Everest Base Camp Trek Cost: Detailed Breakdown of the Expenses

Trekking to the base camp of the world’s highest mountain ” Mount Everest” is in the bucket list of every traveler. The best way to get up close to the mighty Everest is via Everest Base Camp Trek. Anyone who is planning for this Everest Trek has a frequent question “How much does the Everest base camp trek cost?”.

Trekking to the Everest Base Camp is very affordable! And in comparison to other trekking destinations in the world, Trekking in Nepal is the most affordable. While talking about the Everest Base Camp Trek cost, it highly depends on a few factors such as:

  • How many days do you want to spend on the trek?
  • In which time of the year are you planning to trek to the Everest Base Camp? – Trekking in the Peak Season is expensive than trekking in the low season.
  • How do you plan to trek?- All-inclusive, solo, or guide only.
  • From which route do you want to trek?- The classic Jiri to Everest Base Camp route is more affordable than the Lukla route.

So, here is the detailed breakdown of the Everest Base Camp Trek cost to help you give you an idea about the budget you require to do this trek.

Cost of Trekking to Everest Base Camp

If you choose to do the Everest Base Camp Trek through a trekking agency then it can cost you from USD 1350 to USD 3000 which will cover the total cost of your food, accommodation, permits, transportation, guides, and porters and so on. If you choose Peregrine Treks and Expedition, our 15 Days Everest Base Camp Trek package cost you USD 1450.

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Here’s a break down of the costs that incur during the Everest Base Camp trek.

Everest base camp trek and fly back by Helicopter | Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Cost of guides and porters

You can easily find guides and porters to assist you in the Everest Base Camp Trek. Nowadays, most of the guides and porters speak English, so you can easily communicate with them. While hiring a guide or a porter is not mandatory but having them can ease your pressure and you can enjoy your trek to the fullest.

The trekking guide will assist you in the trail, pre-book for the food and accommodation, and also takes care of your safety. As for the porter, they will carry your heavy luggage so that you can have a comfortable walk.

The cost for the guides and porter varies depending upon the trekking season. But generally, hiring a trekking guide for Everest Base Camp trek costs around USD 30 to 35 per day and USD 20 to 30 per day for the porters. When you hire the guide and the porters make sure to check their credentials.

Furthermore, if you are a budget traveler then, you can hire a porter guide which will cost you USD 30 to 35 per day. Hiring a porter guide is much cheaper than hiring porters and guide individually.

Also, if you are trekking is the peak seasons then, the porters and the guides may charge you more than their usual charge. So it’s better to carry an extra penny in case of emergencies.

Everest Base Camp Trek Permits Cost

For the Everest Base Camp Trek, you will need to obtain two trekking permits. They are

  • Sagarmatha National Park Permit
  • TIMS card or Local Area Permit

The Sagarmatha National Park permit costs NPR 3390 (3000 plus 13 percent tax) which approximately USD 33 for foreigners. But you are from any of the SAARC nations then the entry fee is NPR 1500 which is approximately USD 14.

You can obtain the Sagarmatha National Park permit either from Nepal Tourism Board Office in Kathmandu or at Sagarmatha national park entry point at Monjo.

While the price of the TIMS card costs USD 20 for foreigners and USD 3 for the citizen from SAARC nations. You can also get Local Area Permit instead of TIMS Card which will cost NPR 2000, approximately USD 20 from Lukla.

For detailed info, please read our blog on “Everest Base Camp Trek Permit

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost | Cost of Flight to Lukla

Round trip flights from Kathmandu to Lukla

You will have to take a 45 minutes flight from Kathmandu to Lukla Airport, which is the gateway to Everest region trek. The flights are only scheduled from 6:00 am and 11:00 am. The cost of the flight for the round trip is around USD 360. The price is the same throughout the year.

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Cost of Travel insurance

When you are trekking to high altitude destinations, having travel insurance is a must. While trekking in the Himalayas in Nepal, you will be trekking through rugged and risky trails. In addition to that, the weather can cause a high difficulty while walking, especially for those who are trekking in Nepal for the first time.

Thus, you never know what may happen during the trek. So travel insurance is a must for trekking in Nepal. The cost of travel insurance varies on the insurance company and what they cover.

On average, a 30-day insurance policy costs around $150. It covers all the emergencies and requirements up to the height of 5,800 meters or 19000 feet.

Cost Trekking equipment

As you know the weather in the mountains is never predictable. Thus, you must have proper planning and pack all the necessary trekking gear to tackle the challenges during the trek.

The cost of trekking equipment depends on what you already own and the thing you need to buy. And you have two options: you can either buy the gears or hire them.

If you are not a regular trekkers then it is better to hire them as you may not need them after the trek. You can easily hire the trekking gears from Thamel, Kathmandu.

The basics trekking gears you require for this Everest region trekking includes sleeping bags, thermal clothing, waterproof hiking boots, camp shoes, trekking poles, waterproof clothes, gloves, sunglasses. If you want to buys all these gears then, it may cost you around USD 2000. But if you already own some of the items then, the cost will reduce. The cost of the trekking equipment highly depends on the quality. In Kathmandu, you can get international branded as well as local trekking equipments.