Buddhist Circuit

The Holy Buddha, considered by many to be the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, is the foremost apostle of Peace and Enlightenment. He is known to have dedicated his life toward attaining Nirvana and some of his most prominent lessons are built around the periphery of spiritual completion. Tales of his seven-year meditative trance to attain what The Buddha calls “higher knowledge” (Abhijna in Tevijjavacchagotta Sutta) are widely read and taught even today. Building on his knowledge and his imitable way of life, a wave of conversion ensued and today, Buddhism is the fourth largest religion with about 520 million followers worldwide.

Dedicating our humble effort toward recognizing the novel teachings of Lord Buddha, we have designed a special program called “Buddhist Circuit” to help spread the Light of Knowledge seeded by The Light of Asia.

The Buddhist Circuit starts off with the visit to some of the most significant Buddhist pilgrimage sites within Kathmandu Valley. We drive to Namo Buddha where the pre-incarnation of Buddha is said to have fed his own flesh to a starving tigress symbolizing Empathy and Generosity. After visiting the Monastery and Stupa there, we move on to other Historical sites full of architectural wealth. The circuit of India and Nepal includes places of high significance to Buddhism. These particularly include Lumbini in Nepal (where Lord Buddha was born as Siddhartha Gautam to King Suddhodhan and Queen Maya Devi), Bodhgaya in India (where Prince Siddhartha attained Enlightenment/ Nirvana to be Lord Buddha- the Enlightened One), Sarnath in India (where Buddha gave his first sermon to be Enlightened) and Kushinagar in India (where Buddha became ill and left this world in 543 BC).

The Buddhist Circuit of Nepal begins from Lumbini with a nice stroll across Lumbini Garden. We will also visit the Maya Devi Temple and the Sacred Pond along with all the nearby monasteries inside the Maya Devi Garden. The following day comprises of a visit to other interesting Buddhist Sites, mainly Tilaurakot (Kapilvastu), Sagarhawa, Gotihawa, Kudan, and Niglihawa. All of these sites carry their own religious and cultural depth, and they all lay serene in the spiritual contentment they inspire.

While the Buddhist circuit of Nepal is limited only up to Niglihawa, the Buddhist circuit of India & Nepal has an addition to the aforementioned destinations. This trip extends to Vaishali (Patna), Patilputra-the Capital of Ashokan via Kesharia. The next day, we go on a merry drive to Bodhgaya via Nalanda and Rajgir. Here, we can see the famous Mahabodhi Temple and the Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha meditated. This is followed by a drive to Varanasi the next day and we continue to Sarnath where we can visit the Dhamekha Stupa which was Buddha’s first teaching site. We can also visit the Mulgandha Kuti and the famous Ashokan Pillar. This pillar was originally erected by King Ashoka and is now the proud symbol of India. We then drive to Kushinagar the next day to visit the Mahaparinirvana Temple where Lord Buddha is said to have breathed his last (most Shakya Buddhists call this Samadhi, the deepest meditative trance for sages). We will finally proceed to the Cremation Stupa that symbolizes Buddha in Samadhi and ends our spiritual trip here. We will herein have covered Lord Buddha’s life from Birth to his Enlightenment and finally ending to the place of his Samadhi.

Thus standing, our agendas and ideas that form the foundation of the Buddhist Circuits have been designed and crafted from a very novel perspective. We intend to propel the ship of knowledge set sail by Buddha with more vigour. Following on his footsteps, we hope to help people walk the Buddha way of Life and that is why we have been trying to make people see and feel, in their most intimate soul, the path that Great Buddha had once himself walked.

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