Everest Base Camp Trek Accommodation: A Complete Guide

While trekking in Nepal, most of the trekkers are more concerned about the type of accommodation they can find during the Everest Base Camp Trek. Due to the rise in Nepal’s tourist industry, the accommodation in EBC trek has improved significantly and it is much easier to find accommodation that is used to.

Along with that, with the increase of trekker in the Everest region, most of the trekking trails in the Everest region have enough number of lodges and teahouse that offers offer good food and accommodation for the trekkers along the trails.

The lodges and teahouse are well-maintained and cozy and comfortable. Walking in the Himalayas is a strenuous and tough task. Thus, you need to have a proper place to refresh your exhausted body.

To help you out with your EBC accommodation search here is a guide to Everest Base Camp trek accommodation.

Types of Everest Base Camp Trek Accommodation

Everest Base Camp Trek Distance

Hotels / Lodges Accommodation

The Everest Base Camp Trail consists of wide variety of accommodation options ranging from friendly teahouse to lavish standard hotels. You will find the hotel from the cheapest one to the most luxurious and priciest ones. So, you can choose the hotel according to your budget.

As tourism in improving, the accommodation service has also improved significantly.

They’re not hotels in the urban sense as it resembles lodges. But the service they provide is much more than comfortable. They offer rooms with electric blankets, hot water showers, and free WiFi services.

Accommodation at tea houses

Nepal is mostly famous for its teahouse trek. And Teahouses are the best option for accommodation during the trek. Accommodating in the teahouse lets your experience the great hospitality of the local and their lifestyle, culture, and tradition. Along with that, the teahouses offer a very cozy room making it feel like home.

Depending upon the services provided by the teahouses, the quality and price vary. While trekking in the lower region, you can easily find teahouses that provide fully equipped rooms with electricity, western toilet facility, wi-fi, and the best part, a hot shower. As you trek into the higher region, the services provided by the teahouse are quite basic with a basic room with separate or some times private bathrooms. You won’t have any electricity or wifi facility in the higher regions.

Let get into the basic accommodation facilities that can be found in the teahouse during the Everest Base Camp Trek.


Most of the teahouse offers a basic room on the Everest trail. The rooms are on twin-basis type of accommodation with twin bed and some basic furniture like a small table or a chair.

The teahouse will provide you with pillows and blankets. Since the temperature is freezing at night, almost all teahouse provides blankets. But it is a better idea to bring your sleeping bag with liner.

The rooms are pretty nice and cozy. There won’t be any heating system in the room or electricity service. Teahouse has a common heating place in the dining room. Rooms have a separate or sometimes private bathroom depending upon the teahouse.


During the EBC trek, you will get a pretty basic type of toilets.

In the lower region, most lodges and teahouse offer western-style toilets. As you gain altitude, you will find squat toilet facilities.

Some teahouses offer rooms with an attached bathroom and some have separate bathrooms. In some tea houses, you may find small wooden hut outside the teahouse with a hole in the floor above a deep pit. One thing you should remember is that the teahouse does not provide toilet paper. So, put that in your packing list.

Other Facilities at Tea Houses

  • During the trek, you can have a cold shower free of cost. However, if you want a hot shower then, it will cost you a few dollars. The cost ranges $1-$3 depending on the altitude.
  • Charging your electronic gadgets are very important during the trek. The rooms won’t have an electricity service. So, if you want to charge your devices then, you have to charge them in the common charging hub at the reception. It will cost you around $2-$3 per hour to charge your electronic devices.
  • If you want to be connected while on the trail then you can purchase a prepaid Data SIM Card. Ncell offers high-speed 3G internet services for the Everest region. SIM cards are cheap and available in many stores in Kathmandu. Besides this, the teahouses on the EBC trail also provide internet facilities for a surcharge of around $3-$5 per hour.

Camping Accommodation

Camping accommodation is mostly used during the mountain expedition or for the remote and isolated treks like Dhaulagiri, Dolpo, and Kanchenjunga. You will be accommodating in a tent with sleeping bags and liners and the cooking staff will prepare you the food.

Camping accommodation is thrilling and adventurous, but due to the easy accessibility of tea houses in the Everest region, camping is generally avoided.

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Accommodations at Everest Base Camp trek

Accommodation at Lukla

Tenzing Hillary Aiport, Lukla
Tenzing Hillary Aiport, Lukla

The Everest Base Camp Trek begins with a 40-min scenic morning flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. As most of the flights are during the morning time, most of the trekkers skip staying in Lukla and hike to the first stop at Phakding or Namche Bazaar. So, only a few trekkers stay in Lukla for their first night.

There are many lodges and teahouses for accommodation in Lukla providing high standard service. Along with that, you can also find some good quality hotels in Lukla.

Though they are a little more expensive then the basic lodges and teahouse, the service you will get is far better.

Accommodation at Phakding

After Lukla, your first stop will be at Phakding. Phaking is a village that is 3 to 4 hours walk from Lukla, located in the Dudh Koshi river valley.

Phakding consists of enough hotels on both sides of a river. The teahouse offers you an affordable and convenient accommodation service. If you are trekking with a bit more budget then you can choose to stay in a luxurious hotel as well.

Accommodation at Namche Bazaar

Namche Bazaar | Everest Base Camp Trek Experience

Namche Bazaar, also known as the “Gateway to Everest Region”, is a major stop for the Everest Base Camp Trek. Most of the trekkers spend 2 to 3 days in Namche for acclimatization and adjusting the body to that altitude.

In this Everest Base Camp Trek, Namche Bazaar is one of the popular villages where you can find several high-quality teahouses.

And it is the last place on the trail where you can enjoy the high-quality service. Namche Bazaar is also famous for the Everest View Hotel which is the 5-star hotel at the highest altitude in the world. Plus, there are several other sophisticated to simple lodges, hotels, and rest houses for your comfortable stay.

Along with that, Namche also consists of bakeries and cafes where you can have tea and coffee and relax.

Above Namche, the places like Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche and Gorekshep offer pretty basic accommodation.

Accommodation at Tengboche

Tengboche is another famous stop on the Everest Base Camp Trek trail. Tengboche is home to Tengboche monastery situated at 3,867 m. above the sea level, which is the largest monastery in the Khumbu region. From the top of the monastery, you can get a breathtaking view of the Himalayas.

There is only 4 to 5 teahouse in Tengboche which provides basic accommodation service. From here onward on the trail there will be more basic tea houses with basic facilities.

Most of the trekkers stop at Tengboche to attend the morning prayer in the monastery. So, the teahouse easily packed during the peak season.

Accommodation at Dingboche

Everest Base Camp Trek in November
Yeti Mountain Lodge

Dingboche is another major trekking stop during the EBC Trek. Almost every trekker stay at Dingboche for one extra day for acclimatization purposes. The village is larger than Tengboche and consists of a dozen lodges and teahouses with basic accommodation facilities. You can also find a handful of shops, a bakery, and even an internet cafe.

Accommodation at Lobuche

On the trail of EBC, Lobuche is the place where you’ll find several basics teahouses. The teahouse is comfortable and cozy. The teahouse just provides a pillow and blankets in the room. So, don’t expect anything more.

However, during the peak season, the teahouse get easily track pretty soon. If the rooms are packed, you may have to adjust the night in the dormitory. But it won’t matter after a long tiring day of the walk.

Accommodation at Gorakshep

Gorekshep is the last stop of the Everest Base Camp Trek. There are only four tea houses with basic accommodation facilities. Since there are only a few lodges, they are packed pretty soon.

So, you might have to share a room with other trekkers or have to sleep in the dining room.

What is the price range for tea houses in EBC trek?

The cost of the accommodation in EBC trek highly depends on the altitude and time of the year you are trekking in. The cost of the accommodation is comparatively high in the peak season ( Mar-July and Sep-Nov) that the off-season.

The average price for the accommodation is anywhere between $2-$3 per night.

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Final Thoughts

Getting to the base camp of the world’s highest mountain is something you can cherish for the lifetime. The Everest Base Camp Trek accommodations make it even more exciting as you will learn more about the lifestyle of the locals and get an insight into their culture and tradition. Along with that, the picturesque views of the snow-capped mountains will be waiting for you.

Furthermore, if you have any more question of queries regarding this trek or any other trek in Nepal, please feel free to contact us.

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