Everest Base Camp Trek in November

As you may already know that, November is the last month of autumn in Nepal. Autumn is the peak season to trek in the Everest region. Thus, Everest Base Camp trek in November offers the perfect weather and temperature for trekking. Plus, you will get a crystal clear views of the snow-capped mountains and surrounding landscapes during this time. Due to which, thousand of trekker floods into the Everest region during November.

Although the Everest Base Camp trek is can be done throughout the year. During November, you can embrace the beauty of the Everest region under great weather and temperature with very little chance of rainfall.


Everest Base Camp Weather in November

Everest Base camp trek in November

Since November falls on the peak season of autumn, you can trek under great weather and temperature condition. November is one of the best time for Everest Base Camp Trek. Days are warm and sunny with little to cloudless skies. You can enjoy the unobstructed views of the majestic mountains and the surrounding landscapes. There is a very less chance of rainfall during November.

However, the weather in the higher altitude area may be unpredictable with chances of snowfall.

The autumn peaks during November and begins to welcome winter in the region in late November. Thus, the temperature is slightly colder than the other autumn months (September and October), but it is bearable. The temperature starts to fall as you trek in the higher altitude. The days are warm and enjoyable but the temperature during the morning and night drops to the freezing temperature.


Difficulties on the Everest Base Camp Trek in November

Trekking to the Everest Base Camp is a very challenging and difficult task and it requires a lot of perseverance and endurance. Since it is a high altitude trek and you will be trekking above 5000m, there is a very high risk of altitude sickness during the trek. Acclimatization is the most important thing on the Everest Base Camp Trek. Plus, you should always be aware of the symptoms of altitude sickness.

Since you cannot carry your luggage while climbing higher and higher, you might need porter or yaks.

Finally, in the peak season of November, finding accommodation is a difficult task as well. So, book a room earlier or be comfortable to share your room with other trekkers.

With proper research and preparation, you can overcome the Everest Base Camp Trek difficulties.

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Accommodation in Everest Base Camp Trek in November

Everest Base Camp Trek in November
Yeti Mountain Lodge

Since Everest Base Camp Trek is the most popular trek in Nepal, almost all the teahouses and lodges are open for trekkers throughout the year. Plus, November is the peak season, the locals can’t afford to close the teahouses.

Although there are many teahouses in the trail, bring one of the peak months, the teahouse can be packed pretty soon. Thus, you may need to pre-book for the accommodation. Otherwise, you may need to trek a bit further for accommodations.

The accommodation is pretty basic with twin sharing rooms and attached bathrooms or private bathrooms in some teahouses. The teahouse will offer a comfortable and cozy room that consists of a pillow, mattress, and a blanket. But it is always a better idea to carry your sleeping bag.

Almost all the teahouses offer foods and drinks for the trekkers. For breakfast, you can choose from bread, pancake, jam, butter, eggs, and coffee in general. And for lunch and dinner, they serve Momo, Dal Bhat set, Garlic soup, Sherpa curry, etc.


Guides and Porter for Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek in November

When you are trekking in such a high altitude trek like Everest Base Camp, guides and porter are highly recommended. Having the guides and porters are a great help during the trek. In November, the number of trekkers is very high in the region. Thus, hiring a guide or a porter will help you find accommodation and food during the trek. Plus, they can pre-book the facilities for you.

They also help you to navigate through the routes to improve your trekking experiences. In addition to that, they are familiar with the area that has great photograph potentials to any upcoming festivals or events of the region.

While trekking during the peak season, finding the guides and porter can be difficult. Thus, contact us and we can arrange the best trekking guides and porters for you.

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Enjoy the Sherpa Festivals in November

Mani Rimdu Festival
Mani Rimdu Festival

Mani Rimdu is a Sherpa festival which is celebrated during autumn at Tengboche Monastery in the Everest region. As the Sherpas use the Lunar calendar, the dates of the festivals do change.

Mani Rimdu is a series of sacred ceremonies where the Buddhist monks and the local people gather around for “the good of the world.”. During the festival, you can enjoy the plays, masked dances, prayers, and feasts.

Mani Rimdu lasts for 19 days. The major celebration takes place for 3 days.

Packing list for Everest Base Camp Trek In November

The temperature during November gradually drops to welcome winter in December. Thus, you will have to pack accordingly. You will have to pack the gear for the warm weather as well as for cold weather.

If you plan to trek in late November, then you must pack warm trekking gears as the temperature is very cold during this time.

Knowing what to pack for Everest Base Camp trek in November is a great help. Below is the basic guideline for the packing list for November:

trekking gear and equipment cost for Annapurna Circuit


Base layers: Synthetic shirts and trousers (quick-drying and breathable)

Insulation layers: Lightweight fleece jackets and pants (soft and warm for cold nights)

Upper Layers: Warm and waterproof jackets and trousers

Head Gear

  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Beanie
  • Buff or balaclava (during late November)

Hands and Feet

  • Gloves (light, insulated)
  • Hiking boots (comfortable ones with ankle support)
  • Breathable, moisture-wicking socks
  • Trekking sandals (great for exploring villages, tea houses, cafes)

Bags and Others

  • A good, waterproof day backpack
  • Good Quality Duffel or a heavy-duty backpack
  • Sleeping bag with a liner (easier to warm up than the blankets provided)


  • Trekking poles (great for balance and descents)
  • Sunglasses
  • Torchlight (great for early morning treks)
  • Water bottle


  • Camera
  • Portable chargers
  • Books or Kindle
  • Games (cards, monopoly)
  • Easy to dry towels
  • Travel size toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, tissue paper)

Final Say,

November is great for all kinds of treks in Nepal. The trails of Everest Base Camp trek in November will be hustling with the energy and aura of the trekkers and climbers. With picturesque views and perfect weather, you have a great time on your trek.

However, you must pre-book everything in November. You need to book your flights, meals, tea houses, tour packages in advance. You can contact us for these, we can manage it for you.