Permits Required for Langtang Trek

Regarding trekking in Nepal, trekking permits are the most crucial document you require. Langtang trek is no exception. You will need two Langtang trek permits to trek in the Langtang region.

The two required permits for the Langtang trek are the TIMS card and the Langtang National Park Entry permit. This article will teach about trekking permits, how much they cost, where to get them, and how.

There are many trekking routes in the Langtang Region. Some famous trekking in Langtang Valley Trek, Gosaikunda Trek, Helambu Trek, etc. Langtang Valley Trek is the most prominent among these treks.

Langtang National Park Permit
Langtang Trek Permits

There is another alternative route to the Langtang region, i.e., via Sundarijal. If you plan to go this route, you must pass and enter Shivapuri National Park. Thus, you will need one more permit to join the National Park, Shivapuri National Park Entry Permits.

These Langtang Trek permits are compulsory for trekking in the Langtang region. There are many checkpoints along the trail where you must show the licenses. Thus, it is better to get them from Kathmandu, or you may also contact the permits at the trailheads.

Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang Valley Trek

10 Days Moderate
US$ 950

What are the Required Permits for Langtang Trek?

Here is the detailed information about the trekking permits for the Langtang Trek:

1. TIMS Card

Trekkers’ Information Management Systems (TIMS) card is the database maintained by the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) and the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB).

It consists of comprehensive information about trekkers. TIMS card is implemented for the trekkers’ safety and security and to reduce illegal trekking operations.

Cost of TIMS Card

TIMS cards are categorized into pink, blue, and green TIMS cards. Here are the cost details for these permits:

  • Green TIMS Card: for individual trekkers, costs NPR 2000; approximately US $20
  • Blue TIMS Card: for group trekkers, expenses NPR 1000; about US $10
  • Pink TIMS Card: For SAARC country citizens, NPR 600; is about US $6 (if you are a Free Individual Traveler (FIT)), and NPR 300; is about US $3 ( If you are traveling in a group)


Langtang Trek
Langtang Valley Trek – You need a Langtang Trek Permit to go here.

Documents required to get TIMS Card

The TIMS card is mandatory for every trekker before taking any treks in Nepal. So, what documents do you require to get the TIMS card?

Here is the list of documents required to obtain the TIMS card:

  • Passport (prepare a photocopy); and
  • Two passport-sized photos

Other Information that must be provided when getting a TIMS card

Besides the document, you need to give more information regarding the trekking activities when getting the TIMS card which is mentioned below:

  • Starting and ending dates of the trek;
  • Starting and endpoints of the tour;
  • Trekking itinerary and trekking routes;
  • Emergency contact information while in Nepal. It can be your trekking agency if you hire one or the contact of the hotel you are staying in;
  • Emergency contact information in your home country; and
  • Insurance policy number, including their contact information and your insurance policy coverage statement.


Where to get the TIMS Card?

You can get the TIMS card from various locations. They are as follows:

  • Nepal Tourism Board offices are located in Kathmandu and Pokhara;
  • TAAn Secretariat located in Maligaon; and
  • TAAN Secretariat in Pokhara.

These offices are open seven days a week and on public holidays from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Note: If you hire a trekking agency, they are responsible for obtaining the trekking permits. 

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Langtang Trek

Langtang Trek

16 Days Moderate
US$ 1350

2. Langtang National Park Entry Permit

Most of the Langtang region trekking lies inside the territory of Langtang National Park. Thus, you will require the Langtang National Park entry permit to enter the national park premises.

Cost of Langtang National Park Entry permit per person

  • SAARC Countries: NPR 1500, totaling NRP 1695, approximately US $17
  • Other Countries: NPR 3,000, totaling NPR 3,000, approximately US $29

Furthermore, children below ten do not require permits to trek in the Langtang region.

Where to get Langtang National Park Entry Permit?

Langtang National Park Permit is available in Nepal Tourism Board, Kathmandu. Or you can buy them at the entry point in Dhunche.

Langtang Trek Permits – Tserko Ri

3. Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park Entry Permits

The actual trailhead of the Langtang trek is Syabrubesi, a 7 to 8-hour drive from Kathmandu. But you may also take the alternative route to the Langtang region via the Gosaikunda-Helambu route. If you choose to trek through this route, you will require another entry permit to enter the Shivapuri National Park.

Cost of Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park Entry Permits per person

  • SAARC Countries: NPR 600; approximately US $6
  • Other Countries: NPR 1,000; approximately US $10

Like in Langtang National Park, there is free entry for children below 10.

Where to get Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park Entry Permits?

You can quickly get the permits from the entry point of the Shivapuri National Park.

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What Will Happen if You Don’t Have A Permit?

Trek permits are necessary for any trekking in Nepal. There are many checkpoints along the trail where you must show your trekking permits. If you fail to deliver the permits or don’t have them with you, you will have to purchase them at the trail with an extra fine. You may also face charges and punishment by the law.

Thus, getting trekking permits in Kathmandu is recommended before starting your trek.

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FAQs Regarding the Langtang Trek Permits

Relax and stretch on Langtang Valley
Relax and stretch on Langtang Valley

1. Is the cost of permits different for SAARC and foreign nationals?

Yes, the cost is different. The trekkers from SAARC nationals pay a little less than foreign nationals.

2. Do I need restricted area permits for the Langtang trek?

Since the Langtang region doesn’t fall under the restricted area in Nepal, you don’t need the limited area permit for the Langtang Trek. Thus, you can get it yourself and trek solo as well.

3. If I am a solo trekker, can I get the permit, or do I have to affiliate with a trekking company?

Yes, you can get the Langtang Trek to permit yourself, and you don’t have to be affiliated with a trekking company.

4. Does the cost of the permits vary depending on the trekking season?

No, it doesn’t. The cost of the Langtang Trek permits is the same throughout the year. But if you fail to get the trek permits, you have to get them on the trail, which costs you more than usual, as you will have to pay a fine for not having the permits.

5. Will I get the permits during the peak season?

You will. One can get the trekking permits at any time of the year from the Nepal Tourism Board office in Kathmandu or at the trailhead of the trek.

Furthermore, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions regarding the required permits for Langtang Trek or any other treks in Nepal.


Note: There is no TIMS Card Check Post in Langtang Region. So, TIMS is not mandatory for Langtang Region Trek. It would be best to obtain a TIMS card from the Nepal Tourism Board. It helps you to track if you miss the trekking trail.