Events of Visit Nepal Year 2020: From Mustang Ice Climbing to Skydiving in Syangboche

Nepal Government is working hard to make Visit Nepal 2020 Year a successful event. For this purpose, various strategies and programs have been set up at the ministry level. Although there are many tourist attractions in Nepal, it has not been abruptly promoted to the world. The government plans to identify Nepal as the best destination during the Visit Nepal Year 2020, especially for adventure tourism. Various programs have been set up for this. Here are the ten main promotional programs forwarded by the Nepal government:


Ice Climbing festival in Manang

The Ice Climbing Festival is being organized in Manang with the participation of the world’s best ice climbers. According to the Secretariat of the Visit Nepal Year, this event is held on 2-4 February. It plans to promote the festival as a whole in South Asia. It is expected ice climbing in the mountains during winter will help in promoting Nepal as a brand country for this event.

Ice Hockey Match at Gokyo Lake

The ice hockey competition will be held at Gokyo Lake in Solukhumbu. In winter, when the water in the lake freezes, it turns into a field. An ice hockey game is planned for the same ground.

This competition will be organized in February 2020. Gokyo Lake is situated at the height of 4750 meters.

The International Hockey team of Finland has finalized to come to Nepal for an ice hockey event. The team will fly to Lukla Airport and trek to Gokyo Lake.

Also, an ice skating event will be organized on the same lake. Lake skaters from America are invited to this event. The government believes that this event will play a significant role in promoting offseason trekking.


Mustang Trail Race

A high-altitude race competition will be held in Mustang, a beautiful land known as the Desert of Nepal. There will be eight events in this competition. The competition will run from 1-4 April. This event is believed to be significant in exposing Mustang to the world and bringing out the hidden beauty.


Sustainable Summit 2020

A mega event is being organized in 2020 to protect the environment and promote sustainable tourism. The Climate Alliance of Himalayan Communities plans to bring Alpine Clubs, Land and National Park Managers, conservation area engineers, pedestrians, and tourism professionals to this event. This event will discuss preserving resources of sustainable tourism in the Himalayan region. Foreign speakers are invited to the event. The event is scheduled to be held on the 1-5th of June.


World Trails Network Conference

A conference of trekking trail countries around the world has been held in Nepal. It invites entrepreneurs from all over the world to promote and preserve the trails in the event. Held on September 3-7, the program is believed to be crucial for promoting trekking in Nepal.


Karnali Kayak Race

A kayak race will be held on the Karnali River, known as the best river in the world. A kayak is scheduled from Rakam, Dailekh, to Bardiya. 20 to 25 national and international teams will be participating in this race. Each team will have five kayakers. Various events of kayak races will be held during this time. This event will help promote tourism in the Far West region. This competition is organized to attract tourists through water tourism. The secretariat stated that the race would be held in October.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

The Hot Air Balloon Festival will be held at Gautam Buddha International Airport in Lumbini. The event is being prepared for October 2020. The event is being organized to deliver the message that the new international airport has been constructed in Lumbini to tourists worldwide. The world’s ten best Hot Air Ballooners are invited to Nepal, and they will jump from the balloon to the ground in this event. The government believes in promoting Buddha’s birthplace Lumbini and contributes to mass tourism.


Mountain biking in Kali GandakiCorrider

The Kaligandaki corridor is now under intense construction. This national pride project road will connect Nepal to the north-south. A Mountain bike event is being organized at Kagabeni- Marpha-Tatopani-Kaligandaki River Corridor in Kaligandaki Corridor. Participants will be able to jump bicycles in the deepest gorge in the world in the event held in December 2020.


Golden Trail Series

The world-famous Solomon Golden Trail World Series will be held in the Annapurna area of Nepal. The event, which will be held on October 9, is named the ‘Annapurna Trail Marathon.’ The 42 km long marathon is the Grand Final of the Golden Trail World Series. The top 10 runners from six qualifying races worldwide will participate in the event.


Sky diving in Syangboche

Youths are preparing to dive from the sky above Mount Everest, carrying the banner of Visit Nepal Year 2020. The event is being held at Syangboche in Solukhumbu. According to the Secretariat of Visit Nepal Year 2020, Sky Dive is planned to be documented in the video and picture with the logo of the Visit Nepal Year 2020. Famous skydivers from different countries, including the US, have been invited to this event. This event will be in October 2020.