Five European Nations and Malaysia Granted No-Visa Access to China

China Announces Visa-Free Travel for Citizens of Five European Countries and Malaysia, Effective December 1, 2023. This new policy enables travelers from these selected nations to explore China for up to 15 days without a visa. This initiative, commencing on December 1, 2023, will remain in effect until November 30, 2024, providing a year-long window for eligible travelers to experience China’s rich culture and heritage visa-free.

What travel purposes are now visa-exempt:

The visa-exempt travel to China for citizens of the specified five European countries and Malaysia typically covers the following purposes:

Business Travel: Includes attending business meetings and conferences, negotiating deals, or exploring business opportunities. However, it’s important to clarify that this does not permit engaging in paid employment or long-term business operations within China.

Tourism: Travelers can explore China’s cultural, historical, and natural attractions. This includes sightseeing, experiencing local cuisine, and participating in recreational activities.

Visiting Family and Relatives: Those with family members or relatives residing in China can visit them under this visa exemption. This is particularly beneficial for maintaining personal relationships and participating in family events.

Travelers must confirm the specific details and limitations of the visa exemption policy, as they can vary and might have certain restrictions or requirements.

Tibet Travel without a Chinese Visa

Traveling to Tibet for citizens from visa-exempt countries is now more streamlined, thanks to our comprehensive document handling services. Here’s a breakdown of the process for a smoother journey:

Tibet Travel Permits for Visa-Exempt Countries:

Ease of Documentation: You only need to provide us with a copy of your passport.
Service Coverage: Peregrine Treks and Tours will handle all necessary permits for traveling in Tibet.
Processing Time: Depending on your itinerary, acquiring these permits can take up to 15 days, so early planning is advised.

Traveling to Tibet via Nepal:

Visa Rules: The visa-exemption applies only if you enter Tibet from China. If your route includes Nepal, the process differs.
Chinese Group Visa Requirement: Travelers entering Tibet through Nepal must obtain a Chinese group visa.
Embassy Application: This visa will be applied at the Kathmandu Chinese Embassy.
Group Size Requirement: Starting from 2023, this visa is issued exclusively to groups of at least four people.

Planning your trip considering these guidelines is essential to ensure a smooth travel experience to Tibet.

What other countries can travel to without a visa to China

Under the current visa regulations, several countries are allowed visa-free entry into China, including Tibet, for varying durations. Here’s a summary of these provisions:

Up to 15 Days Visa-Free Stay:

Countries: Singapore, Japan, and Brunei.
Duration: Eligible citizens can stay in China, including Tibet, for up to 15 days without a visa.

Up to 30 Days Visa-Free Stay:

Countries: Bahamas, Barbados, Belarus, Dominica, Ecuador, Fiji, Grenada, Kazakhstan, Maldives, Mongolia, Qatar, Serbia, Suriname, Seychelles, Tonga, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
Duration: Citizens from these countries can stay visa-free in China for up to 30 days.

Up to 60 Days Visa-Free Stay:

Country: Mauritius.
Duration: Mauritian citizens can enjoy a visa-free stay in China for up to 60 days.

Up to 90 Days Visa-Free Stay:

Countries: Armenia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and San Marino.
Duration: Nationals of these countries can stay in China without a visa for up to 90 days.

Before traveling to China, citizens of all other countries not listed above require a visa. Before planning a trip, checking the most current visa requirements and travel advisories from official sources or embassies is always advisable.