Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek

Another new and less crowded trek in Everest Region

Duration Duration 14 Days
Meals Meals
  • 13 Breakfast
  • 11 Lunch
  • 11 Dinner
Accommodation Accommodation
  • 3-star hotel in Kathmandu
  • Teahouse during the trek
Activites Activities
  • Trekking
  • Scenic Flight
  • Sightseeing
Price Reduced US$ 2100 Price Starts From US$ 1800
Destination Destination
Difficulty Difficulty
Max. Altitude Max. Altitude
4600 Meter
Activities Activity
Start and Point Start/End Point
Best Season Best Season
March, April, May, Sept, Oct, Nov
Group Size Group Size
1-15 people
Transportation Transportation
Car and flight
Activity Per Day Activity Per Day
6-7 hours trek

Overview of Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek

The Sherpa communities extend a warm welcome to you. Trekking under the shadow of the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest, will be unforgettable. It will be one of the most magnificent treks you’ve ever done. The spiritual Himalayas will help you unleash your energies. The Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek will be the best trek you’ve ever done.

The peaceful Buddhist settlements will soothe your soul. Around this trial, Buddhist communities are exceedingly quiet. The stunning views of Mt. Everest and the other Himalayan peaks will leave you speechless. Trekking across the landscapes here is like walking through heaven. Moreover, the trek to Ama Dablam Base Camp is the most challenging. The base camp of Ama Dablam is at 4600 meters. The trail will bring you to the 6182m high Mt. Ama Dablam.

You will also experience various feelings in the North East of Nepal. This trek’s thrills and magic will enhance your experiences. Tengboche’s Buddhist temples, particularly those in the Khumbu region, will convey the region’s spirituality.

Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek Highlights

  • Snow Capped Mountain Scenery featuring Mount Everest
  • Landing at “Lukla Airport,” one of the world’s most dangerous airports.
  • We learn about Sherpa culture and have a satisfying relationship with Sherpa people.
  • Views of endangered flora and fauna, as well as magnificent landscapes
  • Peaceful monasteries and the opportunity to explore and stroll “Namche Bazaar,” Mount Everest’s Gateway.
  • Mount Everest, Mount Ama Dablam, and Mount Lhotse are visible beyond the clouds, creating a serene atmosphere.

Your adventure starts in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. Similarly, the spectacular scenery will astound you while traveling from Kathmandu to Lukla. There you will notice small white clouds above the Himalayas. Likewise, you will feel energized by the morning’s fresh cool air and atmosphere.

The distinct culture will interest you. The Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek will provide you with unforgettable experiences. You’ll also be trekking from Lukla to “Namche Bazaar.” It will be incredible to see the gorgeous village below Mount Everest.

Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek Detail Itinerary

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu (1400m)

    You are most welcome in the Kathmandu valley. The valley will greet you with its gorgeous weather and verdant woodlands. Our Representatives will also be waiting to greet you.

    At the airport, you will meet one of our representatives. You will now be going to a three-star hotel after being picked up. If you have time, go for a walkabout around the city. Moreover, you’ll be ready for the next day’s travel with a whole night’s sleep and a filling meal.

    Meals: Not Included

    Accommodation: The Hotel Everest Kathmandu or a similar hotel

  • Day 02: Fly to Lukla (2850m) and trek to Phakding (2,650m) from Kathmandu (1,400m)

    We fly from Kathmandu to Lukla after a lovely morning meal (2850 m). Similarly, the trip from Kathmandu to Lukla airport takes around 35 minutes. The Lukla trip is one of the world’s most breathtaking short-distance flights.

    Furthermore, the Lukla Airport is on a hill and has a single runway that slopes off at its end into a deep valley below. The airfield at Lukla is unique, and the flight is an exciting adventure in itself, as huge mountains and desolate hills surround it. The differences are instantly noticeable when you arrive at Lukla. The trial will lead you to the beautiful destination from the lap of the Himalayas.
    The freshness of the Himalayas will re-energize you once you arrive at Lukla.

    On the trail from Lukla, Cheplung settlement will greet you. The little village is a representation of Buddhist heritage and culture. In addition, you will be happy to witness the breathtaking vista of Mount Khumbila. Likewise, you can reach Phakding by taking a step ahead and continuing the same trial. Furthermore, the scenery is breathtaking, with huge hills surrounding the route like emerald mounds.

    The Kusum Kangraru Mountain will be visible from Phakding. Moreover, the settlement of Phakding, located north of Lukla in the Dudh Koshi River valley, has several guesthouses and hotels for visitors and trekkers. Meals like Breakfast, Dinner, and Lunch come with this package.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Accommodation: Local lodge or teahouse with basic facilities

  • Day 03: Trek to Namche Bazaar (3,440m) from Phakding (2650m) [Estimated time 5– 6 hours]

    After a lovely breakfast in Phakding, the trail takes us to Namche Bazaar, a beautiful town. Several minor settlements, such as Jorsale and Monjo, are going to Namche. Monjo is the Sagarmatha National Park’s entrance point north of Phakding.

    Similarly, the trail passes through the national park before arriving in Namche. Furthermore, there are other advantages to walking along the trekking path through the Sagarmatha National Park.

    You may find a forest and natural wonders like alpine woods, little rivers, brooks, and deciduous forests. Thick woodlots of pines and cedar cover the fields and give a comfortable environment for hiking.

    The commercial center of the Khumbu Region area is Namche Bazaar due to its advantageous position. It has glimpses of the Thamserku Peak and the Kongdi Ri Himal on a mountain slope.
    Likewise, we’ll be sleeping in the guest’s home later that night. Also, breakfast, dinner, and lunch are part of the package. In the starry sky below Everest and Mt. Ama Dablam, you’ll be able to see gorgeous stars.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Accommodation: Local lodge or teahouse with basic facilities

  • Day 04: Rest and Accommodation at Namche Bazaar (3,440m)

    Likewise, this will be a day to remember. Similarly, you’ll spend today acclimating to the high altitude at Namche Bazaar. Moreover, you will explore the entire city. Furthermore, the stunning vistas of the Khumbu Mountains, including Ama Dablam (6856 m) and Thamserku (6608 m) and expansive Everest panoramas, will take your breath away.

    Likewise, you will go on a short hike to Thami (3810 m), just above Bhote Khola River Valley. Moreover, you will also visit the Sagarmatha National Park, where we will be able to witness the endangered flora and fauna. Also, beautiful monasteries will make you feel fantastic.

    Furthermore, you will witness beautiful and calm monasteries. The incredible energy of peaceful frequencies will melt your body. You’ll spend the night in the teahouse later that day. Dinner, breakfast, and lunch are all part of the package.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Accommodation: Local lodge or teahouse with basic facilities

  • Day 05: Trek from Namche Bazaar to Tengboche (3860m) [Estimated Time – 5 hours]

    You’ll be traveling above Namche after your morning breakfast. Also, you will be climbing higher heights just by the base of Dudh Koshi. As a result, the climate plays a significant influence in this situation.

    It rains occasionally, is cloudy at times, and snows sometimes. The weather, after all, is dependent on the season. Moreover, you’ll be walking to Tengboche Monastery, one of the world’s most revered and essential monasteries.

    Similarly, the lovely trail will lead you to a higher altitude. After a little higher altitude, you will arrive in Devoche after admiring the clean air and eastern Nepal spirit (4410m). As a result, you’ll be resting at Devoche after the day. Deboche is a lovely town on the way to the Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Accommodation: Local lodge or teahouse with basic facilities

  • Day 06: Trekking from Tengboche to Pangboche (3930 m) [Estimated time – 4 hours]

    The following day, a lovely brunch awaited you. You will be satisfied by the beautiful charm of the Himalayan environment. Likewise, you will be walking down to Pangboche beginning the next day.
    The walk also passes through a magnificent rhododendron forest. Similarly, you will see a beautiful view of Mt. Ama Dablam before crossing the Imja Khola.

    Moreover, it gently ascends via intricately carved Mani stones to Pangboche, where you will have a late lunch. You’ll continue your walk after a hearty meal. The final destination of the day will be Pangboche. After that, you should be ready to trek to Ama Dablam Base Camp the next day.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Accommodation: Local lodge or teahouse with basic facilities

  • Day 07: Trek to Ama Dablam Base Camp (4600m) from Pangboche [Estimated time – 6 hours]

    The day begins with the crisp morning air. So today is the day you set out on your journey to your ultimate destination. You will start climbing towards Ama Dablam (4600m) after crossing the Imja Khola.

    Moreover, you will also arrive at the base camp of Ama Dablam. More energy will transfer in your body after a satisfying lunch and a little rest. It will be well worth it to see the mountains and the environment.
    Before returning to Pangboche, take in the breathtaking views and enjoy your achievement. Likewise, you can return to Pangboche by analyzing and feeling the Himalayan mood.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Accommodation: Local lodge or teahouse with basic facilities

  • Day 08: Trek to Pangboche (3930m) from Ama Dablam Base Camp (4600m)

    You’ll travel to Pangboche after shooting all the shots and getting a great view of Ama Dablam Base Camp. The trial will be simple, with incredible mountain vistas as a backdrop. There will be flowers and magnificent endangered birds to be viewed. Similarly, getting to Pangboche won’t take long. Today’s destination will be Pangboche.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Accommodation: Local lodge or teahouse with basic facilities

  • Day 09: Trek to Khumjung Village (3790) from Pangboche [Estimated time – 7 hours]

    You’ll continue your trek to Khumjung village today after a great breakfast. The fresh air and the splendor of the mountains attract you to this lovely settlement. Similarly, Khumjung is a tranquil monastery settlement north of Kathmandu, just above Namche Bazaar. The walk’s vintage ambiance will transport you to another dimension. On the trek, you’ll meet a friendly Sherpa.

    In addition, the Sagarmatha National Park has the lovely Khumjung Village. This Sagarmatha National park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There’s also a village named Khunde, one of the most amazing. Furthermore, when Khunde and Khumjung are together, they merge into one.
    Peaceful settlements include Khumjung and Khunde. Boulders divide the two communities.

    Similarly, both communities are on stony ground and offer breathtaking countryside views.
    Despite its remote location, Khumjung provides access to all modern communication technologies. There will be excellent internet service, making your life easier.

    Due to the rising attraction of this area, residents of Khumjung prefer to stay in the village and manage tourism enterprises such as hotels and lodges. You’ll spend the night in the teahouse on this day. It will be easier to hike the next day if you get enough sleep and eat well.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Accommodation: Local lodge or teahouse with basic facilities

  • Day 10: Trek to Monjo Village (2835m) from Khumjung Village [Estimated time – 8 hours]

    An excellent breakfast kicks off a brand-new day. To go to Syangboche, you’ll have to pass through two towns. Stunning peaks and lush vegetation will be visible throughout your walk.

    Also, you will trek to Thame village in the same way. You’ll take a break once you’ve arrived in this magnificent settlement. Witnessing the beauties of the mountains, you will gently exit Thami after crossing Bhote Khola on a bridge. You will make up to Namche Bazaar along a scenic trail that passes through some villages.

    Furthermore, you will cross the Dudh Koshi River’s spectacular suspension bridge. Monjo can be reached by walking along the river’s edge and following the trial. You’ll have a wonderful and fulfilling evening. Making amends with Monjo will make you understand you’re doing the best thing you’ve ever done.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Accommodation: Local lodge or teahouse with basic facilities

  • Day 11: Trek from Monjo to Lukla (2840m) [Estimated time – 6 hours]

    The trek’s final dawn has arrived. The day begins with a delicious breakfast. It’s time to relax and take a stroll to Lukla. You will be happier if you enjoy numerous things along the route.

    Similarly, if you walk forward from Monjo, you will arrive in Lukla. After a 5-hour trek, you will arrive in Lukla. It is the final endpoint on the way back from the Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek.

    You can relax here while admiring the scenic beauty of the mountains. It will be fantastic to celebrate the happy completion of the voyage here. Similarly, you must be ready to fly to Kathmandu Valley the next day.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Accommodation: Local lodge or teahouse with basic facilities

  • Day 12: Flight to Kathmandu (1400m) from Lukla

    You’ll be leaving behind one of the most beautiful memories. These Himalayas will always cast a shadow over you. This journey was magical, with great energy—the early air and breakfast helped clear your head.

    Similarly, you will be flying directly to Kathmandu. Kathmandu will most likely take 45 minutes to reach. You will be flying above the stunning scenery and lush greenery. The lovely footsteps you left behind will never fade away.

    This walk will increase your confidence, allowing you to trek more mountains. After arriving at Kathmandu Airport, you will drive to your hotel. Similarly, you will be roaming around the city and taking Kathmandu’s stunning nightlife.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: The Everest Hotel or a similar Hotel

  • Day 13: Exploring and Sightseeing around Kathmandu

    The day will be one of your most memorable scenes. Temples in a spiritual city send incredible emotions all over. You can visit “Pashupatinath,” a well-known Hindu temple. Sightseeing in Kathmandu will be thrilling and enjoyable. You can also go to “Swaymbhunath,” “Patan Durbar Square,” “Bhaktapur Durbar Square,” and “Narayanhiti Palace.”

    This day will be excellent, and wandering about Nepal’s capital city will supply you with any information and ideas. Similarly, you can sample a variety of foods and spend time in the Thamel area.
    Furthermore, this evening you will be toasting the success of your lovely journey. On this day, meals such as breakfast come under the package.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: The Everest Hotel or a similar Hotel

  • Day 14: Departure

    Here is where the Himalayan trek concludes. The day will be your final day in Nepal, one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You’ll be able to take with you priceless memories and experiences.

    Similarly, we will drive you to the airport per your flight schedule. You will now depart Nepal after completing all customs and immigration procedures.

    Meals: Breakfast


What's included

  • Private car for airport drop-off and pick-up. Kathmandu to Lukla flight tickets and vice versa
  • Five-star luxury accommodation in Kathmandu
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley by private car
  • During the Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek, basic lodging comes under a package
  • Meals like breakfast, lunch, and dinner during the trek
  • Applicable Taxes
  • Professional porters and guides
  • Permits and TIMS for Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek

What is excluded

  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu come under the package in this itinerary
  • Tipping guides and porters
  • Fees for Nepal visas and international flights
  • Personal Expenses ( Hot shower, Wifi, Personal snack expenses)
  • Accommodations that don’t belong to the package


Kathmandu’s five-star hotel awaits your arrival. Similarly, there is nothing to worry about anything. The services will be gratifying and rewarding. Moreover, you will stay in one of the luxury tea houses during the trek. Accommodation is an essential part of the trek. You won’t have to bother lodging during the Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek. All will proceed according to plan.
We will serve you three meals daily during your hiking trail, which comes under the trek package.

Route Map

Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek Map

The spectacular grandeur of Ama Dablam Base Camp and other peaks along the paths awaits you on the Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek. Explore the Sherpa village’s native lifestyle and culture while crossing a lovely rhododendron forest on a suspension bridge.

This Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek begins with a breathtaking flight from Kathmandu to Lukla, followed by a climb to Phakding. Namche Bazaar may be reached by walking along the Dudh Koshi River, passing across suspension bridges and a glacier lake. There are restaurants, bars, cafés, and shops at Namche Bazaar, the trade center.

Moreover, reach Ama Dablam Base Camp on the fifth day to take in the spectacular vistas of Ama Dablam and the surrounding peaks. Before flying back to Kathmandu, return to Namche and Lukla.

Departure Dates

Customize this trip with help from our local travel specialist that matches your interests.

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    Essential Information

    List of what to bring

    This trek does not necessitate extensive baggage. A selection of trekking gear comes under the bundle. There may be a chance of rain and snow on occasion. Raincoats, sleeping bags, and a small bag pack are all essential. Depending on the season, you’ll need to pack differently.
    Similarly, the Ama Dablam Base Camp trek will be simple because of the supplied clothing and equipment. This expedition does not necessitate the purchase of additional equipment or supplies.

    Total Cost of Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek

    The expense of the Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek is entirely up to you. The luxurious and fulfilling facilities come under standard one. Moreover, other bundles will be available as well. The Standard Package will cost 1500 USD, a very reasonable price for walking beneath the world’s highest mountain. There are different categories of services based on the type of trekking package.

    Altitude Sickness during Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek

    Altitude sickness is one of the most challenging aspects of trekking to Ama Dablam Base Camp. You do not need to get panic if this occurs to you. You will arrive at your destination with sufficient rest and a gradual stroll.

    Similarly, while trekking, water is essential. Slowing down will assist you in balancing your stamina. Keeping your body hydrated and eating sufficient food will aid you in this endeavor.
    Altitude sickness can include fatigue, a loss of appetite, and restlessness. It would help if you weren’t concerned because this is a common trek challenge. However, this could be a cause for caution. You should seek medical advice or take medications without becoming too worked up.

    Ama Dablam Base Camp Safety and Evacuation

    If something awful happens, the guide will be there to assist you. Professionally qualified guides are available, and possible First Aid and Medical Kits. You don’t have to worry about anything. There will also be an emergency crew on hand to assist you. The helicopter will evacuate you if you have paid your insurance cost. The trek to Ama Dablam Base Camp is not particularly challenging.

    You should be calm in an emergency. There will be a guide to look after you. In addition, there will be an emergency response team ready to evacuate you if necessary.

    Best time to Trek Ama Dablam Base Camp

    In the clear sky, hiking is most attractive—one of the loveliest seasons in autumn and spring. Autumn traditionally falls into three months (September, October, and November), whereas spring falls into three to two months (April, March, and May).

    The weather will be warm during the autumn season. You will feel a fantastic vibe with the breathtaking vistas of the sky caressing the mountains and the blue sky. During the Spring Season, you may also encounter some rain. During the spring, birds’ sounds and flowers’ beauty will enchant you.

    For novice trekkers, the winter season will be difficult. Because of the snow, the trail will be challenging to traverse. Aba Dablam Base Camp Trek is not problematic to trek all season if you obtain the proper training and experience.

    Communication and Travel Insurance

    There will be proper internet access in every tea house. During the hike, communication should be relatively easy. A local sim is also available for less than $1. A guide will also assist you if a communication problem arises.

    In addition, the Ama Dablam Base Camp Trek takes place at a high altitude. Climate change will occur suddenly. Some people may experience altitude sickness. You will also require all your trip insurance, including medical assistance, emergency assistance, and helicopter evacuation, up to 6000 meters.

    Money Exchange

    In Nepal, you may exchange your currency. In Kathmandu, you can convert most international currencies at banking institutions or reputable money exchanges. You can exchange little sums at the hotels and some lodges as well.
    Nepal’s currency is the Nepali Rupees (NPR/Rs).
    1 USD is around Rs.120-130 NPR.


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    The best experience we had with Peregrine was the whole tour of the Annapurna Base Camp Trek was tailor-made for our requirements; all our requests were reviewed, discussed, and accepted and, in some instances, with a better recommendation.

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