaign is to welcome more than two million visitors by the end of the year 2020 and sustain tourist flow in Nepal. This concept came under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) to promote Nepal among national and international travellers. By launching this ambitious campaign, Nepal has already started gaining a new phase. Nepalese local people are getting employment in the tourism sector.


What is Nepal doing for Visit Nepal Year 2020?

Massive numbers of quality guides are produced to guide tourists on tours and treks. Nepal has connected ties with various national and international brands, sub-brands. Nepal is equally taking media support to make advertisements and promotions. The government has applied specific strategies to develop new tourism products. They are divided into Culture, Cities, and Leisure, People and Heritage, Outdoor and Adventure, Religion and pilgrimage, and Nature and Wildlife. One major hub from each cluster will be marked and selected for developing and promoting all these sectors. Common ground facilities like homestays and community-based products will be enhanced to engage local people. Besides, the main emphasis is given to infrastructural development maintaining quality food, shelter, and transportation.

Visit Nepal 2020

Moreover, two new international airports are under construction in the popular tourist destination apart from Kathmandu. They are Pokhara International Airport in Pokhara and Gautam Buddha International Airport in Lumbini. The government regulates various kinds of training in the tourism sector. It is to improve the knowledge and awareness of local people. The government believes in bringing together every Nepalese and Foreign citizen intact with Visit Nepal Year 2020. The significant aim is to make this campaign a massive success for Nepal.


Free Trekking for Visit Nepal 2020 Only for Leaders

Can you imagine travelling to Nepal, which is the most valued travel destination in the world, for free? Yes! You heard us right. On the auspicious occasion of Visit Nepal Year 2020, Peregrine Treks and Tours have brought an unbelievable scheme for travel leaders in Nepal. If you book any travel packages from us, forming a group of at least ten people, you will get a chance to travel for free.

Visit Nepal Year 2020 to travel min

Moreover, a large group of trekkers also gets substantial discounts at the time of Visit Nepal Year 2020. There are many offers and schemes we are providing to travel enthusiasts. All you need to contact us and explore it. And in return, let’s come together to make Visit Nepal year 2020 successful.


20% discount on all packages for all travellers

Planning a trip to a new place, collecting all information is time-consuming.
Moreover, researching what expenses and budget you need to separate for the travel would be a hectic job. So, leave that responsibility to Peregrine Travel and Treks. On the special occasion of Visit Nepal 2020, we offer you a wide range of packages to travel in Nepal. Also, we are providing a minimum 20% discount for all trekking and tour packages. You can go solo, or in a group, the scheme is still available for the year 2020. We believe, with this discount, we will be able to give back benefits to everyone. Hence, take a look at the packages that we offer. Choose your dream destination, and book it with us. And don’t forget to spread the word about a considerable discount to your friends and families.


No Credit Card Charge Fee, Booking Fee, and Tour Cancellation fee

We understand travellers prefer paying their bills from credit cards when the service is available. Despite the surpassing charge taken by the bank, you might find it easier than exchanging your currency in Nepalese. Taking this into consideration, Peregrine Travel and Treks have announced not to take any fee when you use a credit card for your booking, or booking fee.

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Moreover, if by any unfortunate case, you won’t be able to get on for your planned trip. Don’t worry; we won’t be charging you a cancellation fee*.


Why should you visit Nepal?

Nepal is a developing country situated in South Asia. The nation is truly blessed by excellent nature and geographical variation. Apart from the tallest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, it is home to thousands of peaks. Moreover, ten peaks above 8000 meters out of fourteen lie here. The deepest gorge in the world, the Kali Gandaki Gorge lies in Nepal.


Trekking in Nepal

In Nepal, there are 1310 mountain peaks above 6000 meters of height. Altogether 238 peaks are open for climbing whereas others are restricted. Being home to highlands, Nepal stands primary choice for every trekker from all over the world. The most popular and significant trekking destinations of Nepal are Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Langtang Valley Trek, and Upper Mustang. Choose any of these destinations and view the natural beauty of the Himalayas and experience the lifestyles of local inhabitants.

Trekking in Nepal min

Culture and heritages

Also, Nepal is prosperous in culture and tradition. There are altogether 126 ethnic groups and 123 spoken languages apart from Nepalese. Each group has a distinct culture, tradition, arts, and lifestyle. However, every one of them lives in a mixed society and has unity in diversity. Nepal is also known for its famous sites, been listed on UNESCO world heritage sites. Seven out of ten sites are present in Kathmandu alone.


Nepal’s flora and fauna

Apart from trekking and cultural heritages, Nepal also boasts a wide range of flora and faunas. Some are found only in Nepal. There are about 900 species of birds found in Nepal which Spiny Babbler (Kande Bhyakur) is just found in Nepal. Besides, Nepal has the second largest population of Horned Rhinoceros (Rhinoceros unicorns) which is 645. Nepal’s vegetation provides shelter to numerous endangered animals like Asian elephants, Bengal Tiger, Himalayan Musk Deer, Snow Leopard, Red Panda, Swamp Deer, Ganges River Dolphin, etc.

Hence, experiencing every possible attribute mentioned above gives the perfect reason for you to visit Nepal.

Flora and Fauna in Nepal min


How can you support Visit Nepal 2020 as a traveller?

Nepal started its first Tourism Year in 1998 and its secondly in 2011. Since then, after many years of intervals, Nepal Tourism Board announced the tourism year as Visit Nepal 2020. The focal aim of this campaign is to welcome more than 20 million tourists within the year 2020. Nepal is on the verge of achieving this target by rigorously promoting pristine natural beauty and majestic travel destinations. Visit Nepal Year was supposed to celebrate in 2015, but the massive loss faced by Nepal due to a devastating earthquake got postponed to 2020. Regaining the position and spirit of the most valued travel destination in the world, Nepal is reigniting the fire of its tourism industry. Hence, you being a traveller can support Nepal to make Visit Nepal Year 2020. Read the five ways mentioned below and make it successful.


Buy souvenirs made locally in your destination by locals

Along with culture and tradition, Nepal has unique arts and artefacts. For a very long, Nepal is known for exporting locally made handicrafts like carpets, Nepalese paper, thankas, wooden crafts, and many more. Local people make these products from various ethnic groups. In Nepal, there are 126 ethnic groups, with their own mystic culture and languages. You can readily find brand marked handicrafts in a big store, but the authentic feeling comes after you buy such products from local vendors. Buying from them will help them in increasing their income with your kind humanitarian gesture.

Souvinirs Shopping in Nepal min

Word of mouth

Words are stronger when used correctly. If you have already been to Nepal, or you are travelling across for the moment, it is not only you that is going. You speak with your family members and friends back in your country or elsewhere. They also feel like visiting Nepal and experiencing things that you enjoyed or are enjoying at the moment. It all depends upon your words, on how you are describing your experience in Nepal. We will, probably not be physically present ourselves on billboards or other hoardings in your country. But your words will work more than any billboards advertisement. Share your experience via writing travel blogs, making video logs, or sharing beautiful photographs taken by you. Social media is key to everyone’s sense of organs. Hence, spread your kind words about Nepal and be an influencer so they can have a relatable experience like you.


Eat in a locally owned restaurant

We understand that every individual has their food preference. To maintain the global standard of food, you can find many international hotels and restaurants around the country. However, we advise you to keep your choice diverse and taste locally made meals as well. You can easily find pizzas and burgers in your country, but you can never find the taste of locally produced foods. You might be a little hesitant to go to local places. Still, you will be unknowingly contributing to those local people, farmers, employees, shopkeepers. Additionally, you will save your money by not spending a tremendous amount of money on other standard foods. So, think simple and eat local.

Momo food Nepal min

Practice sustainable tourism

We can achieve sustainability by implementing changes and practising them continuously. In this, every people should come together for one good concept of tourism and follow it. For example, minimizing plastic use and applying proper disposable habits in daily life will lead to a reduction in plastic pollution. Although people from rural areas are not much educated, you can display your practice and educate them with proper techniques to get rid of waste. Because you know that Nepal is almost always fresh and it deserves to be clean.


Hire a guide and porters

It is always appropriate to have a local resource person as a guide when you are up for trekking in the remote hills and mountains of Nepal. A local person would be a great source of knowledge when you travel to an unknown place.

Nepal Trekking Guide min

Most men in remote high hills and mountains are backward and less educated. These men use their physical strength and work as porters. They carry the baggage of tourists on trekking routes. Using them during your trek won’t mean that you are unable to carry your luggage. But, it gives a clear sense of help you are giving back to the community by generating employment. Hence try to take support from guides and porters so that you can help them again. We believe in creating a win-win situation to make Visit Nepal Year 2020 successful.


Where to book trips for Visit Nepal Year 2020?

Peregrine Travel and Treks is a certified and well-experienced travel agency in Kathmandu, Nepal. We provide all kinds of tour and trek packages in Nepal with managed and personalized itineraries. Moreover, we are announcing huge discounts and varieties of schemes for Visit Nepal Year 2020. So, choose Peregrine Travel and Treks for responsible, ethical, and green tourism in Nepal. We have started accepting bookings for the trips for Visit Nepal Year 2020. Contact us for further information and feel free to drop your queries.

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