Cheri Monastery

The scenic view to behold not too far from Thimphu is the picturesque hill station and the highly famous Cheri Monastery of Bhutan. Taking the north direction from Thimphu and crossing the lush alpine slopes, you will arrive at Cheri Monastery at an elevation of almost 2800 meters. With the exquisite 45-minute trek toward the Monastery, the stroll will be melancholy.

Conversely, if you take the trial from Tango Monastery, you will be meeting Cheri Monastery. It lies next to the serene Buddhist Hamlet at Dodeyna on a hillside above the trail’s endpoint. Once you arrive, take in the dazzling grandeur of this beautiful Monastery and the mesmerizing backdrop of vibrant hillsides.

Historical information about the Sacred Cheri Monastery

The visit of Guru Rinpoche in the 8th century, who strolled around this splendid Monastery, was a defining moment. Another legend, Phajo Drugjom Zimpo, is also said to have pondered on the slopes around this Monastery around the 13th century. Likewise, in the year 1619, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal built this Monastery.

Zhabdrung chose to establish this Monastery when he was still a young fellow. He remained there periodically for the remainder of his life after spending a few years in strict isolation. Also, this fantastic Cheri Monastery was the origin of the Drukpa Monastic influence. The same Monastery is where Druk Desai and Umazey Penjori breathe their farewell.

Similarly, at Cheri, Zhabdrung was contemplating when he had a premonition of his forthcoming subjugation of Bhutan. In a similar vein, he created dance as a way to convey his pleasure. The “Guitar Cham” is another name for the dance, which has grown in popularity among the Bhutanese community.

As a result, this Monastery continues to practice these kinds of dances and traditional activities. Numerous artisans from Nepal work under the leadership of the famous Zhabdrung to help him execute his architectural concept. Nowadays, The Cheri Monastery serves as an important center for conferences and teachings.

Sites to explore around the vicinity of Cheri Monastery

Trekking through rhododendron and oak trees on the rising toward Cheri Monastery is exhilarating. The marvelous Cheri Monastery is flanked by colorful devotion banners swinging in the air, a tranquil prayer chapel, and a shrine with Buddhist artwork. In a similar vein, the trial will progressively advance in elevation as it approaches above 2500m.

You may observe the spectacular Himalayas geography to the north if the weather is clear. More than that, the panoramic view of the Thimphu Valley from north to south is something you may appreciate once you are there.

Furthermore, after you enter the Monastery, you will see the gorgeous silver Chorten holding Tempo Nima’s relics. Another vital activity when visiting the Cheri Monastery is meditation practice while reclining next to the monks. Another activity at this Monastery will understand the Drukpa Kagyu Lineage from the local monks while participating in the serene environment.

In the same way, you may observe the Buddhist communities in the region and appreciate the goats and several lovely bird species. Another great activity in this area is understanding more about the inhabitants’ culture and traditions.