Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan

Druk Path Trek is Thimpu Valley to Paro Valley Trek in Bhutan with the highest pass at 4250m

Duration Duration 14 Days
Meals Meals
  • 13 Breakfast (Nepal & Bhutan)
  • 8 Lunch (Bhutan)
  • 7 Dinner (Bhutan)
Accommodation Accommodation
  • 3-star hotel in Bhutan
  • 4-star hotel in Nepal
Activites Activities
  • Trekking
  • Sightseeing
  • Scenic Flight
Price Reduced US$ 6350 Price Starts From US$ 5650
Destination Destination
Nepal and Bhutan
Difficulty Difficulty
Max. Altitude Max. Altitude
4100 Meter
Activities Activity
Start and Point Start/End Point
Best Season Best Season
March, April, May, Sept, Oct, Nov
Group Size Group Size
Minimum 2
Transportation Transportation
Private Car and Flight
Activity Per Day Activity Per Day
6-7 Hours Trek

Overview of Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan

Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan is a classic expedition that dazzles you with the grandeur of both countries’ cultural history while presenting an unforgettable adventure. The voyage from Nepal to Bhutan will be priceless. The exhilaration of this expedition will last through to the conclusion. Trekking to the cliffs above the clouds, where you can overlook Thimpu and Paro in all their glory, will become an enlightening experience.

The trekkers will have a spectacular view of the snow-capped mountains on the trek’s northern side. Aside from that, camping at the edge of the mountains, monasteries, culture, delicacies, great outdoor activities, and spending time with locals will add to the gratification of this adventure of Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan.

The vibrant Biodiversity and Picturesque Ambience

Kathmandu will be the central starting point for the Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan. The primary sightseeing will take place in Kathmandu. From there, the idyllic city of Pokhara will embrace you with exciting sightseeing. The stunning vistas and gorgeous sights from Sarangkot will fascinate you thoroughly. Trekking from the brink of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Langtang will be a divine sensation.

Furthermore, Pokhara, a serene city, never ceases to astound visitors with its incredible natural richness. Along with this, the “Kingdom of Dragon,” Bhutan, will welcome you and showcase its rich cultural diversity and the fantastic variety of both evolutionary origins. Along with the captivating cities of Paro and Thimpu, the Dzongs, monasteries, and people’s daily lives add to the expedition’s calm.

Along with the beautiful lush vegetation and flowers, the northern side of the secret fortresses will also greet you. The visible communities from Jele Dzong to Jangchulakha over 3000m will be enjoyable to observe. Trekking over these cliffs will show you how diverse trekking in Nepal and Bhutan seems to be. While trekking out from the base of Jomalhari Mountain, an incredible diversity of nature and rich cultural influences will coexist.

More than that, the atmosphere and local species will wow you as you trek down the valley to reach Paro. Upon arriving in Paro, the native cuisine will wow you and fully allow you to experience the area’s customs. More than this, Taktsang monastery, popularly known as the Tiger Nest, will be around for visitors to admire. With an air of serenity and serenity, Paro’s dusk tone will whisk you back in time to the days of the ancient classics.

Ideal Seasons for Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan

Both of these countries share identical environmental factors. However, a Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek would be insanely gorgeous with the pleasant and clean weather. This requires choosing the ideal time of year for the expedition. Despite the trek’s low degree of difficulty, choosing the appropriate time of year to go on it will make it easier. Spring and autumn are the optimum seasons for a Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan. The trek will be more enjoyable with an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and a cloudless sky.

Furthermore, one may take advantage of the lush foliage and stunning Alpine panoramas throughout these two seasons. These two seasons last from March to May and from September to November.

Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan Detail Itinerary

  • Day 01: Kathmandu Arrival

    On this day, you will arrive in Kathmandu. Our official will pick you up in a private vehicle at the Tribhuvan International Airport and drive you to the hotel. Before the next day’s sightseeing, you will have a time of relaxation and admiration of the surroundings. We will discuss Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan in the evening.

    Meals: Not Included
    Hotel Accommodation: The Everest Hotel

  • Day 02: Full-day Kathmandu Sightseeing

    The scenic sightseeing starts after breakfast. We will visit Bhaktapur by using our private vehicle east of Kathmandu. After exploring Bhaktapur and its neighboring pagoda-style temples, we’ll arrive at the medieval Bhaktapur Durbar Square. Similarly, we’ll make our way to Pashupatinath, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will first explore Pashupatinath’s breathtaking surroundings before moving over to Boudhanath. The extensive eyeballs above the temples and the prayer flags arranged from top to bottom will be a stunning presence. And after that, we’ll head back to the hotel for an evening stay.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Hotel Accommodation: The Everest Hotel

  • Day 03: Fly to Pokhara and Sightseeing

    The hotel’s view of the dawn in the morning will be exquisite. We’ll fly from Kathmandu and arrive in Pokhara in about 25 minutes. The Himalayas will be in full view, and the city will appear magnificent. Then, as we travel toward Davis Falls, we’ll stop to take in the magnificent cascade that thunders down from the cliff’s edge. More than this, we’ll do activities like touring Mahendra Cave and trekking to the Tibetan Refugee Camp. Similar to exploring the Buddha stupa, we will also explore the lakeside region. After enjoying the evening at the Lakeside, we’ll spend the night at the hotel.

    Mountain View from Sarangkot
    Mountain View from Sarangkot

    Meals: Breakfast
    Hotel Accommodation: Water Front Resort

  • Day 04: Drive to Sarangkot

    After rising early, we will travel to Sarangkot to see the spectacular sunrise. Furthermore, we can envision Annapurna, Manaslu, Nilgiri, and Dhaulagiri from there. More than that, after some refreshments, we’ll return to the city and attempt boating on the lovely Phewa Lake. Furthermore, we will visit the International Mountain Museum before checking the hotel. After understanding more about mountaineering and various adventures through that museum, we will proceed to the hotel and spend the night there.

    Sunrise view from Sarangkot
    Sunrise view from Sarangkot

    Meals: Breakfast
    Hotel Accommodation: Water Front Resort

  • Day 05: Fly back to Kathmandu

    After waking up at sunrise, we will go to Pokhara Airport and board a flight to Kathmandu. After arriving in Kathmandu, we will visit the Thamel market and prepare for our flight to Bhutan the next day.

    Meals: Breakfast and Dinner
    Hotel Accommodation: The Everest Hotel

  • Day 06: Arrival in Paro to Thimphu (1.5 Hr)

    On this day, we complete Nepal Tour and start the Druk Path Trek Bhutan. Taking the breathtaking morning flight from Kathmandu to Paro, we will fly from the snow-capped Himalayas. We will subsequently arrive in Paro after portraying thrilling scenery above the air. After completing all the paperwork, a guide would take us from Paro and drive us to Thimpu.

    While driving, we will cross a river that will take us to the fantastic Thimpu marketplace. The towns of Bhondey and Saba will add richness to the voyage. The locals, as well as the ambiance of the communities, will transport you back in time. In the same way, we’ll also tour the Tasicho Dzong, which belonged to the former king and was erected in that era in the 17th century. After returning to the hotel, we’ll spend the evening gazing at Thimpu’s spectacular night sky.

    Local Market of Paro, Bhutan
    Local Market of Paro, Bhutan

    Meals: Breakfast and Dinner
    Hotel Accommodation: 3-star hotel

  • Day 07: Thimphu Sightseeing

    We will be contributing this day to Thimphu sightseeing activities. First of all, the magnificently cultural city of Thimphu will direct us to the monasteries, which represent the religious and spiritual aspects of the native Buddhist inhabitants. Also worth exploring is the former school, now known as Cheri Monastery. The National Textile Museum, Changangkha Lhakhang, and the National Memorial Chorten will also be exciting places to visit. Furthermore, we will examine the local arts and crafts and the beauty of the Local Ballgown from such a fiber. An astonishing view of Thimphu will be visible from Buddha Dordenma, which is set on top of a hill close to the Kuensel Phodrang Nature Park.

    Tashichhoe Dzong in Monsoon
    Tashichhoe Dzong in Monsoon

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Hotel Accommodation: 3-star hotel

  • Day 08: Thimphu to Labana (Trek Starts), Distance: 12k, walking time: 6hrs, sleeping altitude: 3500m, Pass to cross: Pumo La, 4100m

    From Thimphu, we’ll proceed north to the highlands. The peaceful flurry of activity will gradually fade away. We can get to the several monasteries by crossing the Phajoding. After lunch at one of the teahouses, you will climb to Pumo La Pass, which is 4000 meters above sea level. We can get a breathtaking view of both Thimphu city and Gangkhar Puensum Mountain. More than this, we will make our way to the Labana, where we will spend the night after a brief downhill and uphill stretch.

    On and around Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan
    On and around Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Hotel Accommodation: 3-star hotel

  • Day 09: Labana to Jigmelangtsho, Distance: 15k, walking time: 7h, sleeping altitude: 3300m

    In the morning, the Sun’s rays from the east awaken us with their magnificent ethereal nature. We will carefully make our way from Labana to the trail that leads to a pine forest and a meadow that resembles greenery. A similar greeting awaits us along the way in the form of vibrant wildflowers. We will reach the two most valuable lakes, northern Simkhota and Janatsho, by crossing the steep rock. After crossing the lake and continuing our ascent, we will arrive in Jigmelangtsho, where we will spend the night camping beside the lake.

    On and around Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan
    On and around Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Hotel Accommodation: 3-star hotel

  • Day 10: Jigmelangtsho to Jangchulhakha, Distance: 13k, walking time: 6h, sleeping altitude: 3200m

    A wonderful time will be the breakfast of bread and yak’s milk tea beside the lake. As we ascend, the lake will gradually disappear, and we will be heading toward the gigantic Himalayan peaks with their pure white faces. Because of the simple trial, it will be easy to escape even if the ridge is slightly steep. As we go north, the enormous Jomalhari mountain vista will be there to welcome us. Likewise, after traversing fields filled with stunning blossoms, we will arrive at Jangchulhakha and spend the night there.

    On and around Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan
    On and around Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Hotel Accommodation: 3-star hotel

  • Day 11: Jangchulhakha to Jele Dzong, Distance: 10k, walking time: 4h, sleeping altitude: 3000m

    The sounds of sheep coming from the lowlands will wake us up from the high cliff of Jangchulhakha. By following the yak trails southward, we will reach breathtaking woodlands that resemble primordial geological characteristics. Furthermore, we will resume the trek after having a lunch break amid the trial. We’ll make our way up to the historic stupa monastery “Jele Dzong” by crossing hills and small huts. With a wealth of intriguing historical backdrop, the fort dates back to ancient times. Camping alongside the Dzong, we can enjoy the breathtaking night view of Paro.

    On and around Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan
    On and around Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Hotel Accommodation: 3-star hotel

  • Day 12: Jele Dzong to Paro (Trek Ends). Distance: 10k, walking time: 4hr

    The excellent toast and tea combo at the neighborhood tea shop will warm us up in the morning. As we gradually descend toward the Ta monastery, we will pass through the pine wave and onto the downward. The Paro Dzong will be our next destination after leaving the National Museum, where we’ll go inside to see its concealed art pieces.

    On and around Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan
    On and around Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan

    Nevertheless, this Dzong functions as Paro City’s central administrative center. Furthermore, the National Museum used to be the watch tower, which is still in good condition today. Likewise, we’ll be heading to the Paro hotel, where we’ll spend the night.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Hotel Accommodation: 3-star hotel

  • Day 13: Paro Sightseeing

    The peaceful Paro mornings add a sense of renewal to the atmosphere. Today, we’ll trek up to the Taktsang Monastery, also known as the Tiger’s Nest, which is set above 900 meters. We’ll be at the peak half an hour after crossing the paddy fields and arable lands.

    On the way to Tiger's Nest
    On the way to Tiger’s Nest

    We will progressively descend while admiring the views of valleys, waterfalls, and hills. Stopping at the Kichu Lakhang, appreciation of impressive ancient antique statues and architecture takes place. More than this, after taking a hot bath at one of the vineyards, we’ll visit a restaurant to have some delectable meals. After spending time there, we’ll return to Paro and stay in a hotel.

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    Hotel Accommodation: 3-star hotel

  • Day 14: End of the Tour

    Waking up early in the morning and Packing Belongings will allow you to depart Bhutan with a pleasant personality. Likewise, our guide will transport you to the Paro International Airport in a private vehicle. Finally, you will depart for your next destination, bidding final farewell and peacefully concluding Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan.

    Meals: Breakfast

    Note: If you need Paro - Kathmandu flight, please contact us. We will provide Paro - Kathmandu flight tickets, airport transfers, and hotel accommodations in Kathmandu at a reasonable price.


What's included

    • All land transfers in a Private Vehicle
    • The Everest Hotel or a similar hotel in Kathmandu
    • Hotel accommodation in Bhutan
    • Kathmandu – Pokhara – Kathmandu flight ticket
    • Meals as per an itinerary
    • Bhutan Visa Fee
    • Kathmandu – Paro flight fare
    • Tour guide in Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Bhutan
    • Sightseeing and entrance of Nepal Tour and Druk Path Bhutan
    • Bhutan Government Royalties and Taxes
    • Applicable Taxes and fees

What is excluded

    • International airfare and Nepal visa fee (USD 40 for 15 days visa)
    • Lunch and Dinner in Kathmandu
    • Personal expenses like bar bills, laundry, phone calls, internet, etc
    • Tipping for guide and driver during Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek Bhutan

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    Essential Information

    When is the ideal time to visit Bhutan, and what is the weather like there?

    Bhutan can be visited all year long. Summer (June, July, and August), autumn (September, October, and November), winter (December, January, and February), and spring is the four seasons (March, April, and May). However, the country has a wide range of altitudes, and the north Indian monsoons significantly impact the climate.

    Temperatures in the southern hemisphere typically range from 15°C to 30°C year-round in a humid, subtropical climate. Warm summers and chilly, dry winters characterize the climate in central Bhutan, which features softwoods. Winter temperatures in the north are substantially lower. Mountain summits are always covered in snow due to their high height, and the lower regions are kept cool in the summer.

    The Indian monsoon season primarily affects the southern regions and lasts from late June or July until late September during the summer. Summer is the primary farming season because crops grow in lush surroundings.

    The wet season is followed by autumn, which lasts from late September or early October through late November. Bright, sunny days and perhaps early snowfall at higher elevations are its defining features. As farmers enjoy the rewards of their labor, this is the time of year for celebrations and feasts.

    The winter arrives in late November and lasts until March. Most of the country experiences frost, and snowfall is frequent above elevations of 3,000 meters. Bhutan’s official language, Dzongkha, translates Drukyul as “Land of the Thunder Dragon” and describes the region as having gale-force winds at the highest elevations and via high mountain passes. The winter northeast monsoon causes this phenomenon.

    Bhutan’s typically dry spring season begins in early March and lasts through mid-April. With nature in its prime, it is a botanist’s dream. With sporadic showers, summer weather starts mid-April and lasts until late June.

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    We have a local guide in Nepal and Bhutan. In Kathmandu, we will provide a heritage guide; in Pokhara, we will provide a city guide; and in Bhutan, we will provide a Bhutanese guide. All guides will be local and can speak English fluently. Please let us know during the booking if you need another language guide. We will arrange a guide as per your required language.

    Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek will be entirely safe for female and solo travelers. You will stay in the city area there is not any security threat.

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    Yes, you can take photographs during Nepal Tour and Druk Path Trek. Inside the temple, monasteries might not allow taking photographs. Please consult with your guide before taking the photos. Before taking local people’s photographs, please take permission with them.

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