Solo trekking in Nepal

Some people are possibly meant for solo hiking. Others are intended for locating hiking companions. Regardless, in this writing, we’ll discuss the advantages of locating trekking partners and the scenarios wherein trekking buddies aren’t “good to have” but “must-have.” Most trekkers choose an authorized government agency for trekking; we recommend avoiding solo trekking in Nepal.

In some trekking areas, solo trekking is allowed by the government of Nepal. There were talks about banning solo hiking in Nepal at some stage in 2012 and 2013 in the Nepali Ministry of culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation. Still, some tourism associations are raising their voices to ban solo trekking in Nepal. However, a hundred percent approved in Nepal because the regulation to prohibit it becomes put on the preserve for an unknown period.

No matter whether or not solo trekking is banned or now not; finding trekking partners for hiking in Nepal is good due to diverse motives:

  • You may be plenty more secure if you have a hiking associate. Of route, if it’s a popular trek wherein you meet many other trekkers each day, you’ll still be secure, even without a trekking companion.
  • Sharing the trekking adventure with a hiking partner can be more significant than a laugh. Also, afterward, you’ll be capable of proportioning the entire trekking journey with every other. The aftermath of a brilliant hiking tour in Nepal must not be underestimated.
  • Have you needed to be solo trekking in Nepal? However, in need of a manual, it’s well worth thinking that sharing the guide and porter wage (guiding service, meals and lodging, and many others) with other associate trekkers will make the hiking excursion an awful lot less expensive.
  • For all trekking destinations in Nepal, wherein a “restricted area special permit” is required, solo trekking is not allowed. Such treks consist, however, aren’t restricted to the subsequent:
  1. Upper Mustang Trekking
  2. Upper Dolpo Trekking
  3. Manaslu Circuit Trekking
  4. Rara Lake Trekking

Our Request for Solo Trekking

Peregrine Treks would like to draw your kind interest regarding safety issues. At the same time as alone trekking in Nepal’s significant and rugged mountains. We’re highly involved that dozens of trekkers have vanished on popular trekking routes in the past years.

We believed that solo hiking might want to lead some personal safety and security of having injured by usual disaster, the worse case even getting lost because of trekking on my own in the unfamiliar jagged mountains. Everybody is meant to trek in the coming days in Nepal; please hire local trekking staff and ensure that the trekking agencies register with the Government of Nepal.