Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages

Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages

Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages divulge the spellbinding role of culture, traditions, and the scenic grandeur of the Himalayas. While Bhutan and Nepal have identical atmospheres, Bhutan has a substantially higher Buddhist majority, and the central portion of the population follows Buddhism. The Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages allows you to take in the jaw-dropping panorama of the foothills and Mountains and highlights the incredible chains that bind these two stunning countries. Aside from that, the Bhutan tour package includes a selection of itineraries in which one may perceive the entirety of the adventure from Nepal to Bhutan.

The tour of Bhutan begins the same way, taking you to all of Kathmandu’s religious sites, including Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Patan Durbar Square, and Boudhanath. On the first day of your Bhutan Tour from Kathmandu, you will spend the entire day sightseeing before taking a flight from Kathmandu to Paro, Bhutan, the following day. The flight takes off from the cliffs of colossal mountains, including Mount Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and Lhotse. After your arrival in Paro, Bhutan, the gorgeous people greet you with the refreshing wind of the northern Himalayas. The ambiance will transform once you get to Bhutan. The resounding chimes and praying flags flattering over the monasteries will soothe your soul.

More than this, the Bhutan tour includes the magnificent King’s Monument, Traditional Markets, Monasteries, the Thimphu Valley, and many more wonders. There will also be a trek to the picturesque valley of Phojikha. From Punakha to Gangtey, there will be many attractions on your tour of Bhutan. Furthermore, you may take a spiritual tour that encompasses a stop at Paro Ringpung Dozong to comprehend Buddhist narrative settlements and their connections to various events. Likewise, you can acquire handicrafts depicting Bhutan’s historical past at the market and take them home. Along with those Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages, you’ll discover the enchanting Himalayan livelihoods of the two nations and their ethnicities, demonstrating how they dwell.

What makes us Different?

For years, Peregrine Treks and Tours has focused on providing one of the premier tour experiences to voyagers from its Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages. Our tour company’s professionalism ensures that everyone is enthusiastic from the beginning to the end of the tour. We are responsible for everything, including the advanced booking procedure and your security and protection throughout the tour. Furthermore, we commit to our accountabilities with genuineness. You’ll also have a companion who will make the tour more enjoyable, in addition to the knowledgeable and tenacious guides.

Additionally, creating individual and group tours and adding extra days to itineraries will all be feasible in an understandable form. With our trekking and tour company, there won’t be issues acquiring permits, submitting entrance fees, or registering for visas. Everything is dealt with properly to keep you devoid of inconvenience and irritability. Furthermore, being one of Asia’s ultimate trekking and tour organizations, we go for trekkers’ and visitors’ observations and assist them in deciding how to choose the tour package and a slew of other aspects. Everything has been conceivable with this trekking organization, from airport pickup to offering private automobiles for touring. As a result, we are always available to make your tour intuitive, engaging, and ambitious, making us distinctive in an iconic way. 

Best time for Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages

The two seasons of spring and autumn are the ideal times for Nepal-Bhutan Tour Packages. The Nepal Bhutan tour will transcend to a new dimension throughout these two seasons. The temperature will be typical from March through May and September to November, hovering about 20 degrees Celsius. For tourists, Bhutan’s landscapes have mystical integrity in spring and autumn. It’s delightful for Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages in the autumn and spring because of the greenery and the diligently warm and sunny weather without rain or snow. Aside from this, the summer and monsoon seasons will be a bit unusual because of the scorching temperatures and copious amounts of rain immediately adjacent to the Bay of Bengal.

Additionally, Bhutan has intense snow and freezing temperatures during the winter. The chilly wind from the north makes the trek more challenging. Likewise, the Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages also allow you to experience spectacular spring and autumn festivities.

Monasteries in Bhutan

In Bhutan, the Buddhist community has hundreds of small and large monasteries. Some of Bhutan’s enchanting monasteries are mystical Monasteries like Tango Monastery, Cheri Monastery, Lakhang Monastery, Lhunetse Dzong Monastery, and Ganteng Monastery. Along with that, the following are a few well-known monasteries to explore when touring across Bhutan.

Memorial Chorten

It is a historic monastery in the heartland of Bhutan. The iconography reinforced in the monastery mirrors Druk Gyaplo’s persona. Similarly, this monastery comprises a contemplation chapel, antique chimes, prayer flags, sculptures, and a lovely fusion of artwork and paintings. The surrounding garden and carvings add flavor to its attractiveness.

Taktsang Monastery

The monastery hangs above the rocks at an elevation of 3100 meters. Also, the main focal point of the Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages is the vistas from here. The majestic ambiance and relaxation of this monastery satisfy one to the fullest. Similarly, the local Bhutanese did give this monastery life after it caught fire in 1998. This monastery is unique and one of the most well-known monasteries in the world owing to the prayer wheels, the historical statue, and the outlying region of mind-blowing landscapes.

Ringspun Dzong Monastery

A critical intersection in Paro Bhutan is the Ringpung Dzong monastery. This monastery’s architecture pays homage to the former Bhutanese monarchs’ dynasties. However, this monastery’s palace-style architecture draws many tourists from the rest of the city. The complex of several congregations and statues exalts the exquisite craftsmanship of this monastery.

Punakha Dzong Monastery

Punakha Dzong is another prominent monastery set along the river bank in central Bhutan. The majestic Punakha Dzong Monastery in Bhutan represents Dratshang’s cradle of reverence. Dratshang is a respected monk in the region, connecting worshipers and locals. In addition to the exquisite Ngawang Namgyal and Terton Pema Lingpa, the monastery appreciates possessing divine artifacts from the Drukpa dynasty. The ancient pillars of this monastery are also a primary draw, and the artistry and carving further emphasize its elegance.

Outdoor Activities in Bhutan

You may engage in various outdoor activities during your Nepal-Bhutan Tour Packages. With the appropriate safety and security, the local inhabitants will offer various options for outdoor activities. To complete these activities satisfactorily, one has to be physically active and enthusiastic. During your Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages, you will enjoy outdoor activities, including horseback riding, trekking, fishing, rafting, off-road 4WD safari, swimming, and cycling.

Rafting in Bhutan
Rafting in Bhutan

You can also participate in a cultural festival, sing and dance with local folks, practice your worship and prayer techniques, and do other outdoor activities. A physically healthy mind and body are necessary for these outdoor activities. Additionally, you may test out primary sports pursuits in the dormitories. Rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, and camping are other activities you can try freely. Your guide will accompany you and demonstrate how to attend these outdoor activities during Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages.

Luxury Resort in Bhutan

Bhutan is home to many opulent resorts that continue to offer top-notch services. These resorts are aware of tourist preferences and try to maintain a level of satisfaction that benefits both guests and staff. Dewachen Resort, Terma Linca Resort, Kichu Resort, Tiger Nest Resort, Dhensa Resort, Mandala Resort, Yugharlin Resort, Wangchuk Resort, and Jhinkam Resort are a few of Bhutan’s greatest resorts. These are the top resorts where you may experience the most ambiance if planning a Nepal-Bhutan Tour. The complete view of the shoreline, the quiet calm, and the warm vastness will hypnotize you. These resorts provide incredible views that will alleviate your enthusiasm.

Food and Drink in Bhutan

There are numerous exotic foods and drinks to experience in Bhutan while on a Nepal-Bhutan Tour. The food is typically spicy and consists of diverse ingredients reflecting Bhutan’s regional cuisine. In addition, the food is primarily a fusion of continental, Chinese, Indian, and Nepalese cuisines. Rice, veggies, and various other dishes are local ingredients. The morning meal will be excellent, with a broad selection of beverages and foods, including toast, milk tea, coffee, orange juice, pineapple juice, mango juice, and apple juice.

Similarly, the lunchtime menu will start with an incredible selection of dishes, including rice, roti, chicken, goat soup, Nan, pakora, and puri. The tantalizing dinner will also include dessert and be the same as the delectable lunch. Similar to the variety of noodles, snacks include light fare like spicy fried potatoes, roasted corn, beans, and thukpa, among other things. Similarly, drinking water will be accessible everywhere, and purchasing a bottle while traveling is extremely safe. Other than this, finding soft drinks and hard beverages will not be an issue. Every nearby restaurant will serve you the liquor you prefer and the traditional alcohol.

Dress code for Bhutan

Bhutan showcases its magnificent traditional culture to the utmost extent and allows its native population to comprehend the pervasive culture. Furthermore, Bhutan has been preserving its traditional culture without letting it go, keeping it highly recognized both inside and beyond the nation. Furthermore, the traditional Bhutanese clothes “Gho” and “Kera” are two of the most well-known dress codes. Other ancillary costume regulations reflect the authentic culture of Bhutan and its earlier history in addition to this one.

Bhutan Dress
Bhutan Dress

The official clothing code, or “Driglam Namzha,” symbolizes the morals and conduct of the populace and is in effect at all times, including on essential occasions. Besides that, this code links the mysticism of Bhutanese people to their possessions and artistic side. Most clothing regulations date back to the 17th century and depict allure. Aside from that, many other costumes, such as Kira, Togo, Wonju, Rachu, Khata, and Kabney, have been a critical draw for travelers while safeguarding Bhutan’s historical and cultural prominence.

Hotel Accommodation in Bhutan

In Bhutan, accommodations vary depending on where you are. The magnificent two to three-star accommodation service is available in the city center, while teahouse accommodation is available along the excursion. Most hotels in Bhutan also include complimentary wifi, delicious meals, laundry service, comfortable rooms with plush mattresses and blankets, lovely views from the windows, charging stations, and swimming. This lodging ranges from $20 to $200 a night, depending on the services. Along with this, teahouses in the hills will offer minimal lodging options, including rooms with two beds, communal bathrooms, and regional cuisine. The rates for the teahouses in the valleys range from $5 to $20 per night.

Nepal and Bhutan tour with Tibet

The secret kingdoms and settlements from Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet will astound you as you wander through them. You may also visit these three tourist attractions in just two weeks. The unimaginable grittiness tone of Tibet and its cultural expressions will mystify you. The two castles, Potala Palace and Norbulingka will be the focus of your tour of Tibet. Considering the Pokhara region’s grandeur, you will be traveling to Bhutan. Bhutan will welcome you with “the country of Thunder Dragon,” also known as Druk Yul, and many monasteries.

Moreover, familiarize yourself with the fascinating culture and traditions of the people living around Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet. The tour begins with a flight to Bhutan’s Paro. Likewise, you will arrive at Thimpu by exploring the region and heading up to Taktsang monastery over the Dochula Pass. After trekking to Paro and visiting the communities of the Khamsung Valley, you will take a direct flight to Kathmandu. Following riding the bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara and touring the entire Kaski region, you will return to Kathmandu and board a flight to Lhasa. You will visit Tibet from Lhasa and pleasantly conclude your Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan tours.

Dochula Pass
Dochula Pass

Flight to Bhutan

Flights to Bhutan are available from a limited part of the world. If you travel from the United States, Europe, or Australia, you may take another aircraft from Nepal, Singapore, Bangkok, or some parts of India. Furthermore, the flight from Kathmandu to Bhutan will be more convenient. They depend on the season and the airlines, from Kathmandu (Nepal) to Paro (Bhutan), from USD 475 to 550 per person (Kathmandu – Paro – Kathmandu). Only Bhutan Airlines and Druk Air fly to Paro (Bhutan). It will be easy to resolve the paperwork issue before leaving Bhutan along with the ticket. The flight will take around one and a half hours from Kathmandu to Paro in Bhutan.

The thing to do in Bhutan

Bhutan is a serene nation that boasts a wide range of experiences you can indulge in while touring the country. Numerous adventurous sports, like fishing, cycling, hiking, meditation, rock climbing, and many more, are available for you to attempt. Before beginning any other activities, the first and most important thing is to tour the monasteries and appreciate the locals’ fascinating culture and traditions. A further thing to discover while in Bhutan is the profound atmosphere of the picturesque countryside with the massive imperial monasteries. Besides, you may go trekking to places like Taktsang monastery, Paro, and Khamsumg Valley, sample a variety of regional cuisines, and interact with the native community. In addition, there will be a variety of arts and crafts to observe; you can also participate in various cultural events.

Festivals in Bhutan

Bhutan exposes you to a wide range of traditional festivals that represent its heritage and culture. Some of the significant celebrations that take place in Bhutan include the Thimphu Tsechu Festival, Jambay Lhakhang Drup Festival, Wangdue Phodrang, Tshechu Festival, Punakha Drubchen, Paro Tshechu Festival, Haa Summer Festival, Matsutake Festival, Jomolhari Mountain Festival, Nimalung Festival, Nomad Festival, Sakteng Festival, and Takin Festival. Native Buddhists frequently dance at these events while donning ethnic masks. Everyone in the neighborhood comes together to take full advantage of these delightful festivals. Furthermore, some of these festivals are held to honor legendary figures such as “Guru Rinpoche,” which is a big draw for visitors worldwide.

How can I Travel to Bhutan?

Traveling to Bhutan is not a big deal. Numerous modes of transportation are available, including ground and air transportation. If traveling from a foreign country, you must fly to Nepal, Singapore, Bangkok, or some city in India and then another aircraft to Bhutan. Aside from that, if you are traveling to Bhutan from India, you may take a direct aircraft from Delhi to Paro, Bhutan, or you can drive by vehicle and enter Bhutan by the southwestern border. Similarly, flights to Bhutan from Nepal will be available. The cost of the flight will be around $475 and $550.

Daily Cost for Bhutan Tour

The cost of living in Bhutan varies according to each person’s spending habits and budget management techniques. The first expense is accommodation, which ranges from $60 to $100 per night, and the second is meals, which range from $10 to $20 for every meal. The other necessities will include drinking water, charging stations, internet, and SIM cards, which should cost you little more than $200. Additionally, there will be taxes, gratuities for the guides, and other local assistance. Additionally, you might occasionally need to rent a bicycle, auto, or trekking gear, which will run you about $50. The Bhutan Government changed the Tourism Tax Policy, so the per person per day Bhutan Tour cost increased. The minimum daily Bhutan cost starts from US$ 450, which covers Bhutan Government Tax, Accommodation in a 3-star hotel, 3-times meals, transportation, and a tour guide. It would help if you had to pay separately for International flights, Insurance, Bhutan Visa Fees, and Personal expenses like beverage bills, laundry, phone calls, internet, tipping, etc.

Bhutan Tourism Tax

Bhutan’s tourism tax has subsequently increased. Visitors from outside the nation, except those from its neighboring, will be liable to pay about USD 200 each night. The list of expenditures for traveling to Bhutan is classified as the highest. Back then, it only cost USD 65. Bhutan is the top tourist-tax country in the world, with a nightly rate of USD 200. The country had been in a prolonged state of lockdown. Thus, this was given to improve the nascent tourism industry.

Sightseeing Places in Bhutan

Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages offers breathtaking views of rolling hills, canyons, the Himalayas, and lower peaks. One of the main activities to do in Bhutan is sightseeing. Aside from that, each district in Bhutan has a dzong, an old monastery serving as the spiritual and political authority hub. The Dzong is arguably the epitome of Bhutanese design. The Dzong is a fortress that rises on a cliff-top landscape and is clad in traditional Bhutanese sculptures and a remarkable medieval contemporary design.

Monks at Dechenphodrang Monastery in Thimphu
Monks at Dechenphodrang Monastery in Thimphu

The Dzong building became imperative when Tibetans repeatedly attempted to conquer Bhutan in the seventeenth century. The Paro Taktshang, which is in Paro, an hour’s drive from Thimphu, is one of the most captivating tourist attractions. On the cliff’s brink, the monastery is set. On the route from Thimphu to Punakha, the Dochula Pass provides a panoramic picture of the snow-capped high Himalayas. The sight might be delightful in a warmer months sky with no clouds. Moreover, on a hill that divides the carriageway in two, there are 109 Buddhist chortens or structures. In addition, some of the main attractions of a tour of Bhutan are Paro, Thimpu, Buddha Dordenma, The Royal Manas National Park, Chele La Pass, Rinpung Dzong, and Bhutan Museum.

Trekking in Bhutan

Bhutan, a mountainous and landlocked nation, provides spectacular landscapes and mountains to trek from the east to the west. Trekking in Bhutan is a fantastic experience that will immerse you in the region’s adventurous side. Bumthang Trek, Dagala Thousand Lakes Trek, Druk Path Trek, Punakha Trek, Gantey Trek, Duer Hot Springs Trek, Samtnegang Trek, East Rodung la Trek, Famous Dachula Pass, and Nabji Khorpu Trek are just a few of Bhutan’s outstanding trekking destinations. The majestic glaciers and the beautiful white summits of the Himalayas will greet you. Along the trail, you can see the Charming locals and various monasteries. Trek won’t require prior expertise because the trial complexity will be mild.

Mount Jomolhari

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Packing List for Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages

Our trekking company will offer you the necessary equipment during your Bhutan visit. Aside from that, here are some items you must bring on your Bhutan tour.


  • Jacket
  • Trousers
  • Woolen Cap
  • Sleeve inners
  • Underwears
  • Pants
  • Windproof jacket
  • Gloves
  • Shocks
  • Scarfs


Trekking Equipment

  • Carabiner
  • Trekking poles
  • Trekking boots
  • Climbing Ropes
  • Ascender



  • Toothpaste
  • Sunblock creams
  • Duffle bags
  • 44L bags
  • Anti-infection creams
  • Drinking water
  • Medicines regarding common cold
  • Sunglasses
  • Cameras
  • Charger/power bank
  • Documents regarding visa application and tickets
  • Passport
  • Sleeping Bag


Includes and Excludes in Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages


  • During the tour, a certified guide will accompany you
  • Flight tickets from Kathmandu to Paro
  • Three times meals a day as per itinerary
  • Fare of Road transportation during the Nepal Bhutan Tour
  • Visa fee of Bhutan
  • Government taxes
  • Entrance fees during sightseeing



  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal expenses like beverage bills, laundry, phone calls, internet, etc
  • International Air Fare
  • Tipping


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages

How can I confirm the trip?

You need to click the “Book Button” and proceed to fill in the missing information. We need at least 20% of the deposit to confirm the tour. We will send a tour confirmation voucher after getting the deposit amount and passport details. You might need to show that confirmation voucher for the airport transfer service.

Is a visa compulsory to travel, and how can I obtain a visa?

It would help to have a visa for the Bhutan and Nepal tours. A Nepal visa can be obtained at Tribhuwan International Airport; the 15-day visa fee is USD 30. We will arrange a paper visa to Bhutan, and this Bhutan visa fee is included in your package price. For this, you need to provide a scanned copy of your passport (Color)

Who will guide us during the Nepal and Bhutan Tour Packages?

We have a local guide in Nepal and Bhutan. In Kathmandu, we will provide a heritage guide; in Pokhara, we will provide a city guide; and in Bhutan, we will provide a Bhutanese guide. All guides will be local and can speak English fluently. Please let us know if you need another language guide during the booking. We will arrange a guide as per your required language.

Is this tour safe for the female traveler?

This tour will be entirely safe for female and solo travelers. You will stay in the city area, where there is no security threat.

Is travel insurance mandatory for Nepal-Bhutan Tour Packages?

Travel insurance is not mandatory for this tour; however, it is highly recommended to cover your travel risk.

Do you offer vegetarian and vegan food?

All of your included meals will be served in a buffet. So, you can choose vegetarian food from there. Please let us know if you have any special food requirements, and we will arrange that food for you.

Can I take photographs during this Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages?

Yes, you can take photographs during the Nepal Bhutan Tour Packages. Monasteries might not allow taking photographs inside the temple. Please consult with your guide before taking the photos. Before taking local people’s photographs, please get permission from them.

Can I exchange my currency during the tour?

During the tour, you can exchange significant currencies like USD, GBP, Euro, SGD, and other major currencies. However, we highly recommend you carry USD in Bhutan.

Is there an ATM available, and can I use a credit card?

In Nepal, ATM service is readily available. In Bhutan, ATMs are available but may not work sometimes. So, it is better to carry USD with you. You can pay with your credit card, but you might charge credit card fees.

Which type of power plug is common in Bhutan?

Bhutan uses three different types of electrical plugs: the Indian plug, which has two circular pins and is compatible with type C sockets, and the British plug, which has three square pins and is compatible with type G sockets (three thick round pins, compatible with type D sockets). Bring adapters for all three.

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Things to know before the Bhutan Tour


The best experience we had with Peregrine was the whole tour of the Annapurna Base Camp Trek was tailor-made for our requirements; all our requests were reviewed, discussed, and accepted and, in some instances, with a better recommendation.

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