When is the Best Time for Annapurna Circuit Trek?

Annapurna Circuit Trek — This is one of the adventurous trekking trails in South Asia. Due to its breathtaking natural beauty and diverse cultural variation, thousands of trekkers flood the Annapurna Circuit trail each year.

So, are you thinking of doing the Annapurna Circuit Trek? If you have decided to trek around the Annapurna Circuit, you may have a question about the best season to do this trek. To answer this question, I have come up with this blog to clear your dilemma. Continue reading forward to know about the best time for Annapurna Circuit trekking.

Generally speaking, you can do this Annapurna trekking throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Annapurna Circuit is during the Autumn (September, October, and November). The autumn season is the busiest time to do Annapurna Circuit Trek. If you are not available during this season, you should consider this trek during the Spring season (March, April, and May). Spring is the second-best time to do Annapurna Circuit Trek. During these times of the year, the weather and the temperature are perfect for trekking.

Trekking around Annapurna Circuit offers an eye-catching view of the Annapurna Massif and other mountain ranges. You will wake across a beautiful lush forest through a variety of landscapes. And I am sure that you will be amazed to see the unique biodiversity, cultural variance, and wildlife.

Trekking at the best time means you will trek in perfect weather conditions, witnessing the best panoramic views of the great Himalayan range and the surrounding landscapes. Also, you won’t have to deal with the difficulties you may face during summer and winter, which are considered the off-season.

Best Time For Annapurna Circuit Trek
Best Time For Annapurna Circuit Trek

Autumn – Best Time For Annapurna Circuit Trek

Autumn is the best time for trekking around the Annapurna Circuit. Most of the trekking trails in the Annapurna region, such as Annapurna Base Camp Trek, are busier during this time of the year.

In autumn, you will experience the most stable weather condition. It will be consistently bright and sunny during the daytime with clear skies. So, you can get a picturesque view of the massive Himalayas and mesmerizing landscapes.

There is a very minimal chance of rainfall during autumn. However, if you are trekking in the early autumn, i.e., early September, you may witness occasional rainfalls. The temperature usually is mild during the day but can drop to zero at night. So, you may want to pack some warm gear for the night.

Tips for Annapurna Circuit Trekking in Autumn

  • Pre-booking for accommodation is recommended.
  • Pack some warm gear for the night.
  • Carry water resistance trekking equipment to trek in early September

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Annapurna Circuit Trek

Annapurna Circuit Trek

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Spring – Second Best Time For Annapurna Circuit Trek

Spring is the second-best season to do Annapurna Circuit Trekking. Popularly known as the season of color, you will walk through a beautiful lush forest combined with lots of wildflowers and Rhododendron blossoms. The vegetation is in full blossom during this time of the year. You will have a wonderful refreshing trek with fresh air combined with the rich aroma from the new blossom of wildflowers.

Spring brings warmer, longer days and a refreshing alternative to the busy autumn season with pink rhododendrons in full bloom at the lower altitudes. Days are usually sunny and bright with white and low clouds, making the sky look even better. The weather and temperature also remain constant for a long day span. There is a meager chance of rainfalls and snowfall in the Annapurna Region during spring.

Tips for Annapurna Circuit Trekking in Spring

  • Per-Book Accommodation.
  • If you are trekking in early March, carry some warm gear.
  • Similarly, during early March, you may experience occasional snowfall. So, be careful.
  • The temperature gets hotter during the late spring, leading to some occasional rainfall. So, pack rainproof gears as well.


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Annapurna Circuit Trek During Winter- Off-Season

The Annapurna Circuit trek is moderate trekking. That is why it can do throughout the year. However, trekking here in winter is not famous as trekking in Autumn or Spring. Winter is considered off-season since there are fewer trekkers during this time.

The Annapurna Circuit Trails get pretty tricky due to cold weather and snowfall. The highest point of this Annapurna trekking is the Thorong La pass, situated at 5416 meters above sea level. At such a high altitude, the weather condition undergoes drastic changes within a short period, and the temperature becomes freezing. So, heavy snowfall is quite common at the top of the pass. Hence, during such time, the trail is closed for trekking.

Due to these reasons, trekking the Annapurna Circuit during winter is not recommended. Additionally, you will experience heavy snowfall at the pass and in other high-altitude areas. Most local people migrate to the lower land to escape this harsh weather.

However, the view of the dazzling mountain peaks covered all white is just spectacular to witness. If you are looking for an adventurous trek, trekking Annapurna Circuit in winter is perfect for you.

Take full precaution about your safety if you plan to do the Annapurna circuit trek in winter. Prepare yourself to face the harsh weather condition and challenges during the trek. And carry all the necessary trekking gears.

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    Annapurna Circuit Trek During Monsoon – Off-Season

    Trekking Annapurna Circuit in Monsoon is also considered an off-season. The weather during this season is quite hot and wet at the same time in the Annapurna region.

    During monsoon, you will experience frequent heavy rainfall. It can go non-stop for days. Due to the downpour, the trails become too wet and slippery, making walking hard. Also, the rain causes the water level in the river, streams, and waterfalls to rise.

    In addition to that, leeches on the trail are not unusual. Along with the sponges, other bugs such as mosquitoes are also active on the trail. So, if you are planning to trek during the monsoon, carry some repellent with you.

    Also, there are some chances that you may face avalanches and landslides during the trek. So, be extra careful about that.

    And crossing the Thorong La is another whole story. It will be the biggest challenge of all. It will be very challenging as the trails are muddy and slippery.

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    No matter what time of the year it is, you can never be assured about the weather in the Annapurna region. Even if you are trekking during the best time, you can still experience frequent weather changes. Despite the time of your trek, you should always be prepared with the necessary training and equipment. Keep up with the weather forecast during the trek. Similarly, we also recommend you take a guide along with you just for your safety.

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